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Guide to Self-Tanning in the Winter

Guide to Self-Tanning in the Winter

By Lisa Selvaggio

When the days are short and it’s too cold to be outside, getting a tan from being in the sun is pretty much impossible. Thankfully, there are smart strategies that you can use to maintain that sun-kissed glow throughout the year. Check out our brief guide to self-tanning in the winter to learn about how to achieve a tan right at home.

DIY Spray Tanning

A sunless spray tan makes it look like you’ve been lying in the sun for hours, but it doesn’t expose you to any harmful UV rays, and you can get a tan quickly and easily even in the middle of winter.

You don’t have to go to a salon to get this type of tan; instead, you can take a do-it-yourself approach by purchasing a spray tan machine. Regardless of what machine you choose, be sure to read the directions carefully so you can get the best results with that particular product.

Just keep in mind that, when it comes to spray tanning, it’s important to follow a few steps to ensure you get natural looking results. For example, it’s wise to smooth your skin by shaving and waxing (don’t do this on the same day of your spray tan, though), and by using gentle exfoliation products. Also, moisturize your skin, especially in areas that are dry, to help ensure it will be smooth before you tan. Prepping your skin beforehand, and taking the right steps after your spray tan, can help you get the golden complexion you want, and help you maintain it for as long as possible.

Here are a few sunless spray tan machines to consider when shopping for one that you can use at home for convenience, privacy, and savings:

  • Apollo Mini Mist
  • MaxiMist Lite Plus
  • MaxiMist Evolution
  • Fascination FX

DIY Spray Tanning

Using a self-tanner is another way to get a tan at home during the winter. Like the tan you get from a spray, this one will last several days before fading away.

Self-tanners aren’t foolproof, so in addition to reading a product’s instructions, be aware of some of the common mistakes made by those who use these products. For example, when applying a self-tanner, it’s a great idea to wear gloves so your palms don’t become stained with an excessive amount of color. Also, you can follow similar steps for prepping your skin as you would when getting a spray tan. You want to be sure your skin is as smooth as possible before using a self-tanner.

These days, there are a lot of self-tanners on the market that you can choose from, even if you want to stick with products that contain natural ingredients. A few of them include:

  • Beauty by Earth Self Tanner
  • Golden Star Beauty Self Tanner
  • Eco Tan Organic Tanning Lotion
  • Famous Dave’s Organic & Natural Self Tanner
  • Thermalabs Organic Self Tanner

Invest in a Tanning Lamp

If you don’t want to use spray tanning or self-tanning products on your skin, you can also get a tan at home by investing in a tanning lamp. These are devices that emit UVA and UVB rays like those that you get from the sun, so you can tan your face and body without having to go outside.

Use caution and follow the directions closely to ensure safety and get the best-looking results with these lamps.

Here are a couple of tanning lamps to consider if this is the route you’d like to take for self-tanning in the winter:

  • Sperti Fiji Sun
  • KobbTan Facial Tanning Sun Solarium Lamp Light

Go All Out with a Tanning Bed for Home Use

Finally, for those who have the budget, and the space, there are tanning beds that can be purchased for use at home. This eliminates the need to go to a salon, and it allows you to tan whenever you want throughout the year.

Here are some examples of tanning beds that are designed for home use so you can get the same results you’d get at a salon:

  • Solar Wave 16 Lamp Home Tanning Bed
  • Tanning Bed RelaxSun 24 Plus by ProSun
  • Sunfire 16 Deluxe Tanning Bed

The Perfect Winter Tan Is Possible!

Who says you can’t have a gorgeous glow in the winter? With the right plan and products, you can fool everyone into thinking that you just got back from a tropical getaway, even though you got your tan right at home.


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