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Peloton is Recalling PL01 Bike Seat Posts in Canada

Peloton is Recalling PL01 Bike Seat Posts in Canada

By Ambia Staley

2 years after their last major recall, Peloton has issued another large recall, this time for the model PL01 exercise bikes.

On May 12, Health Canada issued a recall notice for the seat posts following a similar move made in the United States earlier in the week.

Approximately 108,000 of the affected products were sold in Canada between January 2018 to May 2023. It's being reported that the bike's seat post can break during use, posing fall or injury risk to users. As of May 11, 2023 in Canada, Peloton has received 1 reported incident and no reports of injury. In the United States, there have been 13 reports of injuries, including a fractured wrist, lacerations, and bruises due to falling.

The recall covers Peloton Bikes with the model number PL01 -- if you're unsure of your model number, the Peloton name and model number are displayed on the inside front fork, near the flywheel. If you own one of the affected models, you're advised to stop using the bike immediately and contact Peloton to receive a free replacement seat post that can be self-installed.

Click here to learn more about the Peloton recall.


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