The Best Blackout Curtains

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When it comes to home décor, nothing finishes off a room better than window treatments such as blinds or curtains. And while they should be attractive and enhance the overall look of a room, in some spaces — a bedroom or a nursery — using the right curtains can block out sound and noise to promote a better sleep.

Blackout curtains are specifically designed with extra fabric layers to keep outside light from seeping inside. They are ideal for light sleepers, people who work the nightshift and for children who cannot seem to nap if a slice of daylight hits the bedroom.

Some blackout curtains are also constructed to muffle sound, which is perfect for rooms that face busy and noisy streets where traffic continuously rumbles by.

Just because the name blackout conjures up images of heavy black drapes doesn’t mean these useful curtains are unattractive. Many brands come in a spectrum of colours and patterns, proving that aesthetics and functionality can indeed walk hand in hand.

Below is a list of recommendations for the best blackout curtains that address various needs and situations, along with information on what they are made of, how they should be used and cared for to help you can get insight into finding the blackout curtains that meet your needs.

1. Editor's Pick: BGment Blackout Curtains

Key Specs

Fabric Type: Textured microfiber
Machine Care Instructions: Machine wash
Number of Pieces: 2
Size: 52" x 63"

Many blackout curtains come one in a package, which works well if you only have one window to cover. But some homes have a lot of windows. If that is your situation, it can be more advantageous to purchase a pack with two panels, whether it’s to cover one wide window or two smaller ones in the same room.

These light-blocking curtains are interwoven with a top solid fabric layer made of high-density black yarn and a back solid fabric layer with innovative triple-weave technology. They can block out 85 to 99 per cent of sunlight and UV rays from a room, although it’s important to note that darker colours will work better than lighter ones.

Lightweight, silky and soft to the touch, they have a modern minimalism style that is suitable for a bedroom, living room, dining room, infant’s room, kid’s room, office or other public place. They can also balance a room’s temperature by insulating against summer heat and winter’s chill, reduce outside noise and protect wooden floors, carpets and upholstery from fading due to the sun.

Each curtain panel has eight silver rust-resistant metal grommets on top with an inner diameter of 1.6 of an inch and a 2.4-inch external diameter, making them compatible with most curtain rods. They are easy to hang and slide smoothly to open and close. The panels are thread-trimmed, wrinkle free and have expert seaming.

Easy to care for as well — machine wash on the gentle cycle in cold water, tumble dry at a low temperature and smooth out with a warm iron on the back side, or steam clean if necessary.

2. Best Runner Up: Deconovo Blackout Panel

Key Specs

Fabric Type: Polyester and polyester blend
Machine Care Instructions: Machine wash, dry clean
Number of Pieces: 1
Size: 52" x 63"

Windows are great — they bring in the sunlight to brighten up a room, sometimes presenting vistas of trees, gardens and waterways that are inspiring. But not everyone has such a lovely view from their window, away from the prying, curious eyes of strangers.

This multifunctional blackout curtain is ideal if you need darkness and quiet to sleep and wish to have a level of privacy if you’re located on the ground level of a busy street. With only one panel to a package, you can purchase exactly what you need.

Made from 100 per cent polyester, this thermal insulated curtain panel prevents heat from escaping through the window and sunlight from seeping in. It has a lovely hand feel, silky and soft to touch, draping nicely to give an elegant look to a room.

The front fabric layer of the curtain is made of high-density triple weave blackout material with an extra back fabric layer. Measuring 52 inches wide and 63 inches long, the panel has eight grommets and will fit a standard curtain rod.

Available in 36 colours, there is something to match pretty much all interiors and décor. It should be noted, however, that the colour you choose may affect the level of darkness in the room. For example, black, dark grey and chocolate will provide a higher level of blackout while lighter hues such as pink, lavender, cream and greyish white will block out slightly less light.

Easy to care for, the blackout panel is machine washable on the gentle cycle. Do not bleach or tumble dry and iron at low temperature. It can also be dry-cleaned. This one-panel product is more expensive than some brands that have two panels in a package.

3. Best All-Purpose: Nicetown Blackout Lined Curtains

Key Specs

Fabric Type: 100% Polyester
Machine Care Instructions: Machine wash, hand wash, dry clean
Number of Pieces: 2
Size: 52" x 63"

If you live in a busy urban area, excess noise during the day and night might be an inconvenience you’ve reluctantly have had to put up with. These blackout curtains that help to block out sound and light may be the solution you need to a quieter, calmer existence.

This set of two curtain panels each measure 52 inches wide by 63 inches long for a total width of 104 inches. You can use them on one large window or on two narrower ones, but no matter how you decide to hang them, they will effectively block out all the light and noise from outside.

