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Whether you need a quiet moment alone, are looking to blow off some steam, or simply want to explore the parks and trails in your area, a hike is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy city or just to unwind after a long day at work; nature has a way of doing that. That said, if you're ever gone for a hike you know what it can do to your feet, legs, or back. After a long day of walking through rough terrain or up and down hills, you can get sore over the course of the day and too much of that can lead to long-lasting injuries. To make it easier for you, trekking poles are a great tool for hikers.

Not only do trekking poles offer stability and support — regardless of the terrain or season — but they can also help to take pressure off your joints when climbing. They also have a lot of outdoor appeal as well — from helping to navigate through rivers and streams to pitching ultra-light tents. It’s important to note that although they can be beneficial when walking through rugged terrain, they shouldn’t be used to replace canes. Before buying, it's important to consider the following:

  • Pole length
  • Pole material
  • Pole grip
  • Locking mechanisms
  • Telescopic
  • Trifold or standard poles

As a starting point, think about what length you need the pole to be; this can help narrow down your search. Don’t shy away from spending an extra few dollars on your trekking poles either as they're a worthy investment that will last you some time. Below are some of the best trekking poles that will serve you on your hikes.

1. Editor's Pick: TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

1. Editor's Pick: TrailBuddy Trekking Poles
  • Comes in 8 colours
  • Easy to use lever locks
  • Weighs less than other aluminum poles
  • Features padded adjustable wrist straps
  • Includes one-year warranty, carrying bag, four rubber tips, two mud and snow baskets, and a pair of connectors
  • Baskets may loosen
  • No shock absorption

Key Specs

Shaft Material: Aluminum 7075
Grip Material: Cork and EVA
Item Weight: 740g
Length: 24.5” - 54”

For all you hardcore hikers out there, these poles were created with you in mind.

These TrailBuddy Trekking Poles were built using a durable telescopic shaft, are made from lightweight aluminum to withstand rugged terrains, and have a cork handle that moulds to your hand for a comfortable moisture-wicking grip. With eight different colours for you to choose from and three different interchangeable pole accessories, this stylish pole set will become the perfect addition to any hiking excursion.

2. Runner Up: TheFitLife Nordic Trekking Poles

2. Runner Up: TheFitLife Nordic Trekking Poles
  • Available in five colours
  • Small enough to fit into your backpack when collapsed
  • Includes a carrying bag, four rubber tips, two mud and snow baskets, two walking caps, two clips and a user guide
  • Not suited for heavy duty trips
  • May bend under significant stress
  • Locking mechanism may come loose

Key Specs

Shaft Material: Aluminum
Grip Material: Rubber + EVA Foam
Item Weight: 700g
Length: 26" - 51.2”

Saving yourself a few pennies doesn’t mean that you always have to sacrifice quality. These budget poles will give you what you need.

These FitLife Nordic Trekking Poles are built from high-quality seven-series aviation aluminum. Not only does it have an anti-shock mechanism, but it also uses a twist-lock system that allows you to extend the pole easily — from 26” to 51.2”. With soft extra long foam handles, these lightweight, durable trekking poles can be used by the whole family!

3. Most Compact: Trekology Trek-Z Trekking Poles

3. Most Compact: Trekology Trek-Z Trekking Poles
  • Comes in 3 colours
  • Easy length adjustments
  • Compact, portable design
  • Cork grip molds to hands and wicks away moisture
  • Includes mud stop, rubber grip, snow basket, and rubber feet
  • No shock absorption
  • Tips aren't great quality
  • Have to choose a specific set for your height

Key Specs

Shaft Material: Carbide
Grip Material: Cork & EVA foam
Item Weight: 294g
Length: 100-120cm (for 5'8" or shorter) / 115-135cm (for 5'9" or taller)

Intended for backpackers and campers alike, these trekking poles are compact and portable.

These Trekology Trek-Z Trekking Poles use moisture-wicking EVA foam handles and a strong aluminum shaft. Giving users a sturdy yet sleek pole that's perfect for throwing in your bag, you can keep these in your backpacks and bring it out when you're ready to use them. With long-lasting metal lock clips and adjustable wrist straps, this compact collapsible pole is the perfect travel buddy.

