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With winter pretty much behind us, thoughts naturally turn to warmer temperatures, the grass turning lush and green and trees sprouting young buds and leaves. If you’re a homeowner, landscaper or gardener, you know that spring also means it’s time to take out the tools you’ll need to get — and keep — your lawn and garden in shape. One of the first items on the list to check is the garden hose.

Although this indispensable tool is vital to keeping your garden lush and blooming, that’s not the only function of a garden hose. When it’s not attached to a sprinkler, it is also handy for washing the car, hosing down Fido's paws, or pouring water to freeze into a backyard skating rink.

Perhaps the most annoying reality of purchasing a garden hose is that all too often, the bargains you find at the store leak, kink up, twist into knots, or degrade over time. However, with so many options out there, it is possible to find a sturdy, well-made garden hose with solid connectors and a lifespan that is longer than a few seasons.

Below, you will find our recommendations for the best garden hoses, along with information on what they are made of, their length and durability.

1. Editor's Pick: Flexi Hose Extra-Strong Expandable Garden Hose

1. Editor's Pick: Flexi Hose Extra-Strong Expandable Garden Hose
  • Lightweight
  • Has solid brass connectors
  • Comes with an adjustable nozzle
  • Should be stored out of the sun

Key Specs

Size: 3/4" (inch) x 17’ expands to 50' (feet)
Material: Two-layers of 2mm latex, solid brass fittings

There’s something really cool about an expandable garden hose. When not in use, it’s lightweight and remains one size, but once you turn the water on, it expands to twice and as the case with this one from Flexi Hose, three times the original size.

This ¾-inch garden hose can expand 50 ft. and it's made from the highest quality materials. Not only does it have solid brass connectors, but it also has double latex pipes to protect it from rips, tears and getting tangled. This strong hose can withstand up to 12 bars of water pressure — up to temperatures of 113 F — and is equipped with a sturdy on/off valve.

Once you’re done using it and turn off the water, the hose will quickly revert to its original length for easy storage. As well, the hose comes with an eight-pattern rotating nozzle that has flat, stream, cone, mist, full, shower and vertical settings for a wide range of uses. It will be so easy to water plants, wash the car or spray away cobwebs from porch railings. The nozzle is made of a durable zinc alloy and has an ergonomic rubberized handle that is slip-resistant and comfortable to use.

2. Runner Up: Gpeng 25 ft. Expandable Garden Hose

2. Runner Up: Gpeng 25 ft. Expandable Garden Hose
  • Solid brass connectors
  • Includes a nine-pattern nozzle
  • Good for smaller-sized lawns and gardens
  • May not be long enough for some needs

Key Specs

Size: 3/4" (inch) x 9’ expands to 25' (feet)
Material: Outer layer 375D polyester fabric, inner hose, double layer latex, solid brass fittings

If you have a small green space that you love to tend to, there’s no use having a huge hose hanging around getting in the way. At nine-feet long, this expandable hose from Gpeng is lightweight and easy to store and carry. However, once you turn on the water and up the pressure, it will expand from nine to 25 ft., allowing you to reach every corner of your property. When you turn the water off, it will shrink back to its original size, so storing it away is easy.

Layers of latex piping and solid ¾-inch connectors means no leaking and the hose won’t angle twist or kink. Plus, the hose is equipped with brass switch valves, so you can turn the water off without trekking to the spout. Durable and strong, the hose can withstand up to 12 bars of water pressure and temperatures up to 113 F.

The garden hose also comes with a nine-pattern water nozzle with a rubberized outer coating that is non-slip and has a comfortable grip. The rotating bezel makes it easy to choose the stream you need and it has a convenient buckle stent for uninterrupted use, whether you are watering the garden, the lawn or washing your boat or car.

And when winter comes and you don’t need the hose, you can pack it away in the included carry bag.

3. Best Budget Pick: Flexzilla Garden Hose

3. Best Budget Pick: Flexzilla Garden Hose
  • Has an integral non-kink bend restrictor
  • Anodized aircraft aluminum ends
  • Extreme flexibility under pressure, from subzero to 140 degree Fahrenheit
  • Cold water only
  • Does not come with a sprayer nozzle

Key Specs

Size: 5/8" (inch) x 50' (feet)
Material: Hybrid polymer, aluminum fittings

Whether you have a large lawn or a small one, the last thing you want is to be lugging around a heavy garden hose. This model from Flexzilla was specifically engineered with a lightweight flexible hybrid polymer, which means it’s easy to maneuver around trees, bushes, garden furniture and even your dog who loves to sit in the shade as you work.

