The Best Red-Light Therapy Devices for Your Skin

The Best Red-Light Therapy Devices for Your Skin

By Jordan Maxwell

January 25, 2021

Body care can take place in many forms. Whether it’s skin care products, moisturizers, creams, ointments or concealers, there are many products and services on the market that are designed to get you the best results. Over the last few years, technology has made an impact as a viable alternative. Companies are developing inventive products to provide efficiency and consistency that you can’t always find from creams and skin care products. One of them is red-light therapy.

Red-Light Therapy Devices

Red-light therapy can heal your body inside and out. It allows your body to take in low level wavelengths of red light, which is used to treat skin related issues such as acne, wrinkles, scars and other ailments. It can also help with minimize the effects of cancer, cellulite, depression and migraines. This guide will walk you through the many devices and lamps that are on the market so you can make the right decision this holiday season.

1. Editor's Pick: LED Light Facial Skin Care Machine

  • Four different care modes
  • Heals wrinkles and acne
  • Hair growth recovery

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The red-light therapy machine uses LED light to solve the skin problems by emitting 420nm-640nm specific wavelengths to deal with regeneration. This device can help you deal with aging, loosening skin, big pore and slender wrinkles. It can also help you deal with freckles, sunburn and senile plaques as well as dark complexion spots caused by bad metabolism or poor circulation. If you’re looking to improve your facial tones, this product is something to look at. It’s also great for pregnant women and children who can’t necessarily take the drugs or apply the skin creams effectively.

2. DGYAO 660nm LED Red Light and 880nm Near Infrared Light Therapy Device

  • Dimensions: 10.6 inches x 7.4 inches x 2.3 inches
  • 3-7 days delivery and 1-Year full warranty
  • Auto shut-off timer

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For healing deep wounds or relieving deep muscle and joint pain, the DGYAO infrared light therapy device is good for people with carpal-tunnel and other ailments. Its red-light wavelength reaches deep layers of the skin, where it stimulates cellular repair and increases blood flow and circulation. It can also accelerate the healing of scars, wounds, cuts and nerve damage.

3. 300W LED Red-Light Therapy Lamp Red 660nm and Near Infrared 850nm Full Body Light Therapy

  • 300W LED lamp
  • 24 months warranty
  • Dimensions: 40cm x 17cm x 6cm

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This handheld device emits two specific wavelengths, 660nm (Red) and 850nm (NIR) in equal proportions therapy. It is recommended that you apply the light from 0 cm to 30 cm away from the body for 10 to 25 minutes. It can help you improve your skin tone, enhance muscle recovery, expedite circulation and reduce pain and inflammation.

4. 2 Pad Red Light Near Infrared Therapy Led Benefits Back Pain Reliever

  • Treats back pain arthritis
  • Takes care of inflammation
  • Heals nerve damage

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Do you have a bad back? This device has two pads to reach both sides of your back and will help you heal with an alternating array of 52 red light (660 nm) and 65 invisible infrared lights (880 nm). It can help you increase tissue temperature, promote blood circulation, enhance your metabolism, improve cell viability and so much more. It can be used anywhere on the body: the long pad for your back, hip and chest; and, the short one for your neck, arms, shoulder, knee, feet and elbows.

5. Pulsaderm Red LED (FDA Cleared)

  • Uses a NASA developed light therapy technology
  • FDA-cleared
  • 650+ wavelength

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Erasing fine lines and wrinkles, this device allows you to treat yourself for three minutes at a time, three times a week. According to product details, the Pulsaderm Red LED light therapy device can improve your skin’s texture in 3 to 7 weeks. Like most low-level light therapy devices, you’ll want to use the Pulsaderm on your bare skin once you’ve washed it and before you’ve applied moisturizer or makeup. The device is FDA-cleared and it emits light at a wavelength of 650nm.

6. iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

  • FDA-cleared
  • Treats hair loss, alopecia and more
  • Developed in a GMP-certified facility

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Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can grow thicker and healthier hair with help from the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System. This device can help you if you suffer from hair loss; if you have alopecia, a receding hair line or if you’re balding. What’s great about this product is that you can use it on its own or with another hair loss treatment. Many medical professionals believe laser therapy can be used to enhance the results of other hair growth treatments (such as biotin supplements, hair loss shampoo, foam, Rogaine and other hair-growth products).

7. LightStim for Wrinkles

  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Decreases puffiness
  • Tightens saggy cheeks

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The device is good if you’re looking for something to get rid of wrinkles on the top layer of your skin. Not only can it help you minimize pore size, increases skin’s moisture retention and improves sun-damaged skin. There’s a chance that you can see an improve to your condition just eight weeks after use. It simultaneously emits multiple wavelengths of red light to give your skin the required nourishment it needs.

