The Best Hair Trimmers

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Nowadays, when barbers and hair salons are not readily available, the only way to tame our mane is to take things into our own hands. So when it comes to grooming that scraggly beard or trimming long overgrown tresses, having a reliable hair trimmer on hand is the best way to take charge of how you want to look.

A hair trimmer is also useful for eliminating or controlling other facial and body hair as well, so finding one that works for you will depend upon how you will use it. The different models of hair trimmers available on the market offer options and attachments to handle pretty much any hair removal or trimming need.

Below, you’ll find a list of our recommendations for the best hair trimmers. We examine how they work and the different functions they perform. Which one you choose will depend on your personal grooming habits, the type of hair you and your family members have and of course, your budget.

1. Editor's Pick: WONER Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers, Hair Trimmers for Men (16-Piece Kit)

Key Specs

Charging Time: 3 Hours
Runtime: 240 minutes on a full charge
Power Source: 2000mAh Lithium-ion

This Woner hair trimmer set features a sharp professional blade ideal for all cuts and hair types. If you have a household filled with people with short and long hair, you’re going to need a versatile, all-round hair trimmer to handle everyone’s hair and beard trimming needs.

This 16-piece cordless hair trimmer set will turn your home into a mini-hair salon. It comes with everything you will need to cut and trim long, short, thick and thin hair. There are nine guards, a pair of scissors, a comb, oil, a cleaning brush, and a convenient hard storage case to keep everything in one spot. The sharp titanium ceramic blade stays sharp and will cut all hair types, offering up 35 cutting lengths using one of the nine attachment combs that range from 1/8-inch to ¾-inch, right ear, left ear and thinning guard, which can help you cut corner hair. The speed and trim lengths are adjustable and can be adjusted in five levels ranging from 1/32 of an inch to 1/12 inch.

Powered by a 2000mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery, you can get up to 240 minutes of continuous run time after a three-hour charge and the ultra-quiet motor provides extreme power for smooth, no-snag cutting.

2. Runner Up: Remington HC5855 Virtually Indestructible Haircut & Beard Trimmer

Key Specs

Power Source: Electric, 2.4 meter-long chord

A barbershop-level hair trimmer with a powerful motor for faster cutting performance, this updated 15-piece hair trimming and grooming kit from Remington very well may be the last hair trimmer you’ll need to buy. It has a powerful and virtually indestructible high-impact polycarbonate casing that protects the super magnet motor that drives maximum power to the precision ground blades for twice the speed and cutting performance than Remington’s previous models.

The model’s exclusive Powercut blade system keeps the blades properly aligned for a smooth, even cut plus you have everything you need to add the finishing touches to your haircut with nine length-adjusting combs; a beard brush and styling comb; blade oil and guards; and a storage pouch to keep it all together. This hair trimmer also has a non-slip, rubberized grip, and when you’re finished with your grooming it is easy to clean with the convenient removable blade system.

3. Best for Long Beards: Panasonic Men's Barber-Style Long Beard Trimmer

Key Specs

Charging Time: 1-hour Quick Charge
Runtime: 50m Cordless
Power Source: AC Charger

This hair trimmer is ideal to shape or cut a heavy beard or a thick head of hair. If you are a hipster or music lover chanelling the ZZ Top look, the longer the beard, the better. It’s a lifestyle choice and look that is taken seriously. But that doesn’t mean some trimming, shaping, and overall grooming isn’t happening on a regular basis to keep it looking good. For coarse, long beards it makes sense to use a hair trimmer designed to handle all styles and lengths of hair.

This barber-style hair trimmer from Panasonic is perfect for medium to long beards, as well as any length of hair, with 58 cutting length settings to handle almost any thickness. The powerful high-torque motor and wider tip blades deliver a smooth cutting performance.

The three comb attachments (10mm, 20mm, 30mm) neatly align to the beard hair for an even trim. The compact 5mm attachment makes creating detailed designs simple, perfect for moustaches, soul patches, goatees, the back of the neck, the side of your head, and for trimming the finer areas around your mouth.

Each blade on the trimmer is constructed from traditional Japanese Yasuki Hagane steel, sharpened to a 45-degree angle and hand-inspected to provide an incredibly clean and precise trimming experience. The slim, ergonomic design fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and when you’re done just rinse the blade and comb under the tap, dry and store in the convenient travel pouch. This also features an AC charger with an indicator light that glows red while charging and offers a corded or cordless operation and a one-hour quick charge.

