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Anyone who’s tried to use their mouse on a book or magazine — or worse, a bare desk — knows how much of a struggle it can be to move your cursor where you want it to go. Mousepads bring a level of comfort and ease to the glide of your mouse, and they generally aren’t very expensive, so everyone with a computer should really be using one. We’ve put together this list of the best mousepads on the market right now, so whether you’re a pro gamer looking for a mousepad with low friction to ensure accurate pixel tracking, or you’re looking for a cute new mousepad for your home office, there’s a mousepad here for you.

Even though you might think it’s just a mousepad, there are tons of features you’ll need to keep in mind while you shop to make sure you pick the right one. We’ve put together a little guide at the end of this article that will walk you through two of the main sizes you’ll be considering — traditional or extended — and go over some of the benefits of each. You’ll also find a list of some special features you should be on the lookout for, so scroll on down if you’re looking for a bit of guidance first, and then browse our list!

1. Editor’s Pick: Corsair MM300 Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Mat

1. Editor’s Pick: Corsair MM300 Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Mat
  • Low friction textile surface
  • Available in different sizes
  • Stitched edges keep the pad from fraying
  • Anti-skid rubber base
  • Pattern helps hide any fading over time
  • Actual colour is a bit rustier compared to the pictures

Key Specs

Size: Extended
Material: Rubber
Colour: Multicolour
Product Dimensions: 92.96 x 29.97 x 0.25 cm
Product Weight: 453.59g

We think that the Corsair MM300 Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Mat is a great choice for you to consider because of its extended size, smooth mouse control and zero slip base — not to mention it comes from a reputable PC gaming brand.

This model has almost everything you really need in a mousepad — an anti-skid rubber base helps keep your mousepad in place, no matter how quickly you move your mouse, and its textile surface is designed to help your movements be precise and frictionless. Its anti-fray stitching can also help extend the lifespan of your mousepad for years, so you’re in it for the long haul with this one.

If you don’t think an extended mousepad size is for you, this one is available in other sizes for you to consider too, like small or medium, so you’re sure to find one that’ll match your needs. Keep in mind that this mousepad only comes in one pattern option, which can look a bit more bronze than what’s advertised, so while its usage is tough to beat, you’ll find prettier mousepads out there for sure.

2. Runner Up: Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Gaming Mousepad

2. Runner Up: Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Gaming Mousepad
  • Optimized surface for many mouse types
  • Non-slip base that stays in place
  • Razer Chroma, which has 16.8 million customizable colour options
  • Inter-device colour synchronization
  • Built-in cable management tool
  • Expensive

Key Specs

Size: Wide
Material: Rubber
Colour: Classic Black
Product Dimensions: 29.41 x 92.08 x 0.3 cm
Product Weight: 557.92g

If you prefer a better-looking choice than our top pick and don’t mind spending a little extra cash, we think that you should go for the Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Gaming Mousepad.

It might be a little expensive for a mousepad, but with so many advanced features you likely won’t regret the purchase; it’s made from materials that feel durable and high quality, has a non-slip base, and RGB lights around the edges that personalize your experience. It’s been optimized for different sensitivity settings and sensors, so that no matter your mouse you’ll get great responsiveness and performance from it.

This mousepad has lights around the edges that are powered by Razer Chroma, which has 16.8 million colour options that are fully customizable, and if you have other Razer products it can be connected to and synchronized with those devices.

3. Most Aesthetic: ITNRSIIET Mouse Pad with Stitched Edge

3. Most Aesthetic: ITNRSIIET Mouse Pad with Stitched Edge
  • Wide variety of colours and patterns
  • Smooth and slick surface
  • Lycra surface that reduces drag
  • Affordably priced
  • Perfect thickness — not too thick or thin
  • Not as durable as pricier mousepad options
  • Some buyers noted the mousepad initially had an odour

Key Specs

Size: 8.7” diameter
Material: Spandex
Colour: Chrysanthemum
Product Dimensions: 22 ×22 × 0.3 cm
Product Weight: 70g

The adorable ITNRSIIET Mouse Pad with Stitched Edge comes at an affordable price, has beautifully stitched edges, and is available in a large variety of different colours and patterns — let your personality fly.

