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Guide to Travelling with Pets from

Guide to Travelling with Pets from

By Lisa Selvaggio

Are you travelling for the holidays this year? Do you hate the idea of leaving your pet behind? Then you might consider taking your furry friend with you.

Check out the tips below to discover a few ways to make getting around during the hectic holiday season easier on both you and your companion. With the right strategy, and the help of some innovative products, you can take steps to ensure your pet will remain safe and comfortable until you reach your destination.

Transport Your Pet in a High-Quality Carrier

Whether you’re travelling with a cat or a dog, putting your pet in a carrier or crate can help keep them safe. If you’re flying by plane, check the rules for pet carriers set forth by the airline that you’re using.

If you’re travelling by car, there are a variety of options, from larger crates for pooches to cozy carriers for kitties. Just be sure that the carrier can be secured with your vehicle’s seat belt so it won’t move around and will remain in place in the event of an accident. No matter what product you choose, it’s best to opt for one that will be easy to clean, and is roomy enough for your pet to stand, sit, lie down, and turn around in easily.

Do you have a dog or cat that would be happier outside of their carrier? A well-trained pet might enjoy a product like the Kurgo Sky Box Booster Seat or the Snoozer Pet Products Lookout II Dog & Cat Car Seat. Because you can attach these to a seat in your car, and keep your pet secure by attaching an adjustable tether to their harness, you can let your furry friend look outside. This technique might help your pet feel less stressed than they would if they were confined to a crate, but it really depends on your pet, so take their personality and behavior into consideration.

Pack the Essentials Your Pet Will Need While on the Road

  • Food and water bowls – Collapsible bowls, like the Kurgo Collaps-A-Bowl, are easy to pack and clean.
  • Travel bag – The right product can store everything you need in one place. Check out the Bring Your Dog 5-Piece Pet Travel Bag, which comes with collapsible bowls and plenty of compartments for storing your pet’s grooming tools, treats, toys, waste disposal bags, medications, health documents, and more.
  • First aid kit – Emergencies and accidents may happen while travelling, and a pet first aid kit can help you be prepared to take action right away whenever necessary. The 50-piece Kurgo Pet First Aid Kit is functional, stylish, and easy to pack.
  • Litter box and litter for cats – When you’re going on a trip with cats, they’ll need a litter box to go in. The good news is that there are many portable litter boxes that you can choose from.
  • Waste disposal for dogs – While en route to your destination, you might not always have access to a garbage can, so a product like the Kurgo Tailgate Dumpster can come in handy. This easy-to-clean silicone wastebasket will magnetically attach to the exterior of the back of your car, and a strong magnet ensures it will remain closed too. When you pick up after your dog, simply put the bags in this container until you can empty it out.

Protect Your Car Seat

Travelling with a pet in the car might make a mess of your seat, but there are products that are designed to protect your vehicle’s interior. Take the Elegant Comfort Quilted Waterproof Car Bench Seat Cover as an example. It’s soft and comfortable, it can cover your entire back seat area and remain in place, and it’s waterproof.

Check with Your Vet Before Hitting the Road

It’s a good idea to consult with a veterinarian prior to taking your pet on a trip, especially if you’ve never done so before. To be sure that your dog or cat is healthy enough for travel, your vet might want to evaluate your companion before you head off. Also, you might need to vaccinate your pet to help keep them healthy while travelling to new places. And, if you’re concerned about your companion feeling really stressed while travelling, your vet can provide some recommendations to help them feel more at ease.

Travel with Your Pet to Enjoy the Holidays Together!

There’s no need to feel as though you have to leave your best furry friend at home if you’re going away for the holidays. Instead, invest in the right products designed for travelling pets, and take steps to keep your cat or dog comfortable, safe, and happy along the way.


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