5 Cooling Fans for Your Home

5 Cooling Fans for Your Home

By Jordan Maxwell

January 22, 2021

The summer time brings summer heat and if you’re lucky enough to have air conditioning, then you’re already ahead of the curve. If you don’t, there’s the incessant showers, cold towels and ice packs to cool you down but otherwise, you don’t really have much choice but to roast like a pig. I know it feels like you can't escape it but that's not always the case. When all else fails, a good fan will help you cool down after too much activity. Whether inexpensive or high-end, you can find a good one for under $300 and keep your home cool.

A good fan can also be useful when: you’re working from home at your desk; when you’re sleeping at night; when you’re ventilating your apartment; and, a multitude of other uses we’ll detail below as this guide continues. We’ve highlighted five different models that could potentially change your life. If not, they’ll at least cool you down.

5 Fans for Your Household

Finding the right fan comes down to your needs. If you don’t have a lot of space, a tower fan or a ceiling fan might be your best bet. If you have a little bit of room to you with a good pedestal fan or a wall-mount fan could be a good option too. As listed above, there are a number of different options to choose from. We’re going to highlight some of the top 5 fans for your home.

Honeywell TurboForce® 7" Power Fan

Pros: Three-speed option

Cons: Small, doesn't oscillate

Price range: $25

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Built as a desk and side table fan, this three-speed motor has low, medium and high-speed options. It’s great for year-round use and it’s especially good on a side table in your bedroom. For those who sweat in their sleep, sometimes it’s good to have a steady stream of cool air that you can’t always get from a window.

Honeywell 16” Comfort Control Pedestal Fan

Pros: Great for white noise, circulates AC air

Cons: Takes up space, picks up dust quickly

Price range: $25

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With enough power to cool a medium to large-sized room, this Honeywell oscillates 3 different speeds to choose from. You can adjust the head tilt and provide focus cooling in any area of your choice. It’s not small enough to fit in the kitchen or your bathroom but for the living room and/or your bedroom, it’s an ideal choice. There’s no major assembly required.

Pelonis 40” 3-Speed Oscillating Pedestal Tower Fan

Pros: Saves space in small places, remote controlled

Cons: Needs to oscillate to be effective, limited range

Price range: $105

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This is a fan that allows you to customize your breeze needs. There are 3-speed settings and an 8-hour timer to adequately cover any room that you’re in. Operating on low noise level (as low as 45 db.), it’s a good option when you’re sleeping or looking for quiet while reading. An added bonus with this fan is that it comes with a remote control so you can control it from the couch or your bed; it also covers a 60-degree area while oscillating.

Stile Anderson 22-inch LED Indoor/Outdoor Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Pros: Remote controlled, comes with LED light

Cons: Challenging to install for purpose

Price range: $250

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If you’re looking for a good ceiling fan to save floor space, this combo fan from Stile is a convenient fan to add to your home. This trendy, space saving fan is damp rated so not only can it be used indoor, but in a covered outdoor space as well. Due to no exposed blades, it's the perfect addition to a kid's room, a small kitchen, a dining room, or a home office. It has variable speeds that makes it easy to maintain the perfect amount of airflow with remote control operation. There’s also a lifetime warranty on the motor, and includes a remote control and an operator's manual.

SPT Wall Mount 16” Fan with Remote Control

Pros: Good for bedrooms, outdoor patios

Cons: Needs regular adjustment

Price range: $250

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This wall-mount fan can be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on the layout of your home. They are fairly easy to install with a light drill and some screws. What’s great about this model is that you can make it oscillate up and down, and in a figure-8 motion as well. Many people use it indoors but you can also use this fan outdoors as well. If you have a patio or a balcony, it’s a great assist for those late summer evenings. Another way you can use it is in the garage to keep your cars cool if you have the space.

Types of Fans for Home Use

Whether you install it with a light fixture in the ceiling or buy a standalone fan for the ground to keep you cool, the choice is up to you. The one you end up purchasing will not only be about air power but it will also be about size. If you don’t have a lot of space in your home, it may make sense to consider a ceiling fan over a floor model. Likewise, if you have a designated spot for it then you can choose one that works best for the room and your budget. Here's a list of some of the fans you can buy for your home.

  • Ceiling fan (standard): Standard fans are what you’d normally see on most ceilings — nothing major. They are intended for a room with a ceiling height of 8 feet or more.
  • Ceiling fans with lights: This is a great plus to have because you can have your ceiling fan and your overhead light fixture in one. You can get LED lights and unique lamp shades to add to the overall style of the apartment.
  • Desk fans: These fans are a great portable cooling unit for small spaces. They can cover approximately 120 sq. ft. area so they are best in places of close proximity. A rotary switch adjusts the airflow while a toggle switch allows the fan head to oscillate. Some fans allow you to adjust the angle as well.
  • Wall-mounted fans: These are similar to desk fans but they mount directly to your wall. They’re less popular but they could be used as a ventilation and cooling system.
  • Towers fans: They’re lightweight. They’re sleek and they’re among the most popular models to buy today. The tower fan has a cylindrical casing that holds the fans motor and blades. So, the blades and motor of the fan are secretly and safely kept inside the casing so that no one can touch them. This is a great one for the kids who are often tempted to put their fingers in pedestal fans.
  • Pedestal fans: It functions much like a tower fan but its blades are visible. We’ve all seen this one. While visible and bulky, they are more power than traditional tower fans. You do have to clean the blades more often than not but if you have the space for its circular-bladed frame and small children, go for it.
  • Window fan: Window fans are great for every room in the house — bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. They have two individual fans: one to pull cool air from the outside of the house and distribute the cool air into the room; the other fan pushes the hot air of the room outside and keeps the room cool.
  • Bladeless fan: Introduced into the market by Toshiba and then perfect by Dyson, bladeless fans are a true luxury. They are expensive but it amplifies the air 15 to 18 times before it blows out. It’s also noiseless and perfect if you have pets and small children.

Cooling Fan FAQ

Whether you choose a tower fan or a wall-mount fan, there are different things you'll have to do to make sure you're getting the best air possible. Some cooling fans require more upkeep than others so be sure to consider that when you're purchasing one for your home. Here are some frequently asked questions on some of our forums to get a better sense of issues you may encounter.

How Often Should I Clean My Fan?

You should aim to clean your fan every one to two months. To be thorough, take an all-purpose cleaner to the blades and body of your fan. By wiping it down with a damp cloth, you can help keep you and your family safe from allergy attacks.

Is There a Fan that Blows Cold Air?

Regular fans don't blow cold air. It basically just blows air that's already in the room but the movement of air makes you feel colder. You can try to get a bladeless fan which blows out more power.

Is Tower Fan Better Than Normal Fan?

In general, pedestal fans are more powerful than tower fan. Pedestal fans have much bigger blades than tower fans, which give you more airflow. It's mostly better larger in rooms and you can easily control the direction of the air without having to physically move the unit.

Start Shopping for a Fan Today!

Even if you don't have an air conditioning unit, you can get a fan to take care of all your cooling needs. Whether you're using it to cool your place down or get some ventilation, it's a handy tool to have in the summer months. Check out some of the best fans above and on the sidebar to the right. You can also check out our forums to learn more about different cool fans available at other retailers. is reader-supported. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other similar affiliate advertising programs. These programs are designed to provide a way for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to them. This means that will sometimes get a small commission if you make a purchase through our links.


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