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If you’re looking to create an ergonomic and decluttered workspace in your home or office, consider using the best monitor arms as part of your set up; after a quick installation process, you’ll be able to lift and move around your monitor with ease, which can save you desk space and help manage your workspace if you have multiple monitors. Whether you’re shopping for a monitor arm to improve your home office set up or your computer entertainment station, you’ll find a model on this list that will be right for you. We tried to keep various price points and potential uses in mind too, like if you need an arm that can attach two different monitors, or if you’d like a place to store your laptop to use alongside your computer screen.

Stick around until the end of the article and we’ll go into more detail about how a monitor arm can improve your set up, as well as help you determine if your computer monitor is compatible with a new arm. We’ll also provide a list of features for you that you should be on the lookout for, which will hopefully help ensure that you purchase the right monitor arm for your current computer set up. Let’s get started!

1. Editor’s Pick: MOUNTUP Single Monitor Desk Mount - Adjustable Gas Spring Monitor Arm

1. Editor’s Pick: MOUNTUP Single Monitor Desk Mount - Adjustable Gas Spring Monitor Arm
  • Great quality for the price
  • Easy to adjust and configure the arm
  • Materials feel high quality and sturdy
  • Other options available to support multiple monitors
  • Multiple VESA pattern compatibility
  • Heavier monitors might make the arm wobble

Key Specs

Maximum Height: 16.1”
Weight Capacity: 17.6 lbs.
Compatible Screen Sizes: Up to 32”

We think this monitor arm is the best option you could buy right now for a single monitor set up; it has a good extension range, many different swivel options, and is compatible with different VESA patterns.

This monitor arm is one of our favourites because it feels high quality and sturdy with most monitors, and it’s very easy to install — you can use either a C-clamp or a grommet to attach the arm to any desk that has a thickness range of 0.4” to 3.5”, and it also comes with the tools necessary to make that happen.

Don’t worry if you’re loving this arm but need to install more than one monitor — you can also purchase other versions of this unit that can support either two or three monitors.

2. Runner Up: VIVO Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand

2. Runner Up: VIVO Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand
  • Easy to install, and works with many different desk set ups
  • Comes with tools to help you manage your cables
  • Solid and stable, with little wobbling even with monitors at the larger end of the range provided
  • Great value for the price
  • Works well with curved monitors
  • Not as flexible as some other options

Key Specs

Maximum Height: 17”
Weight Capacity: 22 lbs.
Compatible Screen Sizes: 13” to 27”

The VIVO Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand is the next best option you can find right now, and only didn’t snag the top spot because it works better with smaller monitors, which not everybody has.

This unit is easy to install, with two different VESA pattern options available, and it even comes with detachable cable clips that you can use to manage your power and AV cables from your monitor — it’s easy to have an organized workspace with tools like this. We’ve linked the 17” tall version here, but if you need it to go even higher it also comes in a 39” option, which is height adjustable and great if you want to switch up your position from sitting to standing.

3. Best for Dual Monitors: Huanuo Height Adjustable Gas Spring Double Arm Monitor

3. Best for Dual Monitors: Huanuo Height Adjustable Gas Spring Double Arm Monitor
  • Easy to set up, and feels sturdy once installed
  • Good range of motion in the arms, easy to adjust your workspace
  • Great value for the price
  • Integrated cable management
  • Good build quality
  • Monitors on the higher end of the size range might be too heavy — double check you aren’t too close to the weight capacity

Key Specs

Maximum Height: 26.18”
Weight Capacity: 19.8 lbs. per monitor
Compatible Screen Sizes: 17” to 32”

So you have two monitors that you’d like to be suspended over your desk — consider the Huanuo Height Adjustable Gas Spring Double Arm Monitor Mount Desk Stand because it’s easy to adjust, it's compatible with many screen sizes, and it helps you manage your cables.

This pair of monitor arms also comes with integrated cable management, which makes it easy to keep your desk free of messy cables. Not only is it easy to use two monitors side by side or stacked over top of each other, but it also has a variety of tilting and swivel options. Keep in mind that if you’re stacking your two monitors one over the other, the manufacturers recommend that your screens shouldn’t be over 27”, otherwise it could topple!

4. Best Budget Pick: AmazonBasics Single Computer Monitor Stand

4. Best Budget Pick: AmazonBasics Single Computer Monitor Stand
  • Basic set up without the frills
  • Very solid and not prone to wobbling
  • Cable management system
  • Heavy duty materials that aren’t flimsy, amazing value for the price
  • Works with two different VESA hole patterns
  • Not as adjustable or customizable as other options listed here

Key Specs

Maximum Height: 14.2”
Weight Capacity: 22 lbs.
Compatible Screen Sizes: 13” to 30”

If you’re just looking for a basic and affordable mount that’s reliable and easy to install, give the AmazonBasics Single Computer Monitor Stand a try; it’s easy to adjust, and works with a variety of VESA hole patterns.

