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If you’ve ever ventured into the world of PC gaming, one thing becomes pretty obvious pretty quickly: your laptop or desktop’s keyboard isn’t really made to withstand the demands of many video games. When you use your computer for work, the most annoying thing that can probably happen is that one of your keys breaks and you can no longer use the letter 'J'.

Sure, you may just be a bit of a furious typist but now imagine you’re deep into a campaign in your favourite game and you can’t use your up arrow key anymore. Devastating, right? That’s why gaming keyboards are a fantastic option for gamers and angry-typers alike: they’re built to withstand the passion you exert into your keys. But why stop there?

We’ve put together a list of five great wireless gaming keyboards so that you can get a solidly designed and built keyboard that isn’t tethered to any one place. When you want to lean back in your chair or connect your computer to your TV so you can play in bed, don’t worry about your keyboard’s cable being able to reach because you can now go wireless. Because keyboards aren’t a thing the average consumer knows a lot about, aside from how to use one, you should be prepared to read a lot of jargon; have no fear, though, because after the list we’ll break down the mechanics so you know what you’ll need for your gaming (or other) uses!

1. Editor’s Pick: Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

1. Editor’s Pick: Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro
  • Available in Black or Quartz
  • Leatherette wrist rests add comfort for prolonged gaming sessions
  • Digital dials and four media keys are customizable for whatever you want them for
  • Some buyers report that the software required to use this keyboard has some bugs (as recent as December 2020)

Key Specs

Product Dimensions: 45.11 x 24.87 x 4.24 cm
Product Weight: 1.42 kg

Built to last; built to perform; it's designed to make your experience nothing but the best. Razer is without a doubt one of the best brands in the gaming keyboard market and this is one of their best products. They know how durable a gaming keyboard needs to be so they went for it and delivered one that uses military-grade metal in its design, and their keys are capable of withstanding 80 million clicks — that’s right, 80 million!

Razer’s HYPERSPEED wireless connectivity solution uses all the best protocols to deliver low latency and incredible response times so you don’t miss a beat while gaming. Available in either their Green Mechanical or Yellow Mechanical switches, you can have clicky and tactile or linear responses, respectively, so you get the feedback you need.

2. Runner Up: Logitech G915 TKL

2. Runner Up: Logitech G915 TKL
  • Available in Clicky, Linear, and Tactile switches
  • USB receiver stores in the back so you don’t have to worry about losing it
  • 40-hour battery life, fully charges in four hours, and you can keep playing while it’s plugged in
  • Some buyers report the key caps are wobbly
  • Key caps aren’t interchangeable with the popular Cherry brand key caps

Key Specs

Product Dimensions: 38.61 x 14.99 x 2.29 cm
Product Weight: 1.36 kg

The True Gamer Tenkeyless keyboard offers everything you need in a sleek and efficient compact design. When it comes to the world of home office gear, Logitech is kind of THE brand name so it just makes sense that they’ve ventured into the ever popular video game market as well. Using Logitech’s wonderful LIGHTSPEED connectivity, this wireless gaming keyboard is available with whichever switch you prefer so you can feel confident in your keystrokes. With LIGHTSYNC RGB, you can customize each individual key (if you so choose, of course) with approximately 16.8 million possible colours — even create animations that bring your keyboard to life. Media controls are easily within reach so you’re able to control what you listen to and how loud you want it. All your function keys are programmable like macros for additional controls, too!

3. Also Consider: Logitech G613

3. Also Consider: Logitech G613
  • Romer-G Tactile switches has an impressive 70 million click-life
  • 1.5mm short throw actuation so you can make your keystrokes faster and more efficiently
  • Six programmable macro keys on the left hand side of the keyboard
  • The switches don’t compare to the very popular Cherry switches
  • Some buyers report various keys not working when used on Bluetooth mode

Key Specs

Product Dimensions: 47.8 x 21.59 x 3.38 cm
Product Weight: 1.41 kg

This no-nonsense keyboard includes all the bells and whistles you’ll need to excel at your computer video games and more. Logitech’s G613 is a full-sized mechanical wireless gaming keyboard that has an almost miraculous 18-month battery life (and you don’t even need fancy batteries — just 2 AAs).

