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Lenovo's MyLenovo Rewards Program is Now Available in Canada

Lenovo's MyLenovo Rewards Program is Now Available in Canada

By Simon Hung

Lenovo has officially launched their MyLenovo Rewards Program in Canada, two years after first introducing the program in the United States.

MyLenovo Rewards is a loyalty program where Canadians can earn points on all purchases made at Lenovo – membership is free with additional perks including early access to new products, monthly giveaways, birthday bonuses, exclusive sales and more.

Lenovo's MyLenovo Rewards Program is now available in Canada.

The number of points you earn per purchase will vary depending on your order total and any active multiplier promotions – members will earn a minimum of 3% back in reward points on all purchases, with occasional bonus events upping the number to as high as 9%. Points can also be earned through non-purchase activities including membership surveys, completing polls and more.

MyLenovo Rewards points can be redeemed towards future Lenovo purchases for every 1000 points accumulated, with points expiring on Canadian accounts after one year of inactivity. For reference, 1000 points can be redeemed for a discount of $1.00, but you can bank points for even bigger discounts.

To celebrate the Canadian launch, Lenovo is holding a sitewide 2X multiplier event from March 16 to 31, along with offering an enrollment bonus of $10.00 for new members who spend $50.00 – sign up now for free to start earning points.


Source: Lenovo Canada


    • Gee, where was this program in 2020 when I bought my then laptop? Have passed it on to a friend at end of 2021. Will see if I can borrow it to enroll her in the program even though she's looking for a new iPad offer. Would not hurt to be in the program while she has the ThinkPad unit.
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    • Hopefully this doesn't affect their rates with Rakuten cashback as I'd much prefer to have cashback instead of Lenovo store credit.
      But if it stacks, even better.
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