Best Buy Review: Blue Yeticaster USB Mic Broadcast Studio Bundle

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The Blue Microphones Yeticaster USB Mic Broadcast Studio Bundle provides you with everything you need for a professional mic setup at your desk.

The bundle includes: a Yeti Blackout USB microphone (includes USB mini to USB Cable, weighted desk mic stand), a Radius III Shockmount and Compass Premium Broadcast Boom Arm (includes clamping desk mount).

Easy to Use, Quality Brand

Easy to Use, Quality Brand
  • Mic has 4 options for recording pattern
  • High-quality USB mic
  • Boom arm has built-in cord track
  • Gain/Volume/Recording pattern/Mute are physical knobs
  • Included USB cable may be too short for some
  • Mic sits a bit loose in the shock mount

This arm is designed to move! The Compass arm has 3 adjustable tension points so that you can set how mobile you need the arm to be. Utilizing a tension system, you can adjust the arm on the fly by just pulling or pushing the arm around. That way you don’t have to worry about getting the placement just right before you hit the record button.

The Radius III suspension mount will help keep your recording clear of any vibrations from your desk or sudden adjustments to the boom arm. The design of this mount is very sleek, and intended to be quite universal. You can attach any mic that has a standard thread mount and attach it to any arm with standard mounting hardware.

With Blue microphones you can expect a clear, customizable, high-quality recording experience. The included microphone is no exception as it provides clean, crisp recording right out of the box.

It has multiple physical knobs that allow you to control mute, headphone volume, recording pattern and gain. This makes minor adjustments much easier since you don’t have to fiddle with settings buried on your computer.

The full power of this microphone really comes from using Logitech G Hub. With this app you can control everything about how your recording sounds. Though if you aren’t familiar with audio fine tuning it also comes with multiple presets you can play around with!


The Blue Microphones Yeticaster USB Mic Broadcast Studio Bundle is an economical way to access a professional streaming or recording setup. With one purchase, you get a great microphone and a high quality mount + arm combo. This bundle makes getting setup very easy, and as a bonus comes from a very reputable brand!

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