If you’re just looking for a basic mousepad for your home or office and don’t really need the extra frills of a gaming-focused mousepad, we think this is the perfect option for you. It still has stitched edges for additional durability, a non-slip rubber base, and the material gives an ultra smooth surface for your mouse to glide across. When it’s time to wash, it’ll come out looking as nice as ever because it’s made with a material that resists fading.

We’ve selected the chrysanthemum pattern option for its minimalist and nature-focused design; feel free to browse the many different fun options that are available, though — it’s like a goodie bag waiting to be opened.

4. Best for Gaming: Corsair CH-9440020-NA Gaming MM800 POLARIS RGB LED Lighting Hard Mouse Pad

4. Best for Gaming: Corsair CH-9440020-NA Gaming MM800 POLARIS RGB LED Lighting Hard Mouse Pad
  • Low friction textured surface
  • Large surface area
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • USB pass-through port
  • Lights can be synced with other Corsair CUE enabled products
  • Expensive

Key Specs

Size: Medium
Material: Rubber
Colour: RGB
Product Dimensions: 35.05 x 25.91 x 0.51 cm
Product Weight: 566.99g

Gamers will enjoy the low friction hard surface of the Corsair CH-9440020-NA Gaming MM800 RGB Hard Mouse Pad, and it’s USB pass-through port for your mouse and RBG lighting along the sides make it a force to be reckoned with.

A softer surface might be good for some styles of games depending on your playstyle, but generally a hard surface will let you move your mouse and respond to actions more quickly, which can snag you the win in many scenarios. It comes with lights around the edges, with 15 different RGB zones that are fully customizable.

If you have other Corsair products, like a gaming mouse, you can sync up the lights together in a special Lighting Link mode. We’re also loving the USB pass-through port on this one — you can plug in your mouse USB right into the mousepad, which can free up a port on your PC for another device.

5. Affordable RGB: Havit RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

5. Affordable RGB: Havit RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
  • Colour switch button that can control your light’s colour and brightness
  • 14 RGB light modes
  • Locked edge to prevent damage and fluff
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Large and smooth pad surface
  • Some buyers had trouble getting their pad to lay flat

Key Specs

Size: Large
Material: Rubber
Colour: Black
Product Dimensions: 80.01 x 29.97 x 0.38 cm
Product Weight: 470.01g

RGB lighting on your mousepad doesn’t need to cost a fortune; the Havit RGB Gaming Mouse Pad is a more affordable way to enjoy a light up mousepad, and it still comes with many different colour modes for the light.

The smooth surface of this pad is great for anyone who wants their mouse to move quickly across the screen, and because of its large size it’s suitable for all types of keyboards and mouses. You may not get as many lighting display options as with more expensive models but having 14 different light modes is still an incredible feat.

6. Most Ergonomic: GEMEK Mouse Pad & Keyboard Wrist Rest Support

6. Most Ergonomic: GEMEK Mouse Pad & Keyboard Wrist Rest Support
  • Affordably priced
  • Comes with mouse pad support and keyboard wrist support
  • Smooth and breathable material
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Can slide around occasionally
  • Not as high-quality as other options

Key Specs

Size: Large
Material: Lycra, memory foam
Colour: Black
Product Dimensions: 25.4 x 22.86 x 2.49 cm
Product Weight: 330.21g

Wrist pain from being at the computer too often can be a serious issue — an ergonomic mouse pad and wrist rest combo like the GEMEK Mouse Pad & Keyboard Wrist Rest Support can help ease your pain.

We’ve talked quite a bit about the experience of using your mouse on these mousepads so far, but this option is more geared toward the health of your wrist; if you find your wrists and hands aching after long periods of use, an ergonomic pad like this one could be a way to prevent further injury.

