The Best Bidets to Buy for Your Home

The Best Bidets to Buy for Your Home

By Jordan Maxwell

January 22, 2021

If you’ve been to the grocery stores in recent weeks, you know just how hard it is to get the supplies you need. Whether it’s disinfectant wipes, bleach or general cleaning supplies, it's been equally as challenging for retailers to keep product on the shelf. Perhaps the hardest supply to get has been toilet paper. Grocery stores have had to ration their supply to 1-per-customer and some stores have only been restocking shelves three times a week, if that. So, what can you do? Sure, you could use newspaper, a rag, or just simply take a shower but if you’ve run out of toilet paper and are having a hard time getting more, maybe it’s time for a bidet!

Using little to no toilet paper at all, a bidet can be installed as a separate unit in your bathroom or it can be usually fixated by your shower, sink and toilet. Users have to straddle over the device and lower themselves in position to either dip your buttocks into the large basin to clean. The most common bidet designs have a nozzle that squirts a jet of water to help you clean your areas after a bowel movement. It may seem like a funny tool to use — maybe uncomfortable — but the product is anything but and it’s a good alternative to toilet paper during the coronavirus pandemic. In this guide, we’ll highlight a number of products for TUSHY and other retailers to show you some of the best models you can buy in Canada.

The Top Picks for Bidets

Installing a bidet is a lot easier than you may think. Not only do they create less waste, save you money and clean you better, but some of the models are also reasonably priced. As you invest more money, you can get self-cleaning, soft-closing smart bidets. The mechanical option uses the water pressure and temperature of your home plumbing, while electric ones have little motors inside to enhance these functions. Electric bidets are more expensive but finding the right one comes down to your needs, your plumbing set-up and the size of your bathroom.

1. Editor's Pick: Tushy Classic

  • Requires no electricity or plumbing
  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • 60-day risk-free guarantee
  • Wide nozzle attachment
  • Water can splash, instead of jet stream
  • Excessive water flow at times; TP still required

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It’s one of the classic models you can get. As the name suggests, the Tushy brand carries a variety of bidets that will leave you saying bye-bye to hemorrhoids, UTIs and unwanted feces. It can fit on most standard two-piece toilets and it can be installed in less than 15 minutes. All you have to do is adjust the pressure from gentle butt spritz to power wash and adjust the nozzle for a precise clean. Tushy also has a Tushy Spa Model. It works the same way as the Tushy Classic but has an additional hose that runs to your sink’s hot water connection to access warm water. A temperature control dial on the Tushy console allows you to change the water temperature before you spray your butt.

2. Best Alternative Bidet Attachment: KB Bidet Toilet Seat Bidet Attachment

  • Install on 1- or-2-piece toilets
  • Adjustable water pressure and temperature control
  • User will require TP at times

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The Kleen Bidet is designed to fit onto your existing toilet and requires no additional plumbing. It has a dual nozzle that’s self-cleaning and its nozzle is designed specifically for female cleansing as well.

3. Best Bidet Seat: Clean Touch Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

  • Warm water spray and air dry options
  • Remote control with an LCD screen
  • Adjustable heated seat
  • Seat can be small for some
  • Hoses susceptible to cracking

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The Clean Touch is an electronic bidet that has two nozzles for him and hers cleaning. It has warm water spray and it also comes with a built-in carbon filter deodorizer, an infrared heated air dryer, an adjustable heated seat, a body sensor and much more.

4. Best Bidet Unit: Kohler Memoirs Bidet

  • Sleek design
  • Can be shallow for some

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If you’re a homeowner or have the space for an extra fixture, Kohler Memoirs Bidet is a great option for you to consider. It’s got a fixture-mounted bidet faucet with a vacuum breaker and it can either fill the bowl or use a vertical spray to clean your areas. The vertical spray design provides accurate, upward water delivery for effective and gentle cleansing, as well as soothing relief for health conditions such as hemorrhoids or UTIs.

5. Best Dual-Purpose Bidet : Brondell SouthSpa Left-Handed Dual Temp Bidet Attachment

  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Dual temperature
  • Self-cleaning device
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Dual-temperature option
  • Left-hand option
  • Connection can leak if not secure
  • Expensive comparative to other models

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Built for the left-handed individual or anyone in need of a bidet attachment with controls on the left side, this is the model for you. The Brondell Southspa model is a dual-temperature device that allows you to adjust the dial and the nozzle. It also regulates temperature and water pressure. The SouthSpa dual temperature comes with 2 all metal t-valves, a metal braided hose and hot water tubing. This device will work on most toilets and can be installed in minutes with little to no tools or a plumber required.

