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Walmart Unveils New Services at Stores and Distribution Centres

Walmart Unveils New Services at Stores and Distribution Centres

By Jordan Maxwell

Walmart is stepping up its safety measures for employees and customers at its stores and distribution centres in the fight against COVID-19.

The retailer has started temperature checks for warehouse employees and drivers and will soon extend the program to its associates in stores. Walmart is also distributing voluntary personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) to associates and strongly recommending they wear masks while at work.

Other new services include:

  • Walmart is offering groceries by phone for people with disabilities and people with vulnerable health conditions. Check if the service is available for you here.
  • You can get your prescriptions faster by calling the pharmacy to arrange pickup.
  • Hospital workers and first responders will be given priority access

In addition, Walmart recently announced a partnership with 11 hospitals so their staff can have groceries delivered right to the hospital. They’ve also plan to grant $1 million to Food Banks Canada. Their donation doubles the $1 million (CAD) Walmart Canada shared between Food Banks and Red Cross Canada earlier this year.

These donations are in addition to the record 17 million meals the Fight Hunger Spark Change campaign contributed to Food Banks Canada earlier this year.


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