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The Best Birthday Freebies in Canada (2018)

The Best Birthday Freebies in Canada (2018)

By Thomas Kenzaki

Your birthday only comes around once a year so why not celebrate it by spoiling yourself to some free stuff? There are a lot of businesses that’ll offer you a birthday freebie by signing up for their rewards club, e-mail list or just for showing up! Here’s a list of the best birthday freebies you can find in 2018.

Baskin Robbins
Sign up for Club 31 and receive a free scoop of ice cream on your birthday.

Booster Juice
Join Booster Nation and receive a free smoothie every year on your birthday.

Boston Pizza
Sign up for the MYBP club and receive a free dessert on your birthday.

Sign up for the Chatime Rewards program and receive a free drink on your birthday.

David's Tea
Join the Frequent Steeper program and receive a free cup of tea on your birthday.

Free Original Grand Slam on your birthday. Just walk in and enjoy!

Sign up for Harvey’s e-mail list and receive a special gift burger on your birthday.

Mary Browns
Sign up for Mary’s newsletter and receive a free Big Mary on your birthday.

Sign up for the Mandarin Dish and receive a free buffet meal coupon (valid with 3 paying adults).

Join the Grill Lover’s Club and receive a free dessert on your birthday.

New York Fries
Sign up for the Fry Society rewards program and get free small fries on your birthday.

Orange Julius
Sign up for the Julius League and receive a BOGO free coupon on your birthday.

Pizza Pizza
Register your kids in Pizza Pizza'sKids Club and they’ll receive a free pepperoni or cheese slice and a drink on their birthday.

Sign up to the Beauty Insider program and receive a free birthday gift.

South Street Burger
Join the South Street Burger birthday club and receive a free 4oz burger on your birthday.

Sign up for My Starbucks Rewards and get a free beverage or treat to celebrate your birthday.

What A Bagel
Buy 6 bagels and get 6 bagels for free on your birthday.

Birthday freebies are a great gift to yourself and most don't require much work at all. When you go to redeem yours, make sure to bring photo ID with you as some of the above freebies will require it as proof of it being your birthday.

If you know about a popular freebie, tell us in the comments below and we'll get it added to the list.

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    • @compugirl Booster Juice is still offering the free birthday smoothie
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    • Booster juice just cancelled their free birthday smoothie program (As of Dec/31/18).
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    • The New York Fries one requires you to load money (minimum $5) inorder to qualify for their reward
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    • Sweet! But my birthday is January 1 and most shops are closed on that day. You think I can come a few days before or after my birthday?
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    • Dairy Queen sends you a BOGO coupon if you are in the Blizzard Fan Club
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    • Well, this was good timing for this article because it's my birthday next week, so the freebies are starting to be delivered to my email :) And it looks like East Side Mario's sends a coupon for a has a free appetizer (which can be used when you order online). It's valid the week before and after your birthday.
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    • Sephora has a free birthday gift if you sign up for their Insider program - there's no purchase necessary if you pick it up in store. They're pretty nice skin or makeup samples!
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    • Denny's Grand Slam, Just bring your ID to prove it is your birthday and get a free Denny's Original Grand Slam breakfast.
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    • How can you possibly eat all that stuff on your birthday?
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    • the body shop gives $10 if you sign up for an account & newsletter. No minimum purchase required!
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    • Krispy Kreme gives you a free donut and a free coffee when you sign up.
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    • Jack Astor’s emails you a free dessert coupon if you spend $10 on food.
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    • Starbucks Rewards program gives you a free drink!
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    • Appreciate knowing about Boston Pizza's program-a new location will be opening in Ancaster soon. May as well collect perks!
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    • As in the discussion thread on the forum, I've pointed out that the free birthday food or drink item from Starbucks Rewards is now contingent on member earning a minimum of 300 stars in a membership year in order to obtain the free item. Prior to the rewards changes last year, the free item was given out within 2-3 days of one's birthday with no minimum star requirement.
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    • red robins birthday burger if your a member
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    • red robins birthday burger if your a member
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    • Menchie's still gives you $5 worth of froyo if you have their reward program
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