4. Best for Kids: Baby Hair Clippers, Ceramic Blade Kids Hair Trimmer

Key Specs

Charging Time: 2 hours
Runtime: 60m
Power Source: USB charger, plus can be plugged in

This hair trimmer is an excellent choice for cutting the hair of babies and toddlers. If you’ve been wanting to live the life of a hair stylist, and be the driving force behind your children’s haircuts, then you may want to start the home hair-trimming game early with this hair trimmer made especially for babies, toddlers, and children.

What sets this hair trimmer apart from adult models is the special 28-tooth clipper head patent technology that is different from the common 20-tooth comb. This clipper head is finer and more suitable for a baby's soft hair. It won’t pull your little one’s hair or scratching his or her delicate skin. The design of the hair trimmer head is also better for baby with its special widened R-shaped round corner with Cullinan ceramic blade. This renders the outside of the clipper head rounder, sharper inside, and more comfortable and safe to operate. It is also suitable for different hair types, including straight, curly, coarse or thin.

The last thing you want is to startle your little one before getting into the hair trimming process, so knowing this model has significantly lower noise than other brands means a more enjoyable experience for you and your child. The low noise technology also helps the trimmer to vibrate less so your baby will not be so scared to have his or her hair cut.

The whole body of this hair trimmer is waterproof at an IPX-7 level, so you can dip it into water for a short time to clean. Powered by a second generation Ni-MH battery, the charging time is two hours and it has a continuous operating time of 60 minutes. There is also an option to plug the device in if the battery runs low or stops.

The kit comes with one baby hair clipper, an ear contouring comb, different size guide combs, lubricating oil, a cleaning brush, a charging cable, eight hairstyling models, and a haircutting cape to keep bits off hair off your child’s neck and clothing.

5. Also Consider: TEUMI Beard Trimmer

Key Specs

Charging Time: 2 hours
Runtime: 55m
Power Source: USB Charger

This all-in-one hair trimmer is designed to remove, trim and cut hair from the body and face, for use by men and women.Versatile, it is the ideal choice for couples who prefer to share one product to trim and remove hair.

Equipped with a stainless steel, dual-sided blade and a glide coating with rounded tips, the blade follows the contours of the face with ease for a smooth and comfortable experience. The trimmer has four guide combs (1, 2, 4, 6mm) to trim any length of hair easily on the face or beard. When removing facial or body hair, you can choose a dry or wet shave, and even use the hair trimmer in the shower. And when you are done, the whole device is washable under water. On top of that, two hours of charging time offers up to 55 minutes of precision shaving with no performance loss.

What to Look for in a Hair Trimmer

Quality: If you’re going to be cutting and trimming your hair and your family's hair then it’s important to choose a model that will last as long as you need it. A key element for longevity is the quality of the blade, which should be made from premium stainless steel so it won’t dull or rust.

Use: The hair trimmer you choose should have a variety of accessories to accommodate how you intend to use it. If you are shopping for a household filled with people with different hair lengths and thicknesses, you’ll want a larger kit that includes combs, trimmers, and cutters to address all of those needs, including beards, shaping moustaches and trimming around the ears.

Before choosing a hair trimmer, consider if you will also want it for trimming beards and shaving heads. You may want one that is also good for precision cutting or getting rid of stubble, or to detail a goatee or soul patch. And once we’re talking about hair and grooming, there are also models that have separate combs and attachments to trim nose and ear hair as well as remove hair from other areas of the body. In a case like this, if you have sensitive skin on your face or other parts of your body, look for a model that comes with a skin guard attachment for extra protection.

The handle: Try and find a hair trimmer with a handle that has a good secure grip to make sure you are comfortable throughout the duration of the cut. This is especially important for men who shave their head regularly since it takes a certain amount of flexibility to get to all spots and areas of your scalp without suffering from hand fatigue.

Cordless versus corded: Decide if you prefer a trimmer with a cord or one that is cordless and if it needs to be plugged into a wall socket or charged with a USB port. This not only comes down to personal preference but also to whether you have a power outlet in the bathroom or a conveniently located USB port. If choosing a cordless model, it’s important to note how long it takes to fully charge the hair trimmer and, once charged, how long it can be used before it needs to be recharged. You don’t really want to wait eight hours for it to charge to only have under an hour of continuous use - especially if you are cutting long hair or a few people at a time. is reader-supported. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other similar affiliate advertising programs. These programs are designed to provide a way for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to them. This means that will sometimes get a small commission if you make a purchase through our links.