7. Best on a Budget: AmazonBasics Gaming Computer Mouse Pad

7. Best on a Budget: AmazonBasics Gaming Computer Mouse Pad
  • Affordably priced, but still good quality
  • Thick and sturdy
  • Not easily ripped or damaged
  • Comfortable on your wrist
  • Doesn’t slide around
  • Not as smooth as some other pads

Key Specs

Size: Standard
Material: Cloth, with rubber base
Colour: Black
Product Dimensions: 31.5 x 0.2 x 26.92 cm
Product Weight: 119.07

If you’re just looking for a fuss-free, affordable mouse pad to use for your work desk, this could be the right one for you, since it’s both sturdy and feels like the materials are high quality.

It has a smooth cloth surface, which will keep your mouse movements smooth and precise, and the base is rubberized, so it won’t slide around during use. If it gets dusty or you spill some food or a drink on it, you can conveniently throw it right into the washing machine, and it’ll be good as new.

We’ve listed the standard size here, but if you’d prefer something larger or smaller, it’s available in three other sizes, too: XX-large, extended, or mini.

8. Also Popular: Razer Gigantus v2 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

8. Also Popular: Razer Gigantus v2 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad
  • Mouse glides across easily
  • Available in different sizes
  • Great for gaming
  • Aesthetic pop of green
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Dust is very visible on it, but it’s easy to clean

Key Specs

Size: Medium
Material: Rubber
Colour: Black, green
Product Dimensions: 36.02 x 27.53 x 0.3 cm
Product Weight: 18.6g

Here’s another popular choice to look at, that’s both affordably priced and excellent quality, and even the medium size has a very large area for your mouse, which is great for low-sensitivity gaming, like a first-person shooter.

The surface of the pad is micro-textured, which makes for more precise mouse movements and pixel tracking, and the bottom is made from a foam rubber material, which keeps in firmly in place no matter how fast you move your mouse.

The medium size is still quite large, but if you want something that’ll fit your keyboard as well, there are bigger options you can choose from.

Should I Get a Traditional or Extended Mouse Pad?

Traditional mousepads are just designed to fit underneath just your mouse, hence the name, but nowadays you can find extended mousepads than span the length of your keyboard as well — they come with a bunch of benefits, like the fact that they allow your mouse and keyboard to be on the same level, and that it can help reduce the vibration noise that comes with typing on your keyboard. If you’re prone to typing so hard that your keyboard slips, you’ll also enjoy the extra support from the extended mat because it’ll stop your keyboard from slipping around your desk.

We think that extended mousepads are definitely worth the investment, but ultimately it comes down to your personal preference — if you don’t think you’ll benefit from the added anti slip or reduced typing noise especially, it might be better for you to just stick to a traditional pad.

Features to Consider in a Mouse Pad

Thickness: You’ll need to consider the thickness of your new mousepad, which is usually measured in millimetres (mm). A thin mousepad, which is any thickness less than 3mm, will be super light and flexible, and will mold to the shape of your table — excellent if your desk is smooth, but might not be the best if it’s rigid or has bumps. Those with a medium thickness, from 3mm to 3.5mm, are a great choice because they’re thick enough to not pick up anything underneath but not so thick they they’re uncomfortable. Anything thicker than that will have a great grip on the table and not move around, but it can feel a little weird to use a mouse on if you’re not used to it.

Material: There are generally two main types of mousepads that you’ll find out there, and that’s either hard or soft. Each type has a different texture that can influence the feel of your mouse, and they can benefit different styles of gameplay. Soft mousepads can slow down the flow of your mouse, because there’s more resistance from the cloth, which is a great choice for anyone who needs a more controlled mouse movement, like gamers playing a first-person shooter. Hard mousepads are more smooth and slippery, which can help your cursor get from one side of the screen to the other more quickly.

Finishing: If you’re getting a cloth mousepad, make sure that it has the proper finishing, like a row of stitches — fabric mousepads are prone to fraying, especially after a few trips around the washing machine, and a row of stitches can help prevent any unwanted fray that could occur.

RGB Lighting: A fun feature with some gaming mousepads is that they can come equipped with lighting strips with customizable colour options, which can bring a unique flare to your computing experience. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune either — we’ve included a budget mousepad option that still lights up the room.

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