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Guide to Interactive Home Fitness Equipment

Guide to Interactive Home Fitness Equipment

By Lisa Selvaggio

If you thought that exercising at home meant limiting yourself to using standard exercise bikes and treadmills, think again. These days, you can buy interactive home fitness equipment that you can use to not only take your workouts to the next level, but also to make your exercise routine more interesting and fun as well.

Below is a short guide to some of the equipment that we think you should definitely check out if you want to ditch the gym membership and you’re ready to build your own little gym at home so you can stay fit.

Don’t have a lot of space for fitness equipment? No problem! With Tonal, which you set up on a wall, you can enjoy a strong full body workout without any bulky machines to worry about.

Using the large touchscreen, you can select the instructor-led workouts that you want to do, and receive coaching along the way. And because new routines are added regularly, you can avoid the boredom that may come from doing the same exercises all the time.

Plus, you can lift up to 200 pounds, and you can add on accessories, such as the brand’s smart handles, smart bar, rope, and bench, to enhance your routine. And Tonal boasts dynamic resistance that automatically adjusts while you’re exercising. Then, to see how well you performed, you can access workout summaries and progress reports.

Similar to Tonal, the Reflect is a smart mirror that mounts on your wall, allowing you to save loads of space. It lets you select from a wide range of workout styles, such as cardio, strength training, yoga, Pilates, and boxing. And you can also enjoy live one-on-one classes with world-class instructors as well. Plus, it even tracks your heart rate up to the second so you can keep an eye on it throughout your workout session.

The 50” touchscreen is a good size to make it easy to follow the instructor, and it lets you see yourself while you’re exercising, so you can really focus on your form. Plus, it also makes it simple to browse through workout options, select the one you want, and pause if you need to.

Unlike the Tonal, however, this product doesn’t come with digital weights for resistance training, so you’ll need to use your own equipment, such as dumbbells.

If you enjoy boxing classes to get your heart rate up and get your muscles working, but you’d rather do them at home for any reason, you should definitely check out FightCamp.

To use this product, which boasts interactive technology and lets you follow along with trainers, you’ll need to download an app so you can then stream the workouts to a TV. In addition to that, though, there’s some gear that you’ll need to invest in.

You can purchase the brand’s punching bag and boxing gloves or use your own. The company also offers their own boxing wraps that will hold the Punch Trackers in place correctly. It’s these trackers that will – you guessed it – keep track of how you perform with every punch, but they’ll also let you access the content, so they’re absolutely necessary.

The MYX Fitness Bike is an interactive bike that’s similar to the popular Peloton exercise bike. This is a professional grade product that features a 21.5” high-definition touchscreen and a heart rate monitor.

You can enjoy one-on-one coaching, as well as access an extensive workout library that offers everything from cross-training programs and yoga classes to Barre, kickboxing, dance cardio, and more. And that’s all in addition to the workouts you’ll do on your bike, of course.

Overall, if you’re looking for an interactive home exercise bike with a lot of nice features, but you want to save money, this is a more affordable option that’s worth considering.

If it’s an interactive treadmill that you’d prefer, we recommend checking out the Commercial 1750 from NordicTrack, a brand that’s well-known for its high-quality exercise equipment.

This machine boasts a range of great features, such as a 10” HD touchscreen, large running surface, foldable design to save space, power incline and decline, heart rate monitoring, stat tracking, and more.

iFit Coach gives you access to myriad workouts that include those you can do on your treadmill and those that you can do on the floor to tone every muscle. Plus, you can enjoy interactive classes, during which trainers control your treadmill’s incline and speed in real time to keep you challenged.

Bored with Your Workout? Interactive Training at Home Might Be Right for You!

Whether you prefer cardio or weight training, there are a lot of interactive workout options available, so you can enhance your home gym and continually improve your strength and stamina.


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