For being sold at such an affordable price, many buyers agreed on how solid this mount feels; it’s not likely to topple or wobble, and it can hold decently large sized monitors without any trouble. Like many other options this one comes with cable management too, which helps in making your workspace more streamlined and easier to use.

If you’re building a complicated or intricate set up though, this may not be the option for you because it doesn’t have as many adjustable extensions as others on the market — this model is more of your average, run-of-the-mill office monitor arm.

5. Best with a Laptop Mount: Huanuo Laptop Monitor Mount Stand with Keyboard Tray

5. Best with a Laptop Mount: Huanuo Laptop Monitor Mount Stand with Keyboard Tray
  • Built in laptop tray to help you optimize your workspace
  • Efficient cable management
  • Can be mounted to your desk using either a c-clamp or grommet
  • Compatible with two VESA hole patterns
  • Materials feel durable
  • Might not be as easy of a set up process as some other options here, according to some buyers

Key Specs

Maximum Height: 16”
Weight Capacity: 22 lbs.
Compatible Screen Sizes: 13” to 27”

Many workers, students, or computer enthusiasts love to use a laptop as part of their workflow in addition to a desktop computer; with the Huanuo Laptop Monitor Mount Stand with Keyboard Tray, you can free up desk space from both your monitor and your laptop.

Increasing your productivity is a breeze with having two screens available, and for anyone who uses both a laptop and a desktop monitor at once, you’ll love this little set up — this is a good idea especially for students, because you could keep your books open on your laptop and write you’re A+ essays on the desktop.

There are many adjustable options with the monitor mount too, like tilting and swivelling, and you can use either a C-clamp or grommet to mount it on your desk.

When to Use a Monitor Arm

The stands that a monitor would come with generally aren’t very helpful for you; they often aren’t adjustable except for some minor height adjustments or tilt, and almost always take up space on your desk that could be used for office supplies or other gadgets. Monitor arms can help fix those problems by lifting your monitor off the desk, and generally they clamp onto the back of your table so that there’s minimal desk space being used. They’re especially useful for anyone who uses more than one computer monitor in their workflow, since they’ll save you so much desk space.

Is Your Workspace Compatible with an Arm?

You’ll first need to make sure that your computer monitor is compatible with an arm, and you’ll know this by checking if it’s VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) compliant. If it is, you’ll see that there will be four holes on the back of your computer monitor, which you’ll use to screw in whatever arm your purchase. If you don’t see four holes where you could screw something in, you’re probably out of luck! On top of this, there are different distances between the holes in the VESA pattern, which usually correspond with the size of your monitor. For example, larger monitors generally have hole patterns in variations of 200mm apart, while small computer monitors usually have holes that are 100mm or 75mm apart from each other. Make sure you know which sizing your monitor can support, and then purchase an arm accordingly.

Your desk can also play a factor on whether or not you’ll be able to install an arm; they’ll usually either be attached with a clamp or with a grommet; if it attaches with a clamp your desk will need to be the right thickness to support it, and if it’s with a grommet it’ll need to have a hole through which the arm will attach to (you could also make this hole yourself if it doesn’t have one, but it would permanently change your desk).

Keep in Mind While You Shop

Weight Capacity: Not all arms are built equal, and some will be able to support more weight than others. Make sure that you know the weight of your computer monitor and purchase an arm that will be able to carry that weight. If you have multiple monitors (more on this below!), you’ll especially need to pay attention to the weight capacity that your new arm can handle.

Number of Monitors: Before purchasing your monitor arm, you’ll need to consider how many monitors you have so that you can get the right one for your set up. Most of the models we’ve chosen here come with a single arm, but there are some double options as well. While we didn’t specifically link any monitor arms that support three monitors, some of the options we’ve listed do come in that variation, like our top pick — be sure you read the product descriptions and select a model that’s able to mount three monitors if you have three monitors that you’re looking to set up with an arm.

Mount Motion: One of the main perks with purchasing a monitor arm is that they’re often more adjustable than a standard computer monitor stand would be, but they’re not all built equal; some can tilt and turn much more than others, so if you’re looking for the most ways to move around your workspace, select a model that has 360 degree swivels in the arms, a 180 degree swivel where the monitor is to change it from landscape to portrait, and ideally some tilt so that you can move your screen upwards and downwards.

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