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Snowblower Buying Guide from

Snowblower Buying Guide from

By Lisa Selvaggio

Rather than using a shovel to clear away snow after a winter storm, a snowblower can help you save time, as well as reduce the risk of straining your body. But how can you be sure you’re selecting the right snowblower once you start shopping for one? Our short guide below is here to help you make the right buying decision.

Choose from Three Stages

First, consider whether you want to go with a single-stage, two-stage, or three-stage snowblower, as this factor will determine how easy it is to remove a lot of snow efficiently.

  • Single-stage snowblowers, which are the easiest to handle, as well as the lightest option, are fine if you live in an area that doesn’t get heavy snowfall. Typically, these will only work in snow that’s up to 8 inches deep. And they also work best on paved surfaces. Also, if you have a smaller area to clean, such as a short driveway, this type of snowblower might be sufficient.
  • Two-stage, or dual stage, snowblowers will be able to more easily break up heavy and wet snow, as well as throw it farther away. These work faster and can handle uneven and unpaved surfaces, as well as more than 8 inches of snow. They would be the better option if you have larger areas, such as a long driveway, to clean.
  • Three-stage snowblowers are the strongest, so this is the way to go if you get high amounts of snow and you want to clear it away as quickly as possible from a large area. These might be able to easily tackle up to 16 inches or more of snow.

Gas vs. Electric Power

When shopping for snowblowers, you’ll notice that you can choose between models that are powered by electricity or gas.

Gas snowblowers don’t need to be plugged in, which is convenient. Also, they can be built to move larger amounts of snow effectively. But they are louder, and if you aren’t a fan of having to add fuel to your snowblower, these products might not be right for you.

A nice thing about electric snowblowers, which are available in cordless and corded options, is that you can start them with the push of a button. They might also require less maintenance compared to models that are powered by gas. And they are often more compact, as well as lighter in weight, so they might be easier for you to use.

A Few Snowblower Models to Help You Get Started

Now that you know a bit about the main things to look for in a snowblower, let’s go over some of the most highly recommended models that you can look into when you begin shopping:

Electric Snowblowers:

  • Snow Joe iON8024-CT Cordless – This is a 24-inch, two-stage snowblower with a rechargeable battery. It boasts a powerful 80-volt engine, a 4-speed drive system, and battery indicators, along with a trigger grip that helps reduce hand fatigue and tension.
  • Toro 1800 Power Curve – This single-stage, lightweight (it weighs 24 pounds) snowblower is an economical option that is best used for light snowfall. Use it on flat surfaces, such as your walkway and driveway, and power it with a long extension cord.
  • Greenworks PRO 20-Inch 80V Cordless – This cordless snowblower, which can clear 10 inches of snow, boasts maintenance-free brushless motor technology, lithium-ion batteries, and 180° chute rotation.

Gas Snowblowers:

  • Craftsman 88957 – This is a 24-inch, two-stage snowblower that is self-propelled. It is strong enough to handle heavier snowfall, even on non-paved surfaces like grass and gravel. Plus, it boasts single hand operation, which is convenient.
  • Cub Cadet 2x24 – This is a lightweight, compact, 24-inch, two-stage model that features power steering for enhanced control. It is good for those looking for a snowblower that can clear away snow while being easy to handle.
  • PowerSmart DB7005 Single-Stage Blower – This compact, rust-resistant, and lightweight snowblower features a recoil start and 180° chute rotation. It also has a cleaning width of 21 inches, along with a strong engine capable of throwing snow a distance of 30 feet.

Shop for a Snowblower That Will Make Clearing Snow a Snap

Forget about hurting your back and exhausting yourself while shoveling snow this winter. Instead, invest in a high-quality snowblower that will get the job done fast. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight, affordable model, or a heavy-duty option that will be powerful enough to quickly remove large amounts of heavy snow, the right snowblower is easy to find.


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