4. Best Carbon Fibre Option: Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fiber Adjustable Trekking Poles

4. Best Carbon Fibre Option: Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fiber Adjustable Trekking Poles
  • Comes in 2 colours
  • Adjustable wrist wrap
  • Lightweight, compact pole
  • Includes snow baskets, mud, and rubber caps
  • Uses quick lock feature for fast and easy adjustments
  • No shock absorption
  • Not as durable as aluminum poles

Key Specs

Shaft Material: Carbon Fibre
Grip Material: Cork and EVA foam
Item Weight: 667g
Length: 26" - 53”

This lightweight and durable trekking pole provides stability across all sorts of terrains without breaking the bank.

Although these Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fiber Adjustable Trekking Poles won’t give you the same durability as aluminum poles, if you’re in need of a high-quality lightweight trekking pole these are suitable for men, women, and children. Made from 100% carbon fibre, these poles weigh 667g and have cork grip handles that ensure a comfortable grip while its quick lock feature makes adjusting the height on the fly easy.

5. Best All-Terrain Option: Foxelli Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

5. Best All-Terrain Option: Foxelli Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles
  • Three-year warranty
  • Easy to adjust poles
  • Padded adjustable wrist straps
  • Sweat and moisture absorbing handles
  • Includes rubber tips, baskets, carrying case and carrying clip
  • Expensive
  • Not as durable as aluminum

Key Specs

Shaft Material: Carbon fibre
Grip Material: Cork and EVA foam
Item Weight: 198g
Length: 24" - 55”

If you love to get outside and hike no matter the weather, these shock absorbing all-terrain trekking poles are ready to tackle whatever Mother Nature decides to throw your way.

This set of Foxelli Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles are made from lightweight carbon fibre materials and use anti-slip cork handles to help keep you balanced and stable throughout your hikes. They also come equipped with heavy-duty rubber tip accessories so you can enjoy a sturdy hike regardless of the weather conditions.

6. Best All-Weather Option: Glymnis Trekking Poles

6. Best All-Weather Option: Glymnis Trekking Poles
  • Tri-fold collapsible design
  • Easy to adjust height
  • Natural cork grip
  • Quick lock system
  • Not recommended for anyone under 5’2” or over 6’2”

Key Specs

Shaft Material: Aluminum 7075
Grip Material: Cork and EVA
Item Weight: 800g
Length: 65cm - 135cm

Snow, mud, on the trail, or off the trail — nothing is going to deter you from hitting the trails with these poles.

For climbing hills and coursing through the woods in all kinds of weather conditions, you know you need a sturdy pair of trekking poles to keep you steady and walking tall. But since you hit the trail a few times a week, you’re looking for something made from a sturdier material than carbon fibre. These tri-folding Glymnis Trekking Poles are made from a sturdy aluminum alloy which is a good option if you’re out there every other day regardless of the weather. The hard aluminum telescopic shaft is strong enough to endure the kind of pressure and impact associated with rough terrain and snowy, rocky, or slippery surfaces, and the anti-skid cork handles are designed to fit comfortably in your hands and absorb sweat to keep your hands dry during a particularly exerting hike. These trekking poles have three sections that when folded, measure only 65cm each, and weigh 800g total. The set also comes with boot tips, rubber tips, snow baskets and mud baskets.

7. Best Shock Resistance: Crown Sporting Goods Shock-Resistant Adjustable Trekking Pole

7. Best Shock Resistance: Crown Sporting Goods Shock-Resistant Adjustable Trekking Pole
  • Includes three tips
  • Comes in 4 colours
  • Good shock absorption
  • Secondary soft foam grip
  • Adjustable handle straps
  • Small baskets
  • Poorly packaged
  • Better for easy or moderate trails

Key Specs

Shaft Material: Aluminum
Grip Material: Plastic, Foam
Item Weight: 680g
Length: 20” – 43”

Getting out on the trails is a great way to stay fit while enjoying nature, but if you suffer from back or hip issues walking on hard surfaces can end up giving you more pain than pleasure. These poles mean you don't have to give up exercising in the great outdoors.

