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Babies need a lot of help and guidance to reach certain milestones. Developmentally, grasping a cup and having the coordination to properly drink from it is tricky for little ones at first. However, a sippy cup is the best way to ease babies into drinking correctly from a cup.

Sippy cups are designed in many ways and, depending on the needs of your baby as well as the functionality you’re looking for, you’ll want to find one ideally suited to you. Some have grip bands around them while others come with handles, and depending on the model you choose, the spout or straw can function differently. Liquid flow, portability, and material all play a part in the efficiency of a sippy cup.

So, shop around! Look for a sippy cup that will help aid your child in making the leap to self-feeding by finding one that meets their abilities and comfort level.

1. Editor's Pick: Munchkin Miracle 360˚ Trainer Cup

The Munchkin Miracle 360˚ Trainer Cup comes in a handy two-pack and features a dentist-recommended spoutless design. A 360-degree edge allows children to easily drink from any side of the cup by simply tilting the cup and sucking on the edge of the valve, thereby helping to support normal muscle development in a child’s mouth. When the child stops drinking, the cup automatically seals, which totally eliminates spills! You can throw it into the diaper bag and never worry about leaks. The handles are easy for little hands to hold, and with no extra valves or parts, cleaning is a breeze.

2. Runner Up: NUK Disney Mickey Mouse Large Learner Cup

M-I-C… K-E-Y… M-O-U-S-E! Mickey is here to help make transitioning from a bottle to a cup easier (and fun too). This large learner cup from NUK has a 100 percent silicone, soft spout, which is gentle on gums, and a handy air vent that helps reduce babies swallowing too much air. Drinking from a cup can be a messy process, but this sippy cup is also 100 percent spill-proof, so you’ll never have accidents. It’s easy for baby to grip too because of the anti-slip handles, which can later be removed as your child grows and masters the fine art of cup-drinking. It’s BPA-free and safe to wash in the dishwasher.

3. Sleeper Pick: Re-Play No Spill Cups

Re-Play products are very gentle on Mother Nature — the company uses recycled HDPE plastic from milk jugs to make their products, like their No Spill Cups. These cups are both dishwasher and microwave safe with no decals or surface coatings, so no more prints peeling off the cups! They have a one-piece valve so there are no clumsy pieces to work with, as well as thick, hard textured plastic to handle repeated use (and abuse). And the best part is, the cups are stackable for space-saving storage.

4. Best High End: Chicco Insulated Rim Spout Sippy Cup

This set of two colourful nine-ounce sippy cups is more expensive than the others on our list, but if you’re looking for a sippy cup that will stand the test of time, you may want to invest in this set.

Chicco's sippy cups are insulated with a double-walled design that will keep your toddler’s drinks cooler for longer. The cups have been specifically designed with little hands in mind and have ergonomic indents that make it easy to hold. A bite-proof hybrid rim-spout comfortably introduces your little one to sipping from a glass, while promoting the proper lip positioning at the same time.

The sippy cup contains a one-piece silicone valve for a sip-activated flow of liquids and spill-free experience. And, as your child gets older, you can remove the valve for free-flow drinking. These cups are easy to clean and dishwasher safe and are recommended for children 12 months and older.

5. Also Consider: Nuby 2-Pack Two-Handle No-Spill Super Spout Grip N' Sip Cups

These sippy cups from Nuby come in a convenient two-pack and feature double handles to help bottle-holders adjust to gripping a cup. There is no leaking or spilling thanks to a soft silicone super spout, a feature that is also helpful when it comes to your baby’s oral wellbeing. And the child can control how quickly or slowly the liquid comes out with their pressure sensitive Touch-Flo valve, which responds to the child’s sucking speed. Easy to clean and great for on-the-go, this sippy duo is perfect for encouraging self-drinking and feeding.

6. Best Insulated: Colorful PoPo Kids Stainless Steel Sippy Cup

Most sippy cups are used for cold beverages like milk, juice and water, but as your child grows and expands their food repertoire, you may need a sippy cup that can hold warm and hot liquids as well.

This 8.5-ounce sippy cup from Colorful PoPo has a double-walled vacuum insulated stainless steel interior that will keep beverages cold or hot for longer so your toddler can enjoy a frosty drink or some tasty soup broth or hot chocolate.

The lid on the sippy cup is made from BPA-free, food grade clear plastic that is safe and non-toxic. The slider is easy to open and close and the cup comes with a silicone straw that is easy on your child’s teeth and gums – they can chew on it, and it won’t harm or crack their teeth. Your little one can drink directly from the slider opening or from the straw. What's more, this sippy cup is available in four colours.

7. Best Budget Pick: Tommee Tippee Sportee Toddler Sippy Cup

We get it: kids are expensive. They need so much specialized equipment that before you know it, it can all put quite the dent in your wallet. We’ve included this pack of three sippy cups from Tommee Tippee because they have received thousands of positive reviews from parents just like you who are looking for quality at an affordable price.

The sippy cups are a large, 10-ounce size so your little one will be hydrated all day. They come in cute gender-specific colours and designs for boys and girls, with a soft sports spout that is gentle on your toddler’s gums and clicks down to keep things mess free when your youngster isn’t drinking.

The cups are lightweight and have easy-grip sides that are perfect for little hands to hold on to. And for parents, the cups are easy to assemble and simple to clean using hot soapy water or you can pop them on the top shelf of the dishwasher. They can also be sterilized.

8. Honourable Mention: OXO Tot Transitions Soft Spout Sippy Cup

This soft spout sippy cup from OXO has a cute, functional design that makes it easy for your little one to transition from a bottle to a cup. This cup is smaller than some of the others at six ounces, but it is the perfect size for toddlers who don’t drink a huge amount of liquid or don’t like holding a bigger, chunkier cup.

There are two adjustable handles for your little one to grip, making it easy to hold with one or two hands. OXO’s sippy cup also has a patented almond-shaped spout that conforms to your child’s palate and opens easily for comfortable sipping. Unlike other sippy cups, this one has a hinged cap that keeps the spout clean and the liquid from leaking out.

The cup is made from non-toxic plastic that is tough and shatterproof and has convenient measurement markings on the outside so you can keep track of how much your little one is drinking.

What to Look for in a Sippy Cup

Sippy cups are baby’s first foray into becoming more independent and graduating to “big boy” or “big girl”. It also means less bottles for you to make and clean. Babies who are just learning how to hold a cup and control how much liquid they drink will bode well practicing with a sippy cup.

Ideally, you want a sippy cup that doesn’t leak or drip when being used or transported, and one that can withstand the daily wear and tear of being handled by a busy little person. It should also be simple to clean without too many extra parts where things like mould and bacteria can grow. Essentially, a sippy cup should be a helping hand.

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