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The best tripods can help you stabilize your camera, so that you can take the highest quality photographs and videos possible — here’s a list of our favourites on the market. Creating and sharing visual content is a key part of many of our lives, and if you’re looking to take the perfect snapshots, a tripod can help you elevate the quality of your photographs. Whether you’re a professional photographer who needs to take steady photographs on the go, or you’re just setting up a station to film stable videos at home, one of the best tripods can make it happen for you. We’ve put together this list of some of our favourite options you can find right now, so you’re only a few steps away from upgrading your toolset.

There are a few things that you’ll need to know before you make your purchase — you don’t want to order a new tripod, and then realize that it wobbles with the faintest touch once you set it up, for example! At the end of this article, you’ll find an overview of some key features to consider, like the stability of your new tripod, what devices it’ll be compatible with, and the camera weight that it can handle, so you can make sure that you’re picking the best one for your specific needs.

1. Editor’s Pick: Endurax 66" Video Camera Tripod

1. Editor’s Pick: Endurax 66" Video Camera Tripod
  • Feels strong and sturdy
  • Good value for the price
  • Can be used with most camera types, as well as smart phones
  • Lightweight, which is nice if you need to carry it around
  • Can extend to be very tall
  • The plastic pieces aren’t the most durable

Key Specs

Material: Aluminum, plastic
Maximum Height: 66”
Weight Limit: 3.3lbs
Parcel Dimensions: 44.7 x 12.19 x 11.99 cm
Parcel Weight: 1.5kg

This tall tripod has one of the best constructions you’ll find on this list at a mid-range price point, and it has a wide compatibility range, too.

If you’re going to be mounting expensive tech onto a tripod, you should make sure you get a sturdy one like the Endurax 66" Video Camera Tripod — it’s constructed with a thick aluminum tube and non-slip rubber feet, so no matter the terrain you can rest easy knowing the stand will be secure. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around, and it comes with a carry bag and phone clip in the kit, so you can mount your smartphone onto the tripod too. There are lots of potential uses with this tripod — you could even use it to hold a ring light while you use your camera handheld.

2. Runner Up: AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag

2. Runner Up: AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag
  • Great build quality for the low price
  • Decently tall max height
  • Lightweight and easy to bring on trips
  • Easy to set up and level the tripod
  • Perfect for beginners or basic studio photography
  • Might not be sturdy enough for outdoor use

Key Specs

Material: Aluminum
Maximum Height: 60”
Weight Limit: 3 lbs
Product Dimensions: 61.49 x 11.18 x 10.41 cm
Product Weight: 1.23kg

Another great option at a lower price point, this tripod is lightweight and sturdy, with a decent maximum height.

The AmazonBasics 60-inch Lightweight Tripod is another great option to consider because it’s almost as tall as our top choice, it’s compatible with most cameras and smartphones (if you purchase a separate adapter), and it can tilt and swivel to help you take the perfect shot. It’s lightweight and comes with a carry case, so it’ll be easy to take it out from your studio, and the mounting plate for your camera is quick release, so you can switch between cameras with ease.

3. Best Budget Pick: AmazonBasics Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod Stand with Bag

3. Best Budget Pick: AmazonBasics Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod Stand with Bag
  • Very affordable, and great for starting out
  • Works well with lightweight cameras
  • Good build quality for the price
  • Compact and lightweight — easy to store
  • Compatible with smartphones if you purchase a separate adapter
  • Not intended for use with heavy cameras, like a DSLR

Key Specs

Material: Aluminum
Maximum Height: 50"
Product Dimensions: 42.49 x 8 x 8 cm
Product Weight: 566.99g

If you’re looking for an affordable tripod to use with your compact or video camera, this is the one for you.

Here’s another option from AmazonBasics to think about: the Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod Stand. It’s the most affordable stand on this list, and it’s compatible with most compact cameras and smartphones (with an adapter that’s not included). Even though it won’t be able to handle heavy cameras, like a DSLR, it’s still a great option for beginner photographers to consider. It has lever-locked legs, which can help you set up the tripod on uneven terrain since you can adjust each leg individually.

4. Best for Your Phone: Torjim 60” Camera Tripod with Carry Bag

4. Best for Your Phone: Torjim 60” Camera Tripod with Carry Bag
  • Legs remain stable, even on uneven ground
  • Can hold heavy cameras up to the max weight without issue
  • Build feels high quality
  • Easy to adjust to different heights
  • Can be put together quickly after being stowed
  • Some buyers had issues with the quick release lock

Key Specs

Material: ABS, aluminum
Maximum Height: 60”
Weight Limit: 11 lbs.
Parcel Dimensions: 44.09 x 31.9 x 10.69 cm
Parcel Weight: 1.57kg

This tripod comes with a phone holder, which means you don’t need to purchase a separate adapter to use your phone on the tripod.

The Torjim 60” Camera Tripod is a great option if you wanted a tripod both for your phone and camera, since it comes with an adapter included. It also comes with a Bluetooth remote control, which you can use to snap a photo from a distance. There’s also a standard quick release plate, which makes switching between cameras a simple process, and the head itself can be tilted and swivelled into many different positions, to help you find your perfect angle.

5. Tallest Tripod: K&F Concept Camera Tripod 78"

5. Tallest Tripod: K&F Concept Camera Tripod 78"
  • Well built and extremely sturdy
  • Adjustable to many different heights
  • Good for outdoor use — stays sturdy even in the wind
  • Ball head moves smoothly when rotating your camera
  • Can hold heavy cameras without worry
  • On the expensive side, but worth it

Key Specs

Material: Aluminum
Maximum Height: 78”
Weight Limit: 22 lbs.
Parcel Dimensions: 53 x 13.8 x 13 cm
Parcel Weight: 1.6kg

It might be a little pricey, but this is one of the tallest and sturdiest tripods you’ll find on the market right now — perfect for professionals.