The good thing about this 5/8-inch, 50-foot garden hose is that even if you leave it outside and it gets cold, it will not get stiff and brittle. You can be sure it will stay flexible even in extreme weather conditions. The hose is designed to lay flat to eliminate any kinking under pressure and your sprinkler will stay put without the hose twisting.

Constructed with a top-quality O-ring, you won't get any leaking at its connection points as it comes crush-resistant aluminum fittings.

4. Best Stainless-Steel: TheFitLife Flexible Metal Garden Hose

4. Best Stainless-Steel: TheFitLife Flexible Metal Garden Hose
  • Weatherproof
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to roll up and transport
  • Narrow inner tube produces less water flow

Key Specs

Size: 25 ft.
Material: Outer layer 304 stainless steel, PVC inner hose, seven-series aluminum fittings

If you are looking for a long-lasting, weather-resistant garden hose that will remain a part of your garden tools for many years, you may want to consider this stainless-steel model from TheFitLife.

This 25-foot, ¾-inch garden hose is made from industrial-grade, heavy-duty 304 stainless steel, making it one of the more durable models on this list. The inner tube of this hose is made from strong, thick PVC, which responds well to high water pressure and has been endurance tested to between 1,800 and 2000 uses. The upgraded connectors are made from seven-series aluminum and designed to prevent leaking. They are light, tough and corrosion and crush resistant, and compatible with most standard garden hose connections.

Stainless steel is a tough material, so this hose will not fray, tear or wear out, nor will it burst or crack, since it is heat and cold-resistant. No need to worry about leaving it out in the sun, rain or snow; it will continue to work well watering your lawn and garden. You can connect this metal hose to a sprinkler or nozzle and use it for cleaning and watering plants. Lastly, it also comes with an eight-pattern spray nozzle and is available in a variety of sizes.

5. Also Consider: AG-Lite Rubber Hot & Cold Water Rubber Garden Hose

5. Also Consider: AG-Lite Rubber Hot & Cold Water Rubber Garden Hose
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Can run hot and cold water
  • Made from durable rubber
  • May be too short for some uses

Key Specs

Size: 10 ft.
Material: Rubber, solid brass, chrome-plated fittings

Rubber is a strong and reliable material for a garden hose, and this 5/8-inch, 10-foot one from AG-Lite doesn’t disappoint. It’s perfect for small areas, like the front or back yard of a townhouse or bungalow.

Flexible to be used in all weather conditions, this hose is good in temperatures as low as -50 F. The ozone resistant cover protects the hose from extreme weather and UV rays, making it resistant to cracking, abrasions and kinks.

Not only is this hose good in all-weather conditions, you can also run hot and cold water through it, with water as hot as 200 F. This makes it ideal to use for washing the side of the house, the car or barn. Made with ¾-inch solid brass GHT chrome-plated fittings and a four-finger grip bend restrictor to avoid damage at the ends.

What to Look for in a Garden Hose

Material: Garden hoses are made from various material, from rubber and metal to hybrid polymer and polyester. Each one has its benefits and drawbacks but whichever material you choose, you should make sure the hose does not twist, kink, or get easily tangled. It should be lightweight so it’s not too heavy to bring around to the various areas of your garden, and a hose width of 5/8-inches, ¾-inch or 1.2-inch for good water flow. As well, it should have solid fittings and connecters, preferably made from brass or metal, instead of plastic, since plastic can crack, break, and leak.

Length: Garden hoses come in a variety of lengths, from 10 to 100 ft. Some garden hoses can connect together to make longer hoses when needed, while others expand to larger sizes with water pressure. While you might think it’s better to get a longer hose, that’s not necessarily a good idea. A longer hose will cost more and will be heavier to lug around a small lawn or garden. It will also need more storage space and if not properly rewound, could be a tripping hazard when lying on the ground.

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