The Best Car Seat Covers

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Seat covers are a multi-functional upgrade for your car. They can add style and class to your interior, reflect your personality, or your favourite sports team, and protect your cars from the rigours of daily life.

Some car seat covers are waterproof, which is perfect for winter areas, and some are specifically designed to guard your vehicle’s seats against pet hair — and even their harsh claws. Got kids? Then you’ve either got crushed food product in the crevices of your seats, or a seat cover. Decided to drive for a car share app? Seat covers will protect your seats and are easy to clean so you can keep your ride looking and feeling fresh.

There are cloth, leather, and all manner of synthetic versions. The best car seat covers are tight-fitting and secure, so they don’t peel back or wrinkle. These days, seat covers come with even more functionality, everything from massage to heat to keep your back and backside happy on the highway.

Here are our favourite car seat covers, in no particular order.

1. Editor's Pick: EKR Custom-Fit Covers

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If you’re prepared to pay big dollars to protect your ride’s interior, these faux-leather EKR covers will provide perfect OEM-style fit and years of heavy-duty protection.

These are custom-cut, air-bag compatible covers that are built with four layers including a polyester protective shell and thick foam padding. The exterior layer is a leatherette that offers great water resistance and easy wipe-off cleaning.

Separate headrest covers, cut outs for seatbelt buckles, and concealed buckles and zips ensure a factory look; your passengers won’t even know your seats are covered. EKR notes that it may “take some effort” to achieve the perfect form fit, but we recommend getting a second set of hands to help the installation process.

EKR’s form-fit covers are the closest fitting cover you can get without reskinning your factory seats.

2. Best for Off Roaders: Rough Country Neoprene Custom Fit

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Rough Country’s neoprene seat covers fit snugly to the seats of your 4x4 or truck for a factory look while offering rugged, waterproof protection. Because these are a custom-fit solution, you have to make sure you’re buying the right set for your exact make, model, and trim level.

They come in a four-layer construction that includes foam padding for added support, and a Neoprene outer layer for stain resistance and protection from mud and snow. Neoprene is prone to fading, but the polyester protective shell offers some UV resistance to keep these covers looking fresh.

Downsides to the Rough Country offering include a limited range of colour options. On the plus side, there’s a one-year warranty. These are well priced as well, coming in at the lower end of the custom-fit price range. They’re two-to-three times more expensive than a comparable universal fit product, but you do get a better fit and finish with a tailored product.

We’re impressed by the close-to-factory fit, right down to seat-back pockets on selected models. This is a rugged set of liners that is perfect for those of us who like to get off the beaten track once in a while — even if that results in a mud bath.

3. Best Universal: Car-Grand Universal Luxury Leather Car Seat Covers

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The air-bag compatible seat covers from Car-Grand are easy to install and look great while offering excellent long-term protection.

They’re available in black with piping in blue, red, grey, or beige. These are a well-designed universal-fit cover that score big points for being simple to install. There are three separate zippers in the rear seat cover, which allows you to install it on 40/20/40, 40/60, and 50/50 split folding seats. There’s a zipper for the fold down armrest to sneak through too.

Each package includes two front seats covers, two backrest covers, a bottom bench cover, five separate headrest covers, and one bag of clips. The clips can be used to pull the material taught for a wrinkle-free tight fit.

The polyurethane leather is not a true “leather”. You might hear this material referred to as PU leather, or vegan leather. Apart from the not-killing-animal virtues of this material, it’s UV and water-resistant where leather isn’t. It is washable and breathable, and Car-Grand offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

4. Best for Trucks: Totally Covers Vehicle-Specific Fit Covers

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Totally Covers produces an extensive line-up of vehicle-specific, custom-fit seat covers for a range of trucks including Ford F-150, Ram 1500, and Toyota Tacoma. The range includes covers for split front benches with both solid and opening centre console/arm rests.

We like them because the velour material is soft and luxurious, as well as stylish. These two-tone covers are available in 21 colour offerings that range from garish to unsubtle, vivid citrus to blinding red. There are more subdued greys and whites, but all the colours are presented in a solid wall that dominates your car’s interior. Whether this is a pro or con depends on your individual taste.

The protective qualities of these covers are limited to protecting against dirt and daily-wear-and-tear, they’re not very water resistant. They are however washable, and breathable.

If you do happen to order the wrong set for your exact ride, Totally Covers will replace them within 30 days without issue. These are among the more affordable of the custom fit variants, which makes them ideal for the well-loved work truck to add some flair and protection.

5. Best Comfort Seat: Five Star 10-Motor Vibration Massage Seat Cushion with Heat

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Drivers looking for a mobile spa treatment will love Five Star’s massaging seat warmer cover for car, truck, or office use. It comes with adaptors for use indoors or behind the wheel and offers four massaging zones: shoulder/upper back, lower back, lumbar, and thigh, from 10 separate vibrating motors.

