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The Source will be Rebranded as Best Buy Express in Canada

The Source will be Rebranded as Best Buy Express in Canada

By Ambia Staley

Best Buy and Bell Canada have announced a surprising new partnership, where The Source will be rebranded as Best Buy Express in Canada.

Best Buy Express stores will offer consumer electronics, as well as wireline and wireless services from Bell, Virgin Plus and Lucky Mobile -- something similar to what's currently offered in The Source's small format stores.

The Source, owned by Bell Canada will see 165 locations revamped and rebranded as Best Buy Express locations expected to start opening in the later half of 2024. There are currently just under 300 locations of The Source across Canada. Those not being rebranded will be closing some time this year.

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    • Battery club card ftw. Used to stock up on 9v and D batteries and then use them up for portable radios and flashlights during the summer.
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    • I miss radio shack.
      It used to be radio shack, then they changed to the source.
      They kinda ask for all your info when you buy something. Just want to buy the thingy that I need.
      We already have a best buy in the USA. IDK Futureshop went down under and then Best Buy took over.
      Whatever things change.
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    • I guess the one in the Thunder Bay Intercity Mall is done for,eh? This reminds me of the closings of RadioShack and Future Shop. Sad news indeed as consumer choices shrink once again in this country...
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