The triple-weave fabric on the two-layered design provides thermal insulation against cold winter days to keep the inside space warm and cozy, reducing your energy costs. Each panel has a black liner that makes it thicker to truly block out the light, which is great for anyone who sleeps during the day like night-shift workers.

There are eight silver grommets on the top of each panel that have an inner diameter of 1.6 inches, so they will fit most standard curtain rods. Thick and soft to the touch, they are easy to care for; machine wash in cold water and iron at a low temperature. Do not bleach.

It’s important to note, however, that from a home décor perspective, these blackout curtains are only available in eight colours, with only one light colour (white), and are more expensive than other brands.

4. Best for Kids: AmazonBasics Kids 100% Blackout Window Curtain Set

Key Specs

Fabric Type: 100% Polyester microfiber
Machine Care Instructions: Machine wash or hand wash
Number of Pieces: 2
Size: 42" x 84"

Some kids can sleep through anything and in any environment while others, well, if you are a parent, you understand. Getting them down for a nap during the day can be a struggle, never mind in the summer when it’s still light at 7 p.m.

With these blackout curtains made with kids in mind, you can create a quiet, private space for your child to sleep. Aside from blocking out light and reducing noise, these curtains offer 20 different playful print and colour choices that are perfect for adding a touch of brightness and whimsy to a little one's bedroom or playroom.

With a fully opaque construction, the curtains keeps excess sound and light from seeping in while your child is resting, inspiring better sleeping patterns. Once installed, the curtains will fully block outside light for both complete privacy and a solid slumber.

Made from soft and durable 100 per cent polyester microfiber, its dense weave dampens outside sounds such as stormy weather, the early-morning chatter of birds, and nighttime traffic.

And since the safety of your child is more important than the aesthetic of a window treatment, you can have peace of mind knowing the blackout curtains are made in a OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory — an independent certification system that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards.

This package includes two curtain panels that each measure 42 inches wide by 84 inches in length, with eight silver grommets on top, which are compatible with up to 1.5-inch curtain rods. And since kids get into all sorts of messes, it’s good to know the curtains are easy to machine wash and iron on low. Do not bleach.

5. Best for Travelling: The Gro Company Blind Curtain

Key Specs

Fabric Type: 100% Polyester
Machine Care Instructions: Machine wash
Number Pieces: 2
Size: Opens up to 51.1 inches wide by 78.7 inches long

If you travel often, especially to other time zones, you know how annoying it can be to be exhausted but unable to sleep because the hotel you are in has inadequate window coverings. But this doesn’t just happen in a hotel; you could be guest in a friend or family member’s house and find the streetlamp at night streams right through their gossamer curtains.

This versatile travel blackout curtain has a cute star and moon design and is the perfect solution to helping you or your little ones sleep well when away from home. Nicely stored in a carry bag and made from premium blackout material, unfolded, it can adapt to fit any window to a maximum size of 51.1 inches wide, by 78.7 inches long.

Designed to go with you anywhere you go, it can be put into place in minutes and attaches directly to the windowpane glass with suction cups. This ensures a close fit that really does block the light properly. Velcro straps hold the folds together when you have to adjust the size of the curtain to accommodate the window.

While the suction cups will adhere nicely to glass, they will not stick to a screen, so you will have to remove the screen for the curtain to stick to the window. Easy to clean, just machine wash in warm water.

What to Look for When Choosing Blackout Curtains

Like all window treatments, you need to measure the size of the window before purchasing a blackout curtain. Also take into consideration the placement of the brackets that will hold the curtain rod. Accurate measurements are integral for blackout curtains to function properly because if they do not fit correctly, they will let light slip through the sides.

One Panel or Two

This is a personal choice if you have a smaller window to cover. The advantage of getting two panels, however, is that if one gets ruined or dirty, you will have another to replace it immediately. Two panels are also useful to cover a wider window, plus it allows you to open one side and leave the other side closed. However, in most cases, one panel is less expensive than a package of two.


Decide what you want the curtains for and shop accordingly. For example, if you want them to only block out the light, then the fabric may be different than curtains designed to only reduce noise. For the best results, choose curtains made with at least two layers of densely woven fabric, although three layers is really the best for sound, temperature and light insulation.


After you have done your research, remember that window treatments of any kind add a touch of elegance to a room. Your overall colour palette or décor style may be just as important as blocking out sound and noise, so look for curtains that offer up the most hues, patterns and designs. is reader-supported. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other similar affiliate advertising programs. These programs are designed to provide a way for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to them. This means that will sometimes get a small commission if you make a purchase through our links.