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Red Light Therapy for Sun Damaged Skin

Red Light Therapy for Sun Damaged Skin

By Lisa Selvaggio

Red light therapy might be a great alternative to more expensive treatments if you have sun damaged skin, and it can also serve as a viable treatment option for other skin problems, such as acne, large pores, age spots, under-eye circles, and irritation. Many people even turn to red light therapy for its anti-aging benefits, as it can help reduce inflammation and stimulate collagen production.

The best part is that you don’t necessarily have to go to a dermatologist to receive red light therapy treatments. Instead, you can do it yourself at home with the right light therapy device. This can help you save money and time, and you can give yourself this treatment anytime you need it, such as after you’ve spent too much time in the sun.

What are some of the top products on the market today for those looking for a red light therapy device that they can use in the comfort of home? We’ve compiled a short list below, complete with reasons why these particular products are so popular and definitely worth checking out.

Red Light Therapy Masks for Your Face

To target the skin on your face, a red light therapy mask can be an easy-to-use at-home tool. All you have to do is thoroughly and gently cleanse your face before following the directions to use the mask. Typically, it’s just a matter of relaxing for a few minutes with the mask on your face. That’s usually all it takes for these red light therapy devices to do their thing. No trips to the dermatologist, and no expensive price tags either.

One of the top choices in the world of red light therapy masks is the iDerma Youth Restoring Masque. It covers your face completely, and it’s hands-free, so it’s comfortable and convenient.

This particular product emits red light and infrared light, and it has an automatic timer so it will turn off on its own. Also, because it only takes around eight minutes for this mask to work on improving your skin, it’s a smart choice for busy people.

Red Light Therapy Devices for Your Body

You can enjoy the benefits of red light therapy on other parts of your body, not just your face, especially if you’re dealing with sun damage. The right products make it easy to reap the benefits of light therapy on your hands, neck, or anywhere else that needs a little extra healing.

A great example is the RejuvaliteMD by Trophy Skin, which is appropriate for all skin types. In addition to helping reverse sun damage, this product is also FDA-cleared to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, it can help boost firmness and elasticity, reduce inflammation, and lighten hyperpigmentation and age spots.

This light therapy device features a base with a bendable arm, making it easy to set the LED panel so that it’s just right for exposing your skin to the light. The package also comes with goggles that you can wear to protect your eyes during each session, which lasts a mere five minutes.

Once it’s assembled, you can use this product while you’re sitting down or lying down, and you can use it hands-free, so you can just relax while it works on your skin. Just be sure to wash your face first. Then, when the light therapy session is finished, the device turns off on its own, so you don’t have to worry about timing yourself or accidentally using it for too long.

Other Options to Consider

Once you start shopping for at-home red light therapy devices, you’ll quickly realize that they come in a range of shapes and sizes.

Take, for example, the reVive DPL II, which features two panels, yet is conveniently portable. On the other hand, if you would prefer a handheld device that makes it easy to target specific areas on your face and body, the LightStim line of products might be right for you.

Shopping for Red Light Therapy Devices? Take Your Time

Even if you are a bit skeptical, it’s worth giving red light therapy a try if you’re searching for a non-invasive, inexpensive, and simple treatment for your skin. But, rather than buying the first red light therapy product that you come across, take your time and really look at the features that a particular device boasts. That way, you can be certain that you’re investing in a high-quality item that will work gently on your skin to improve its appearance.


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