8. Project E Beauty RED LED Light Therapy Machine

  • Continuous and pulse modes
  • 630 nm wavelength for most effective photo rejuvenation
  • Rechargeable cordless operation

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With the ability to enhance blood circulation, remove wrinkles and improve elasticity, it can also tighten your skin and boost collagen. It uses a 660nm red light wavelength to stimulate the fiber cells and what’s great about this model as well is that it’s cordless. You can charge it from your computer’s USB port or you can use a charger. It also has a light emission control sensor to protect your eyes without the use of goggles.

9. Trophy Skin RejuvaliteMD Red-Light Therapy Device

  • FDA-cleared
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • 1-year warranty on the RejuvaliteMD

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This device is another beneficial product for facial regeneration but it emits three different infrared lights — red, yellow and amber. It stimulates the skin on different levels. The red light helps the skin produce collagen and elastin for stronger skin. The yellow light helps even out the circulation of blood in the cells reducing the skin redness. The amber light, on the other hand, helps to soothe sensitive skin and can reduce the emergence of spider veins. It’s important to remember to make sure your face to clean before using this device. You should treat each area for 5 minutes, 5 times a week. After 60 days, reduce the time to 2 or 3 session in a week.

What is Red-Light Therapy?

Red-light therapy has been around since the 1960s. During an experiment involving rats, a Hungarian researcher, Endre Mester, discovered that a lower-powered laser could promote faster hair growth and healing. Since then, the treatment has transformed for different uses over the years and has many different names including cold laser therapy and monochromatic infrared light energy therapy and photo-stimulation. These days, it’s simply called photo biomodulation (PBM) therapy or red-light therapy.

How Does Red-Light Therapy Work?

Red-light therapy exposes parts of your body to infrared light, which penetrates the skin and is absorbed in your cells to give the mitochrondria (the power generators of the cell) a boost. The mitochondrias convert oxygen and nutrients into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which helps to power your cell’s metabolic activities to allow your body to heal and grow.

When starting the process with any device, you want to make sure that the surface of your skin is clean. You should always sit or stand near the device emitting the red light for a few minutes each day. The bigger the surface area the red light covers, the more it can get absorbed into your body cells. The red-light therapy incorporates the wavelengths in the mid-600 nanometer range and the mid-800 and depends largely on the area that you’re treating. What’s important to remember with this method is that it doesn’t cause any damage to the surface of your skin as it only gets into the skin only 5mm deep.

Red-Light Therapy FAQs

Researchers have tried to use red-light therapy to take care of several skin conditions. Whether you’re treating conditions such as anti-aging, acne, wrinkle prevention, rosacea or sunburns, there’s a lot of information that you should take with you before you buy.

Does Red-Light Therapy Help with Hyper-Pigmentation

Yes. Your skin can become hyper-pigmented when it’s exposed to the sun however when you expose it to red light, the effects can be reversed. If you have albinoism or vitiligo, red-light therapy can help you increase the body’s production of melanocyte cells, which are responsible for producing melanin.

Does Red-Light Therapy Help with Weight Loss?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions and the real answer is that it can. Many people experiencing weight loss issues will try anything including diets, exercise, supplements and other weight loss methods. The results can vary through those traditional methods but with red-light therapy, it can: help with reducing your appetite gradually; improve your body energy levels; and, maintain lean tissue muscles. By stimulating your cells, encouraging faster metabolism and increasing blood flow, you could see some weight loss results over time. It’s important to note that red-light therapy is an additional means to your current weight loss program. It’s not likely that you’ll lose a ton of weight with red-light therapy alone.

Does Red-Light Therapy Help with Psoriasis?

Yes. In addition to the prescribed creams you use — much like acne and eczema — red-light therapy can help to reduce skin inflammation and itchiness. It can also speed up the healing process by using wavelengths of light to penetrate deep into the issue to kill the cells that cause the condition in the first place.

Does Red-Light Therapy Help with Hair Growth?

It can but it all depends on when you start the process. It’s important that you catch it early and use red-light therapy as a way to bolster potential hair growth. If the hair follicles are dead by the time you are beginning the red-light therapy, hair will not grow. It cannot regenerate hair follicles that are already dead. It’s important to speak with a professional and start red-light therapy when you’re experiencing temporary hair loss.

Start Shopping for Red-Light Devices Today!

Getting a red-light device can be a good investment. It can give you a boost, especially with other products and treatments you’re already using to tackle your body-care issues. Not only will it help you deal with aesthetic matters but it can also aid you in dealing with the root causes of your health and beauty related issues. It’s very important to be patient; results are not guaranteed nor are they instant. Red-light therapy demands patience and consistency. Consult with your medical professionals and use this guide to find the right device for your issues. You can also check out our forums on is reader-supported. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other similar affiliate advertising programs. These programs are designed to provide a way for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to them. This means that will sometimes get a small commission if you make a purchase through our links.


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