These Crown Sporting Goods Shock-Resistant Adjustable Trekking Pole have an internal anti-shock spring in the bottom section of the pole that reduces up to 25% of your body weight from the lower area of your body, alleviating some of the strain to your joints and muscles. Simple and easy to use, the lightweight and durable aluminum telescoping trekking poles extend from 20" up to 43" and together weigh 680g. Once you adjust to your desired height, each section locks in with a simple twist and is marked with measurements for precision adjustments. These poles have an ergonomic grip, a secondary soft foam grip, an adjustable wrist strap, and three tips to get you through a variety of surfaces including flat, rocky, or snowy terrain.

8. Most Versatile: Defiant Outdoor Multi-Functional Trekking Pole

8. Most Versatile: Defiant Outdoor Multi-Functional Trekking Pole
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable height
  • Comes with many tips
  • Comes with a camo storage bag with belt loop
  • Only one pole
  • Not everyone will want or use the extra tips
  • Have to purchase extra extensions for tall people

Key Specs

Shaft Material: Aluminum alloy
Grip Material: TRP
Item Weight: 390g
Length: 41.7”

Sometimes you want a trekking pole to do what it’s supposed to do – give you the stability and support you need while hiking on a trail – and sometimes you want something more. Well, we’ve got you covered with this versatile trekking pole.

Theis Defiant Outdoor Multi-Functional Trekking Pole is made of an aluminum alloy, has an ergonomic TRP grip and a sturdy lanyard, and weighs only 390g total. Super compact, you can collapse and disassemble it into five 20cm tubular sections with a hollow space for inserting and storing accessories, all of which fit into a portable bag that you can carry on your belt or stow away. What really makes this trekking pole stand out from the rest on this list are the number of attachments that turn it from a pole into an outdoor emergency tool. Aside from the metal walking tip, it also has a serrated harpoon knife, a double-headed screwdriver, a flint stone fire starter, a high-decibel whistle, a compass, and a utility knife. All of these options attach in less than 10 seconds for an enjoyable and safe walk around the neighbourhood or a mountaineering adventure.

Features To Look For

To make sure that you get the most out of your hike, finding a pole that’s the right size for you is one of the most important elements to consider. Poles that are too long will cause you to lean back while you walk which may lead to discomfort in your shoulders, while poles that are too short result in you leaning forward which adds unnecessary strain on your back. A handy way to make sure that your pole is at the right length for you is by grabbing the handles and placing the tip on the ground near your feet. Your arms should create a 90° angle. Most of the trekking poles these days are adjustable so finding a style that fits your height won’t be too difficult, but it's still something to be cautious of when shopping.

Pole Design

There are three main types of pole designs: telescoping, trifold, and fixed.

Telescoping poles are considered to be the original style of trekking poles and provide the most adjustability out of any of the designs. You can choose between two-section poles that are strong and ideal for those who need heavy duty equipment to handle winter hikes, or three-section poles that are commonly used on trails. Although two-section poles are durable, they’re also often quite large and heavy. Three-section poles aren’t as sturdy but they are lighter and more compact.

Folding poles are similar in design to tent poles in that they use a cord that links together multiple pieces. This style isn’t as durable as telescoping poles but is lighter and the most compact style of them all. Folding poles are great for trail hikers and uphill skiers and can be the perfect companion for people who travel a lot.

The last style is fixed poles. This type of pole isn’t commonly used because they’re more difficult to travel with since they can’t be contracted and are fixed to one height which makes finding for the right pole a more difficult task.

Shaft Materials

The material of the pole is usually made up of either carbon or aluminum. Carbon poles are lightweight and ideal for people who only use them when absolutely necessary since they can be quite pricey and are more likely to break if misused. Aluminum poles are more durable, less expensive, but also slightly heavier than carbon poles. This style is better suited for people who need their poles to help them with their balance since they’re a lot less likely to break.

Grip Materials

A pole’s grip can be made of cork, foam or rubber materials. While cork grips are comfortable, durable and can help to keep those sweaty palms dry, it is the heaviest and most expensive option of the three. Foam grips are the softest material and is also the least expensive option. They do however absorb water which causes them to break down faster than the other styles and aren’t ideal for hiking in wet climates. Rubber grips are the most water resistant of the three, are typically really durable, and are also affordable. The downside? They’re not the most comfortable material and may be hard to hold if and when your hands get sweaty.

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