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What's Coming to Netflix Canada in November 2020

What's Coming to Netflix Canada in November 2020

By Simon Hung

The holiday season is coming a little sooner than expected, as you'll find over 20 Christmas-related movies and shows streaming on Netflix this November.

In total, there are over 100 new titles coming to Netflix this month, including award-winning movies like Argo and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, along with a new season of The Crown and all six seasons of the most quintessential teen drama of the 90s – Dawson's Creek.

Here's what's streaming on Netflix Canada in November 2020 and this month's RFD Staff Pick.

November 1

  • 12 Gifts of Christmas
  • A Belle for Christmas
  • A Perfect Christmas List
  • About Last Night
  • Angels & Demons
  • Argo
  • Austin Powers in Goldmember
  • Bad Santa
  • Broadcasting Christmas
  • Catch and Release
  • Christmas Break-In
  • Christmas Survival
  • Clueless
  • Dawson's Creek, Seasons 1-6
  • Due Date
  • Elf Pets: A Fox Cub's Christmas Tale
  • Elf Pets: Santa's Reindeer Rescue
  • Gangs of New York
  • Little Monsters
  • Mr. Deeds
  • Papillon
  • Penelope
  • Peppermint
  • Rocky
  • Ronin
  • The Da Vinci Code
  • The Juror
  • The Notebook
  • Widows

November 3

  • Felix Lobrecht: Hype (Netflix Comedy Special)
  • Mother (Netflix Film)

November 4

  • Blackhat
  • Dracula Untold
  • Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Get Him to the Greek
  • Identity Thief
  • In the Lake of the Woods
  • King Kong (2005)
  • Love and Anarchy (Netflix Original)
  • Mallrats
  • The Good Shepherd
  • Unbroken

November 5

  • A New York Christmas Wedding
  • Aquaman
  • Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta? (Netflix Documentary)
  • Operation Christmas Drop (Netflix Film)
  • Paranormal (Netflix Original)

November 6

  • Citation (Netflix Film)
  • Country Ever After (Netflix Original)
  • The Late Bloomer

November 9

  • Undercover, Season 2 (Netflix Original)

November 10

  • Dash & Lily (Netflix Original)
  • The Possession of Hannah Grace
  • Trash Truck (Netflix Family)

November 11

  • Aunty Donna's Big Ol' House of Fun (Netflix Comedy Special)
  • Nasce uma Rainha / A Queen is Born (Netflix Original)
  • Night School
  • The Liberator (Netflix Original)
  • What We Wanted (Netflix Film)

November 12

  • Ludo (Netflix Film)

November 13

  • Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (Netflix Film)
  • The Life Ahead (Netflix Film)
  • The Minions of Midas (Netflix Original)
  • The Outpost

November 15

  • A Very Country Christmas
  • The Crown, Season 4 (Netflix Original)
  • Hometown Holiday

November 17

  • The Boss Baby: Back in the Business, Season 4 (Netflix Family)
  • The Mule
  • We Are the Champions (Netflix Original)

November 18

  • El sabor de las margaritas / Bitter Daisies, Season 2 (Netflix Original)
  • Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas (Netflix Original)

November 19

  • The Princess Switch: Switched Again (Netflix Film)

November 20

  • Alien Xmas (Netflix Film)
  • Flavorful Origins: Gansu Cuisine (Netflix Documentary)
  • If Anything Happens I Love You (Netflix Film)
  • Voices of Fire (Netflix Original)

November 21

  • The Hangover: Part III
  • The Matrix Reloaded
  • The Matrix Revolutions

November 22

  • Dolly Parton's Christmas On the Square (Netflix Film)

November 23

  • Shawn Mendes: In Wonder (Netflix Documentary)

November 24

  • Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday (Netflix Family)
  • El Cuaderno de Tomy / Notes for My Son (Netflix Film)
  • Hillbilly Elegy (Netflix Film)
  • Wonderoos (Netflix Family)

November 25

  • Great Pretender, Season 2 (Netflix Anime)
  • Halloween (2018)
  • The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two (Netflix Film)

November 26

  • Larry the Cable Guy: Remain Seated
  • Mosul (Netflix Film)
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

November 27

  • A Go! Go! Cory Carson Christmas (Netflix Family)
  • Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker (Netflix Documentary)
  • Don't Listen (Netflix Film)
  • La Belva / The Beast (Netflix Film)
  • Sugar Rush Christmas, Season 2 (Netflix Original)
  • The Call (Netflix Film)
  • Uberweihnachten / Over Christmas (Netflix Original)
  • Virgin River, Season 2 (Netflix Original)

November 28

  • The Uncanny Counter (Netflix Original)

November 29

  • Wonderoos: Holiday Holiday! (Netflix Family)

November 30

  • A Love So Beautiful (Netflix Original)
  • Doctor Strange
  • Finding Agnes (Netflix Film)
  • Spookley and the Christmas Kittens

RFD Staff PickSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Stream the critically-acclaimed Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse on Netflix starting November 26.

After a particle accelerator sends Spider-Men from multiple dimensions to his universe, teenager Miles Morales is tasked with finding a way to send them home safely, all while trying to master his newfound spider-powers in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – Academy Award winner for Best Animated Feature and coming to Netflix on November 26.


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