Reasons to Get a Bidet for Your Bathroom

Bidets are widely available in Canada and have been increasing in popularity over the last few years. In Japan, more than 60% of home have a bidet and in South America, that number is closer to 90%. At first, you might think of a bidet as a funny appliance but there are actually a lot of benefits that come with getting one. Like trying anything new, it is a bit of an adjustment at first but consider some of these benefits when buying.

  • Better Hygiene and Personal Cleaning: Even after you have a bowel movement and use toilet paper, you don’t always leave the bathroom feeling the cleanest. We’ve all been there —leftovers. A bidet removes any residue left on your skin after you use the bathroom. Using water helps to soothe the area before you apply toilet paper or a wipe.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Canadians use a lot of toilet paper. In North America, we average at least three rolls a week per household, which isn’t all that great for the environment. It also requires millions and millions of trees. Obviously as a toilet paper alternative, you don’t have to use much toilet paper with a bidet. The bleaching process used to manufacture toilet paper is very damaging to the earth and to people. So, why not save the trees and yourself?
  • Save Money: You’ll use a lot less TP, plain and simple. You might need a couple sheets to dry off but other than that, you’re using a fraction of the amount you regularly use.
  • Better Skin Care: If you have hemorrhoids and any other anal irritations, toilet paper might not be the best possible choice. You can soothe and clean the area with warm water, which is a huge benefit in getting a bidet. Anal itching can be an issue for people and that’s caused, at times, by toilet paper residue. This could also be true for kids under the age of 4, who are still transitioning from a wet wipe to dry paper.
  • Reduce Plumbing: Plumbers are expensive and when something goes wrong in your apartment or home, the costs are virtually unavoidable. Bidets reduce plumbing issues and prevents clogs in your sewer pipes.

Different Between an Electronic Bidet and a Bidet Attachment

When buying, it’s important to understand the difference between an electronic bidet and a non-electronic bidet seat attachment. Electronic bidets are typically more expensive and get their power from a standard electrical outlet. With an electronic bidet seat, you need to remove your original toilet seat. But in exchange, you’re getting a whole range of features that’s not possible with a non-electronic bidet attachment. The most notable feature often associated with electronic bidet seats is warm water. Most models also have an oscillating cleanse as well as adjustable water pressure and temperature, based on the user’s preferences. There are some that have a warm air-dry feature and heated seats as well.

On the flip side, non-electronic bidet options are a little bit different. The most common form is the hand shower spray, which is similar to a hand-held shower head found in some showers. The device is usually connected to the cold-water supply and you can keep it in reach of the toilet. Some of the more advanced models can be attached to the toilet between the bowl and seat. To install this correctly, you have to remove the toilet seat and make sure the bidet attachment is secured directly to the toilet. Once that is complete, you can re-install the toilet seat over the bidet.

While non-electronic bidet attachments clean more effectively and hygienically than toilet paper, the major drawback is that they use cold water whereas most people prefer warm water. Think carefully about your needs before buying and check out some of the varieties of models we have below to make your decision.

Bidet FAQs

It’s natural to have questions and trust me, we’re here to help. Check out some of the best questions some of our readers had about bidets.

How Often Should I Clean My Bidet?

You need to clean it at least once a week. You can use household detergent or a vinegar and water solution. Make sure you clean all the surfaces, including the underbelly of the seat. You can use a cloth or a toothbrush — whatever works.

Can You Use a Bidet Too Much?

It depends on the water pressure. Overuse can lead to irritation of the anus or vaginal areas. Some bidet models have strong settings so it’s important to test all of them out before getting comfortable with one particular setting. Understanding your skin’s sensitivity to prolonged water use will determine the outcome.

Is There a Proper Technique to Using a Bidet?

Use the toilet and dry wipe once with toilet paper to remove any remaining solid waste before using the bidet. Position yourself to use the bidet by straddling the bowl. It's acceptable to sit on the rim of the bowl, but many users will squat or “hover” over the bidet.

Start Shopping Today!

A bidet can be a great alternative to using toilet paper for your bathroom needs. Not only is it better for the environment but it can also save you time looking for a bundle at the grocery store. Ultimately, you using less and you’re getting more, especially if you have medical conditions. If you’re still not sold, consider some of the discussions taking place on our forums at and see our sidebar on the right-hand side for additional information. Happy shopping! is reader-supported. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other similar affiliate advertising programs. These programs are designed to provide a way for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to them. This means that will sometimes get a small commission if you make a purchase through our links.


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