7 Ways to Beat the Cold This Fall

7 Ways to Beat the Cold This Fall

By Jordan Maxwell

January 22, 2021

Just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean you have to call it quits. You can still enjoy the comfort of your patio with a couple of key items. The pandemic may have interrupted your summer but it doesn’t have to interrupt your fall. You’ve likely already done all of the online shopping you needed for your home office and new home gym, but if you’re looking to prepare for those frigid late-night temperatures on your outdoor space, you’ll need to create a multi-season patio. It’s never too late.

We’ll walk you through some ways to keep your patio or balcony warm this year so you can extend your summer into fall.

Outdoor Deals for The Fall Season

Now that you’ve got the basics, you can start planning the perfect outdoor space. We’ve highlighted a few items that will help take your space to the next level.

1. Outdoor Patio Heater

To complete the perfect fall patio area, you’ll need an outdoor patio heater. It’s perfect for late fall and winter season nights. With an output of 41,000 BTU, you can also use the gas patio when you fishing, drinking with you friends or party. It’s powered with a tank of propane, which you can pick up at your local gas stations, and it generally lasts between two to three weeks. It’s made of stainless steel so it’s durable when it’s on and when it’s outside in the elements.

2. Outland Firebowl (w/ Propane)

You can officially say goodbye to firewood and messy ash with this fire pit from Outland. It’s perfect if you’re a fall camper and are looking for a consistent heat source overnight. The perfect outdoor centerpiece for camping trips, RV travels, tailgating get-togethers, beach parties, and family evenings on the backyard patio. It’s small enough to pack it in the trunk and all you need is tank of propane to power it. It Includes pre-attached 10-ft hose for your propane tank and it’s weather-resistant.

3. Hampton Bay Grayson Wicker Outdoor Patio (5pc Ash Gray)

Fall has historically been a good time to get a patio set so check out Home Depot for this one. It’s a five-piece set that will pair perfectly with the two items above. This set comes with four-cushioned lounge dining chairs and one round coffee table. Made of powder coated steel, it is both weather- and rust-resistant. The hand painted tabletop features a wood-like finish and it can fit your deck or even sit poolside. You can also check out these patio covers for the winter months.

4. NexGrill 4-Burner Propane BBQ

Football season means beer-can chicken, ribs and burgers for the crew! You can get this four-burner propane BBQ for your fall patio space. It boasts 626.8 sq. inch of total cooking space and it also has a one side burner, supplying 60,000 BTUs of flame-roasting energy. An electric ignition allows it to fire up instantly and an upper-level warming rack provides a place to heat buns and keep foods toasty. Casters make it easily portable and the built-in thermometer allows for consistent temperature control.

5. Black & Decker Cordless Leaf Blower

It’s not all about food and comfort. If you’re an active gardener or yard enthusiast, you likely use the fall to plant new veggies or to prep the garden/grass for the spring. When all those troublesome leaves fall off those trees, you can use this leaf blower get them off your property. It features a power boost button that provides a more powerful gust of air for bigger jobs. It’s also lightweight and has a comfortable grip for longer projects.

6. Certified 3550W/4450W Gas Generator

If you need a power source for those fall excursions, this generator has four power outlets to provide up to 20 hours of output when it’s fully gassed. It’s a bit heavy to carry around but if you’re able to handle it, you can easily fold it. It features a 4.7-gallon (17.8 L) fuel tank, fuel gauge, circuit breakers and a gauge that measures volts, frequency (Hz) and operating hours.

7. Armor Coat 3.7 L Grey Latex Porch and Floor Paint

DIY projects are a good way to stay outdoors a little bit longer. If you want to upgrade your deck, front porch, or concrete, Rona is having a sale on interior and exterior paints. Start enjoying your spaces again by making them look brand-new.

Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Fall Patio

Looking to create the perfect fall patio? Add a little personal touch to your patio with paint, space heaters, air purifiers, new furniture and patio heaters. Here are some ways you can beat the cold on your outdoor space this fall.

  • 1. Fire Pit/Patio Heater: You can roast your marshmallows over an open fire or drink wine with your partner on the balcony during sunset. Depending on the size of your space, a good heating source will add to the blanket and warm clothes you already have.
  • 2. Gardening: If you have an active garden, the best way to keep it going to is plant fall and winter veggies. Now that all your tomatoes are in, you can plant kale, lettuce, spinach and other leafy greens that thrive in colder seasons.
  • 3. Patio Furniture/Spa: If you were waiting for the perfect time to get patio furniture for your yard or balcony, now is the time. A number of retailers are offering deals on singles and sets. It’s also a good time to get a hot tub for those steamy nights.
  • 4. Outdoor Kitchen: Football season means fall BBQs and what better way than to set up an outdoor kitchen in your own backyard. The smell of fall should include ribs and BBQ sauce so check out retailers such as Home Depot and Lowe’s.
  • 5. Outdoor Lighting: Since it gets dark earlier in the fall, having good lights will help keep you outside long after dark. They’ll also ward off unwelcomed critters.
  • 6. DIY and Home Improvement: Whether it’s solidifying your deck or repainting your front door, there are a lot of DIY projects you can do outdoors. Why not build a new rock garden or add an outdoor fixture to add value to your home? Let your imagination run wild!
  • 7. BBQs: Extend the summer season a little bit longer with a BBQ. For all your slow-cooked ribs, charcoal-grilled cheese burgers and beer-can chicken recipes, you can keep warm and eat good until the year’s first snowfall.

Start Shopping to Extend Your Fall

Although summer came and went, you can make the best of what will be a short fall season with some of the products listed above. No matter what you’re into, there’s something for everyone. Accepting the fact that you’ll be home long-term will only be made easier if your home is comfortable and designed to your liking.

With so much going on in the world, it’s important to have those places to escape. Don’t let the change in weather get you down. Fall is an action season in preparation of fresh, green leaves in the spring. Get your creative juices flowing and start shopping today! You can also check out some unique deals on the sidebar to the right (or below on mobile devices.) is reader-supported. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other similar affiliate advertising programs. These programs are designed to provide a way for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to them. This means that will sometimes get a small commission if you make a purchase through our links.


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