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Tim Hortons Releases Limited-Edition Kit Kat Treats and Beverages in Canada

Tim Hortons Releases Limited-Edition Kit Kat Treats and Beverages in Canada

By Simon Hung

Take a break and snack on something new from Tim Hortons this fall, because the chain has quietly released a new line of limited-edition Kit Kat treats and beverages in Canada.

There are five Kit Kat products available, including (L-R) a donut, truffle bar, hot chocolate, iced capp and latte.

Launched without any notice (there’s no mention of them on their website or social media channels), the new products were first spotted in restaurants and the Tim Hortons app by eagle-eyed patrons on October 2. There are five Tim Hortons x Kit Kat items on the menu, including:

  • Caramel-Filled Donut made with Kit Kat - $1.59
  • Chocolate Truffle Bar made with Kit Kat - $1.99
  • Hot Chocolate made with Kit Kat - $2.39 (small), $2.69 (medium), $2.99 (large)
  • Iced Capp made with Kit Kat - $3.09 (small), $3.79 (medium), $4.39 (large)
  • Latte made with Kit Kat - $3.69 (medium only)

Each item carries a slight price premium compared to their non-Kit Kat counterpart and as their names imply, all products incorporate Kit Kat chocolate into their recipes -- the three beverages use an exclusive Kit Kat syrup and all five products are topped with crumbled Kit Kat bars.

At first glance, this new collaboration seems to be more popular than Tim Hortons’ other big-name partnerships from this past year, including their Shawn Mendes cups (which were bizarre) and their Beyond Meat burgers (which flopped).

Tim Hortons x Kit Kat products are available for a limited time and can be ordered in-person at participating restaurants across Canada or through the Tim Hortons app on Android and iOS.


Source: Tim Hortons, with reports from Daily Hive