If you need an ultra-tall tripod to get the viewing angles you want, go with the K&F Concept Camera 78” Tripod — it has two different control knobs and a specially designed ball head that lets you rotate your camera 360-degrees to help you take the perfect photograph. It has a heavy load capacity, so if your camera is on the heavier side, you should still be good to use this tripod — just double check its weight doesn’t exceed 22 lbs. It’s lightweight and portable, and can be adjusted to many different heights, so that no matter where you’re taking photographs you’ll be able to find the right angle.

6. Best for Macro Photography: Tycka Camera Tripod 55"

6. Best for Macro Photography: Tycka Camera Tripod 55"
  • Converts into a monopod
  • Affordably priced
  • Compact and easy to travel with
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Can hold heavy cameras
  • Not the most durable out of the options here

Key Specs

Material: Aluminum
Maximum Height: 55”
Weight Limit: 26.5 lbs
Parcel Dimensions: ‎ 41.15 x 13.97 x 12.7 cm
Parcel Weight: 1.31kg

This tripod can be adjusted to the perfect angles for macro photography, especially since it comes with a short attachment, and it can be used with an inverted pole.

The Tycka Camera Tripod 55" has some extra features that make it great for macro photography — the pole in the centre of the tripod can be inverted so that your camera is hanging upside down, which means that you can angle the camera towards closeup objects more easily. This is the best tripod on this list for achieving different viewing angles because of this additional usage method. This tripod is quite portable as well since it’s easy to assemble and disassemble it. If you want to make the tripod even more stable, you can attach something heavy to the bottom of the pole, to further weight down the tripod.

7. Best for Your Desk: Ailun Phone Tripod Mount Stand

7. Best for Your Desk: Ailun Phone Tripod Mount Stand
  • Low price that won’t break the bank
  • Most phones will fit well with the adjustable mechanism
  • Great for your desk, and for video calls
  • Rubber grips that hold your phone snug
  • Cheaper build quality — this isn’t meant to be a professional’s tripod
  • Not compatible with actual cameras

Key Specs

Maximum Height: 7.2”
Product Dimensions: 22 x 3 x 5 cm
Product Weight: 90g

Not everyone needs a huge tripod — this one’s meant for you desk, and it holds your phone sturdy during photoshoots or video calls.

Some photographers prefer to take pictures on their phone — if that sounds like you, try the Ailun Phone Tripod Mount Stand. It’s meant to sit on your desk, so you can use it for something like a video call, or, say, for taking food photography to post on your blog. The phone holder has a spring-loaded mechanism, which is adjustable to fit the majority of smart phones — just double check that yours isn’t thicker than the width listed in the product description. The legs are movable, too, which you can use to wrap around other objects — it’s not only good for the desk.

8. Honourable Mention: Neewer 2-in-1 Aluminum Alloy Camera Tripod

8. Honourable Mention: Neewer 2-in-1 Aluminum Alloy Camera Tripod
  • Good build quality, and stays sturdy even when using heavier cameras
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Lots of adjustable options, like the rotation and tilt
  • Good value for the price
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Pricey

Key Specs

Material: Aluminum
Maximum Height: 70.8”
Weight Limit: 26.5 lbs.
Parcel Dimensions: 57.6 x 15.2 x 11.2 cm
Parcel Weight: 1.9kg

It comes at a lofty price, but we’re loving this tripod too, because of its tall height, heavy weight bearing capacity, and plethora of adjustable parts.

The Neewer 2-in-1 Aluminum Alloy Camera Tripod is one of the most durably constructed on this list, so even though it’s a little expensive, it should last you awhile — the aluminum material makes it solid and durable, and it’s resistant to heat and corrosion. The legs are easy to adjust, so you won’t be spending valuable time trying to fiddle around with them when you just want to take your photographs. It neatly folds away when you want to bring it around with you.

Keep These Features in Mind


One of the first things you’ll need to think about is if your camera, or other devices, will be compatible with your new tripod. See the section below about weight limits, too, but if you’re looking to use a smartphone on your tripod, most options will only support a mobile phone if you purchase an additional adapter. We’ve tried to list some options here that either come with a phone adapter, or are meant exclusively for phones, so that many different types of photographers can find a compatible tripod.

Max Height:

Some photographers are going to need a lot of height with their camera, to ensure the viewing angle is perfect. Be sure to read the product descriptions to see how tall your new tripod can go, and make sure it’ll be high enough for your needs. Keep in mind, too, that sometimes the higher you set your tripod, the less sturdy it will be, which is an important factor to consider if you’re an outdoor photographer dealing with the wind.

Weight Limit: Every tripod is going to have a limit for the weight they can handle without toppling over — if you’re using heavy cameras, like a DSLR, to take your photos, pay special attention to the weight limit of the tripod. Some options on this list won’t be compatible with heavy cameras at all, while others were built to support them.

Sturdiness: You’ll want to find a tripod that is as sturdy as possible, especially if you plan on mounting an expensive camera to it — you don’t want it to topple over and destroy your camera! Look for a model with thick legs and a heavy-looking frame, which will nicely support your camera. Some models will have a hook on the bottom of the center pole, which you can use to attach extra weight (or just your backpack) to further ensure that the tripod will be sturdy.

Portability: For many photographers, portability is key, especially if you travel between locations or like to film in the outdoors. Look for a model that’s easy to assemble and disassemble, so that you won’t be spending your precious time dealing with that, and also look for a model that comes with a carrying case, so that the tripod will be nicely supported during transit.

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