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When is Amazon Prime Day in Canada?

When is Amazon Prime Day in Canada?

By Simon Hung

Amazon Prime Day is one of the most-anticipated shopping events in Canada and has quickly grown to become the #3 biggest event on RedFlagDeals after Black Friday and Boxing Day. Due to its undeniable popularity and enormous levels of hype, you might be asking yourself – When is Amazon Prime Day?

  • July 2022

Amazon US announced that Prime Day 2022 will take place this July in over 20 countries, but an exact date was not revealed in their announcement. While it's likely that Canada will be participating in Prime Day 2022, we're reluctant to definitively confirm this until an official announcement from Amazon Canada.

Last year, Prime Day was ultimately cancelled in Canada after the company initially postponed the shopping event, citing pandemic-related shipping and supply chain concerns. Despite the cancellation in Canada, Prime Day 2021 went ahead as scheduled in several countries worldwide including the United States, Australia, Brazil, China, India, Japan, Mexico and others.

Earlier this year, Amazon Canada also increased the prices of all Prime subscriptions by upwards of 25% – the decision was very unpopular with Prime members on RedFlagDeals and it would be a double-whammy if Amazon decided not to hold Prime Day in Canada after the price hike, which leads us to believe that Canada is very likely one of the 20 countries involved in Prime Day 2022.

We'll update this resource with an official date once Amazon Canada makes an announcement, but here's a short rundown of Amazon Prime and a few details from previous Prime Day events in Canada.

What's Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a subscription service with perks including free shipping on most orders and access to Amazon's suite of entertainment services including Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Gaming and others. Subscriptions are available on monthly or annual terms and free 30-day trials are available – all subscription levels will have access to Prime Day deals.

What's Prime Day?

Prime Day is Amazon's worldwide shopping event held exclusively for Prime members, originally as a one-day event from 2015-2017, then shifting to a two-day event since 2018. Prime Day is typically held in mid-July, with notable exceptions coming in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What's the Deal?

Prime Day deals are a mystery until the event starts, but Amazon usually releases a sneak peek before each event. In recent years, it's been a near-certainty that you'll find the lowest prices of the year on first-party devices like Echo speakers and Fire TV streaming sticks, along with significant discounts on products like Instant Pot cookers, rarely-discounted LEGO sets, computer components, video games and much more.


    • Because canceled last year and we couldn't participate, then Amazon needs to set up and give us a special break this year!
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    • Because canceled last year and we couldn't participate, then Amazon needs to set up and give us a special break this year!
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