The two-stage heating element can be used with or without the massaging function. In automotive use the difference between high and low isn’t noticeable due to the limitations of a 12v power supply. The pad can be used safely thanks to a built-in thermostat, and a 30-minute automatic shut off.

Five Star only sells these in sets of one, so only the driver benefits (or the passenger if the driver is being nice), and this product doesn’t offer any protection from spills or dirt. It offers limited coverage. This cushion works best in cars with good lateral support — like luxury and sports cars. In vehicles with flatter seats, like trucks, the pad is prone to movement.

Five Star scores points from us for being honest in its product imaging. There are other heating and massaging seat covers that look like full-seat covers in their product material but are merely seat inserts like this one in real life.

6. Best Value: FH Group Universal Fit Cloth Car Seat Cover

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FH Group has a wide range of car seat covers that vary widely in terms of quality, price range, and usage, but we like the company’s cloth set for its value proposition. The close-fitting cloth material fits well in most mainstream vehicles with two front bucket seats and a flat rear bench. It wears well, is machine washable, and is surprisingly robust for a budget cover.

Its fastenings are Velcro, which allows access for the head rests but also helps you secure a tighter fit. These covers are not compatible with seat-mounted airbags, and do not allow the ski passthrough, split fold, or folding arm rest to operate when in place.

FH Group offers this set with colour striping in orange, yellow, burgundy, purple, pink, green, and mint. The stretchy fabric is fade-resistant and backed by 3mm of breathable foam for added support and durability.

If you’re after a minimalist seat cover that will protect your ride and offer a quality look without breaking the bank, FH Group presents a compelling offering.

7. Best for Dogs: OKMEE Convertible Pet Car Seat Cover with Mesh Window

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OkMee offers a high-quality, feature-rich car seat cover perfect for small families with large pets. Zips allow you to move from a dog hammock, to a bench car seat cover protector, to a front pet seat cover, to a cargo liner, quickly and easily. The quilted material looks good too, and features heavy-duty stitching and paw-proof material so it won't rip or tear.

The included storage pockets, as well as the hanging buckles, are connected to the cover with reinforced rubber backing. It is waterproof, machine washable, and easy to install and remove. We love the added dog seat pelts to keep your dog safe, as well as the mesh window that lets your best friend check in on you even when they're safely isolated in the back seat.

The modular design allows your pet to share the back seat with anyone, while still keeping them (the dog) safely contained in their own space.

It’s a great-looking cover that doesn’t make your interior look untidy, and you can even use it as a cargo cover for messy or heavy objects. On the downside, it is a tad bit bulky and it can be difficult to store.

This is a high-rated, pet-proof car seat cover that comes in at a surprisingly low price. For happier road trips with your four-legged companion, look no further than the OkMee convertible pet-proof cover.

What Makes a Good Car Seat Cover?

The best car seat covers are form fitting and don’t move around underneath the driver. There are few things more annoying than a worn-out seat cover that bunches up or wrinkles underneath you. Some car seat covers offer a good fit with vehicle-specific tailoring, while others do it with stretchy material or adjustable fasteners. The type of material will impact fit, as well as durability and protection.

Neoprene vs Leather vs Vinyl vs Cloth

Your lifestyle will determine which car seat cover material will work best for you.

Neoprene is the go-to for water resistance. If you’re a skier, snowshoer, or winter sport enthusiast, neoprene will prevent snow and ice soaking into your seats. Likewise, it offers protection from mud. Neoprene is a great material for the beach goer and lets you go from lake or ocean to highway without worrying about changing out of your bathers.

Leather is an unusual material for aftermarket seat covers. There are high-end products made from suede or leather, but you’ll more commonly find faux leather, also known as leatherette, vegan leather, or PU leather. This is a synthetic leather-like material that is either made from plastic polymers, or rubberised material like vinyl. It offers easy cleaning, as well as a luxurious look. Synthetic leather is superior to real leather when it comes to UV protection and water resistance. It is inferior to real leather when it comes to softness, style, and scent. Vinyl-based faux leather often has a stronger smell than plastic-based variants.

Cloth offers a close fit compared to non-cloth universal car seat covers. That’s because cloth covers are often more elastic (stretchy) than non-cloth counterparts. They’re usually easier to install as a result, but the downside is cloth looks simplistic and thin. Cloth covers degrade faster than others too and are prone to bunching and wrinkling after a short time.

In most cases universal car-seat covers made from cloth are cheap enough that you can replace them regularly without hurting the wallet. The added bonus there is that you can refresh your ride’s interior style every year, or even every season. is reader-supported. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other similar affiliate advertising programs. These programs are designed to provide a way for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to them. This means that will sometimes get a small commission if you make a purchase through our links.