The Best Rain Boots for Kids

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When kids see a puddle, they think it’s an invitation for them to jump in. Maybe it’s the smooth, reflective surface of the water or mere curiosity; whatever it is that is so intriguing, most kids cannot stop themselves on a rainy day. With the right rain boots, your kids can jump and splash in puddles without getting soggy socks.

The most obvious element of a rain boot is its capacity to repel water, but thin rubber and synthetic materials can crack when bent and create an opening for water to enter. The height of the rain boots is also important because the taller the boots, the more protection they offer. Mid-calf to knee high boots provide ample protection for pants and prevent water infiltration.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the best rain boots you can buy for kids. You can also scroll down to the bottom of the article to learn more about the materials from which rain boots are made.

1. Editor's Pick: Dunlop Children's/Kids' Rain Boots/Wellington Boots

Check out these Dunlop rain boots: they are rugged, durable and provide superb protection from the rain. The knee-length cut prevents water from seeping in, so splashing through puddles is no problem.

A trusted name for protective footwear, Dunlop rain boots offer the ultimate protection from the elements. They’re great for wading through puddles and the knee-high cut provides adequate calf protection to keep pants dry and prevent soaked insoles. Made with 100 percent fully waterproof PVC material, these heavy-duty rain boots can stand up to puddle play and its deeply tread soles provide a secure grip on wet or slick pavement.

2. Runner Up: Stonz Rain Boots 100% Natural Rubber

These are a great non-toxic, vegan-friendly boots made with 100 percent natural rubber. The extra-wide opening makes getting boots on and off effortless.

Stonz Natural Rubber Rain Boots are a great eco-friendly kids’ rain boot option. They’re crafted with 100 percent natural rubber and they’re free of PVC, phthalates, lead, flame retardants and formaldehyde. These rain boots are supremely flexible so kids can run and bend with comfort. If water gets inside the boots, the quick-dry cotton liner wicks away moisture to keep feet warm. And the extra-wide opening makes it easy for small children to get their boots on and off.

3. Best Budget Pick: Amoji Kids Rain Shoes Easy on Rubber Rain Boots

These lightweight calf-length rain boots have ventilation ports for water drainage and breathability. It's also ergonomically designed to conform to your child’s foot for a better fit and features non-slip, non-marking rubber soles.

These Amoji rain boots provide a spacious fit and have sturdy non-slip, non-marking soles to confidently navigate all terrain. It also features ventilation ports for better airflow and water drainage. And, they are available in an array of colours.

4. Best High End: Hunter Original Kids Rain Boot

From the popular luxury rain boot brand, Hunter kids’ rain boots are constructed with natural rubber and features a below-the-knee profile. They also have reflective patches for nighttime visibility.

These stylish kids’ rain boots pull-on easily and reach just below the knee. They feature a decorative buckle accent on the side, the Hunter-brand label on the front and reflective patches on the back. The natural rubber sole offers superior grip on slippery surfaces so your child can play safely on pavement, grass or concrete.

5. Also Consider: Kamik Kids' Riptide Rain

This is a great kids' rain boot that is perfect for small children. They have easy-on handles, a molded odour control footbed and NiteRays reflective patches for night visibility.

Your child will appreciate the comfortable fit of these calf-length rain boots. They have easy-to-pull-on side grips and a wide 14-inch opening. The Eva footbed is cushioned and moulds to the shape of their little feet. What’s more, the insole inhibits odour to maintain fresh feet, even after water has made its way inside. Go for a nighttime walk or adventure with peace of mind knowing your child can be seen thanks to the NiteRays reflective patches.

6. Best Lightweight: Crocs Kids Handle It Rain Boot

Bright colours, large handles and a waterproof design combine to make these lightweight, waterproof rain boots perfect for kids — aged one to eight.

These pairs of Croc rain boots will let your kids splash in all the puddles they can find without having to worry about getting wet. They come in five different colours for boys and girls, so you can pick their favourite colour or coordinate the boots with different outfits. With large handles to help kids slide their shoes on and off and a 10” boot opening, these waterproof rain boots are easy enough for your kids to put on themselves without too much of a hassle.

7. Best For Toddlers: Outee Toddler Kids Rubber Rain Boots

Covered with your choice of unicorns, dinosaurs, bunnies, butterflies or stars, these beautiful rain boots come in a wide range of sizes and designs perfect for toddlers ready to explore the outdoors.

Made from eco-friendly natural rubber materials, these 100 percent waterproof rain boots from Outee feature easy on and off handles to help your little ones slide on their boots with ease. A cotton liner and removable insole can be found on the inside to add a layer of comfort to your toddlers feet, while the soles of the boots themselves incorporate a non-slip tread to help keep them steady while they play.

8. Best Light Up Boots: Hugrain Light Up Rain Boots

Who doesn’t love a good pair of light up shoes? If your kids get a kick out of all things techy, they’ll love sliding on these durable and waterproof light up shoes.

With 20 different colours and designs to choose from, these Hugrain Light Up Rain Boots are made from soft, flexible PVC materials to allow kids to run around without any pain or discomfort. Each boot features large, reinforced handles for easy on and off applications as well as a non-slip tread and an arch support memory foam insole.

Must-Have Features When Choosing Rain Boots for Kids

Waterproof: Your main priority when buying rain boots is its ability to keep feet dry during heavy rainfall and while playing in puddles. To achieve a completely waterproof boot, rain boots are constructed with rubber or synthetic plastics like polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Both materials work well for creating a waterproof barrier but if you’re looking for a non-toxic option, seek out 100 per cent rubber boots instead of PVC. These materials are also surprisingly flexible and won’t crack from bending.

Non-slip Soles: When it rains, the pavement can get slick and slippery and having non-slip soles with a bit of texture on the treads will prevent falls. Rubber soles offer great grip on wet surfaces and soles with deep treads can create traction to help your kids navigate the wet ground without injury.

Easy-dry Insole: If your little one enjoys splashing, jumping or wading through puddles, water can seep into their boots and cause discomfort, not to mention odour over time. Rain boots with a fast-drying insole can prevent bacteria from growing inside your child’s boots and keep them smelling fresh. Boots that extend farther up the calf can help to minimize the amount of water that gets inside.

Easy to Put on and Take Off: Because rain boots are not usually adjustable, there aren’t any zips or laces to loosen when putting them on. A common feature of kids’ rain boots are straps on the sides or a textured grip for kids to hang onto when pulling on their boots. If the inside of the boots gets wet, taking them off can become more difficult with rubber boots, but a wide opening will make things easier.

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