Don’t worry about the lag that many associate with wireless technology either as Logitech has engineered LIGHTSPEED, a wireless connection that is so stable and has such little latency that you’ll think your keyboard is actually plugged in.

4. Best Combo: LexonElec K680

4. Best Combo: LexonElec K680
  • Comes with removable wrist cushion
  • The holder for your smartphone allows you to easily video chat with friends and rivals without needing another monitor
  • Auto-sleeps after five minutes of no use (any keystroke will wake it up) so that you don’t waste battery power
  • Smartphone slot may not fit all models
  • Some buyers report the materials used to build this model are lacking quality

Key Specs

Product Dimensions: 59.44 x 22.1 x 5.33 cm
Product Weight: 1.41 kg

Flashy, aluminum design comes with a few extras that anyone will appreciate. This wireless gaming keyboard/mouse combo ensures you don’t have to go out and buy more gear in order to get the most out of your gaming sessions. With fully customizable LEDs, you can create the look and appearance you wish, and with easy keyboard shortcuts you can alter its brightness or display with just a few keystrokes.

5. Best Budget Pick: KLIM Chroma

5. Best Budget Pick: KLIM Chroma
  • Anti-ghost design allows multiple keys to be hit at once and it will interpret all keystrokes
  • Waterproof against spills and splashes
  • 10 million click-life
  • Overall quality is reflected in its price
  • Some buyers report the battery life is very underwhelming

Key Specs

Product Dimensions: 44 x 14.4 x 2.9 cm
Product Weight: 480 g

Full-size keyboard, full-size capabilities, budget price — this will be a great choice for the gamers (or general users) who don’t want to disturb those around them. This is a membrane switch keyboard but don’t let that fool you as it has an impeccable two millisecond response time. What's more, the LEDs are broken up into three distinct sections so they're are perfect for nighttime playing but can be easily switched off with the click of a button on the back.

Tips & Tricks: Mechanical or Membrane Switches

Most keyboards that you’ve used have probably had a squishy feel to the keys that you press and that’s because most keyboards use membrane switches for their keys. What is a membrane switch? Well, it’s a cheaper and quieter way of telling your computer that you just hit a button on your keyboard, but while they’re the standard mechanism they actually wear out faster and can be less reliable overall.

Mechanical switches, on the other hand, offer overall better quality and performance than membrane counterparts but for this reason they’re also more expensive (usually). Where membrane switches are just that — a one-and-done kind of technology — mechanical switches offer three varieties that people have preferences over: clicky, tactile, and linear.

Clicky is pretty straight forward; when you hit your key it makes an audible click that allows you to be sure that your keystroke was successful. Tactile is more of a bump feel, and linear is a smooth (and quieter) push down — not dissimilar to a membrane switch feel. When people are looking for mechanical switches, they’re looking for response and confirmation in their keystrokes. If you’ve ever used a cheap keyboard and you hit a key and nothing happens and you hit it again and it does, that’s because the membrane switch isn’t all that precise.

A mechanical switch means you won’t question whether or not your keystroke was picked up. The downside of mechanical switches are that they are, in fact, much louder than a membrane switch (the latter being squishy, and squishy means quiet) and so, some may find the constant clicking irritating — especially if you’re using the keyboard for things other than gaming. Don’t worry, not all gaming keyboards use mechanical switches so if you prefer the discreet squish of a membrane switch options like KLIM Chroma will suit your quiet keystroke needs just fine.


Macros are great little buttons that, if you know how to use, you’ll never want to go another day without. Basically, these are handy buttons that are able to be programmed with anything from a shortcut or even a series of commands. This is beneficial when gaming because it can save you a lot of time and keystrokes, ultimately making your gaming more efficient. It doesn’t stop at gaming, though, as you can program them with virtually anything you want.

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