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IKEA is Opening a New Store in Scarborough, Ontario

IKEA is Opening a New Store in Scarborough, Ontario

By Simon Hung

IKEA is opening another store in the Greater Toronto Area, as the company has unveiled plans to open a new store in Scarborough next year.

Scheduled to open in summer 2023, the new IKEA store will be located in Scarborough Town Centre, occupying the ground floor of the former Sears retail space. Like the recently-opened IKEA Toronto Downtown, IKEA Scarborough will be a small-format store and only occupy approximately 7500 m² of retail space – for comparison, IKEA Toronto Downtown occupies approximately 6100 m² of retail space across two floors, while a full-size IKEA store occupies upwards of 25,000 m².

"We are grateful Canadians are returning to connecting in-person, including at our IKEA stores...and are pleased to announce our continued Canadian expansion," said IKEA Canada CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer Michael Ward. "The planned Scarborough store is part of our broader investment in sustainability, affordability and omnichannel shopping experiences that help to make us more accessible to our customers."

IKEA Scarborough will be IKEA's second small-format store opened in as many years and will likely incorporate several features from the Downtown Toronto store, including a cashless shopping experience and the absence of a self-serve furniture warehouse – click here to learn more about IKEA's small-format stores and read about our tour of IKEA Toronto Downtown earlier this year.


Source: IKEA Canada

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    • What ikea needs is a new supply chain. Also a full sized store in East GTA like Oshawa or Whitby. That would serve Peterborough to Belleville
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    • Congratulations Ikea in keeping your customers in the Toronto area happy.
      Would have been more exiting if for once the west would be counted as important too because for a year and a half there has been shortage in the Vancouver store on items that are very popular, but can't be purchased as they are on back order!!! It used to be Covid what was to blame but now we are not so gullible anymore :-(
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