The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Has anyone else been glued to their phones and digital devices this quarantine, and is now suffering from a plethora of side effects like headaches and a ruined sleep schedule? You’re not alone, and the increased exposure to blue light from your screens might be the problem! Blue light blocking glasses can help reduce the amount of blue light that goes into your eyes — and you can look stylish in the process.

If you don’t know anything about blue light or why you might want to avoid it in your daily life, don’t fret — at the end of the article we’ll teach you all about what blue light is and how it can negatively affect your body when you’re exposed to it too often. We’ve also put together a list of glasses features you should keep in mind while you shop, like the size of the frames or how the shape of the frames can compliment or clash with your face shape, so you can make the most informed purchase you can without any regrets once you try them on.

1. Editor’s Pick: Swanwick Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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These glasses aren’t lookers per se, but if you want the best quality blue light blocking glasses for your eyes, these are it.

What we love about the Swanwick Blue Light Blocking Glasses is that they’re big enough to go directly overtop of your other glasses, so you don’t need to compromise your sight to wear blue light blocking glasses, and the lenses are tinted an amber colour which is perfect for nighttime use. You may get some colour distortion with these lenses of course, but it’s a trade-off that’s totally worth it to get better blue light reduction. These glasses are also tested by third parties, as well as in scientific studies, so you can be sure that they’re an effective way to reduce the strain on your eyes that’s caused by blue light.

2. Best Runner Up: Maxjuli Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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These glasses are much more affordable and look more fashionable than our top pick, which makes it deserving of a runner up status.

The Maxjuli Blue Light Blocking Glasses are another great option to consider purchasing, especially if you’re looking for a pair of blue light glasses that people will actually see you in — they need to look good, and these ones have the added bonus of being affordable! You can purchase these glasses in a variety of different colours, so you’re sure to find one that fits in with your personal style, and they’re also suitable for many different face shapes (you can read more about this at the end of the article!)

3. Instagram Worthy: Feisedy Crystal Cat Eye Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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If you plan on posting any pictures in your new glasses or going live on any social media platform such as Instagram, you’ll want well-designed frames like these that make a statement.

While the previous two glasses on the list do a great job of blocking out blue light, the Feisedy Crystal Cat Eye Blue Light Blocking Glasses are the ones you want if you’re interested in looking the most fashionable while having a functional pair of glasses. They can come in handy for a variety of digital situations where you don’t want your eyes to hurt, like streaming for hours on Instagram live, or filming YouTube videos of you playing a video game.

4. Best 2-Pack: Yaroce Blue Light Glasses, 2-Pack

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What’s better than one new pair of glasses? Two new pairs of glasses! This combo pack comes with two neutral-coloured frames to go with any look you want — or you can give one to your friend or partner.

If you want more than one pair of new glasses in your life, consider the two-pack of the Yaroce Blue Light Glasses; they have a sleek and professional looking design, and come in two neutral colours so that they can be paired with basically any outfit. The black glasses are made of a matte metal material, which looks much more expensive and put together than other coloured plastics even though they’re very affordable, and they’re made with hinges that are easy to open and close, so you won’t ever need to fuss with them.

5. Best for Kids: Wowsun Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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It’s never too early to start protecting your eyes from blue light — especially with how often kids are looking at screens these days to learn and play.

If you want to start protecting your kids from harmful amounts of blue light, try the Wowsun Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses; we love that these glasses come in a pack of two, so that you can have a pair for multiple children (or just one if they tend to break things!), and that they come with a carrying pouch and cleaning cloth, because we all know how messy some kids can be. They’re also lightweight and flexible, so they won’t put any pressure on your child’s head, and they have an anti-slip design in the arm, so they won’t fall off while your child is playing outside.

What is Blue Light, and Why is it Harmful for You?

Blue light has one of the shortest wavelengths on the colour spectrum, and it’s all around us; it’s why the sky looks blue, and it effects our body by regulating our circadian rhythm. Our eyes aren’t evolved enough to block out the level of blue light that we’re exposed to these days, because it’s mostly coming from artificial sources like your computer — this is where blue light blocking glasses come into the picture.

It’s not that blue light is harmful necessarily — there are actually many reasons why you want some blue light in your life, because it’s been shown in some studies to boost alertness, elevate your mood, and regulate your sleeping schedule. The problem is that too much blue light exposure during the night will disrupt your sleep rhythms, making you stay up later and feel less tired the next day, which will be especially bad if you often stay up late at night with your electronic devices. It has also been shown to strain your eyes, and it can give you some side effects like fatigue and headaches. Wearing a pair of blue light blocking glasses can help you regulate your sleep schedule and prevent all those negative side effects because it’ll filter out those light waves.

Features to Look for in Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Size: Probably the most important thing you should consider is the size of the frames; before purchasing, make sure you read how long each part of the glasses are, so you’ll know for sure that your new pair of glasses will fit your face. The measurements you’ll need to take are the lens width, lens height, frame width, nose bridge, and arm length.

Depending on your face shape (more on this below!) you’ll also want the glasses to hit certain parts of your face — having an accurate measurement will ensure a good look.

Shape: Depending on where or how you want to wear your new light blocking glasses, it might be important to you to look the best you can. Different frame shapes can immensely change how your face looks while you’re wearing them. Take a look in the mirror and figure out your face shape, and then do some research to see what glasses shape would look the best on your face; if you have a round face, for example, you’ll want glasses that are angular or rectangular so that your face will look more distinguished.

On the opposite end, if you have a very angular and triangular face, you’ll want a pair of glasses with more rounded lines to compliment your features.

Style: Like the shape of the glasses, you’ll need to find a style and colour that resonates with you; even if people aren’t necessarily going to see you in your glasses, you’ll feel much better representing a style that looks good on you. Brightly coloured glasses are becoming more readily available these days — one model on this list even looks like it’s made of crystal, so you won’t be stuck with neutral-coloured glasses if you aren’t into that. is reader-supported. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other similar affiliate advertising programs. These programs are designed to provide a way for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to them. This means that will sometimes get a small commission if you make a purchase through our links.