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IKEA Canada Now Sells a Strawberry Vegan Frozen Treat and It's Only $1

IKEA Canada Now Sells a Strawberry Vegan Frozen Treat and It's Only $1

By Thomas Kenzaki

IKEA’s hot dogs and frozen yogurt are must haves anytime you visit. Now those looking for a vegan option finally have a frozen treat to enjoy with the new Strawberry Vegan Frozen Treat! The best part of all? It’s just $1.

Catering to the vegan customer is not a new concept to IKEA. They introduced a veggie dog back in 2018 which became a big hit with shoppers (although my 5 year old might say otherwise).

You’ll be able to get yourself a strawberry vegan frozen treat starting today at the Bistro at IKEA stores all across Canada.

Here’s a quote from IKEA on the new treat:

“The new frozen treat is fruit-based, made with strawberry puree and has almost half the carbon footprint compared to its dairy-based friend. It’s an affordable and tasty option for customers that either need or want to skip dairy products or prefer a plant-based food option.”

If it tastes half as good as it looks in photos, I’m sold. As another bonus, it has less calories than their frozen yogurt (113 vs 150)!

IKEA already had a pretty solid lineup of plant-based food options and it seems like a focus of IKEA Food moving forward. Will you be giving their strawberry vegan frozen treat a try? Let us know in the comments below.


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