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Free March Break Events for Kids Around Canada

Free March Break Events for Kids Around Canada

By Ambia Staley

Keeping the kids entertained this March Break shouldn't mean you have to empty your wallet. With a little help from your favourite stores, libraries, and more, there are plenty of fun and free activities happening online and around your city during the kids' week off.

If you're looking for some ideas, there's no need to worry, as RFD has put together a handy list of free events happening around Canada this March Break!

1. Free Events and Workshops at Your Local Library

At any time of the year, your public library is a great location to take advantage of free classes, activities, and more. During holidays like March Break, they often increase the number of fun and educational events for families and kids of all ages.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions still being in place to some extent in some areas of the country, some libraries are hosting their March Break events online this year. The Toronto Public Library is hosting all their events online for 2022, and only an email is required to attend, so kids anywhere in Canada can check out the event live as it happens, or re-watch at a later date!

Places worth checking out include:

2. Skating Rinks

Winter is nearing its end, so it's a great idea to take advantage of your local ice rinks before they melt. City-run rinks are free, so all you'll need are your skates to take part.

Places to check out include:

Many rinks have already closed for the season, but some cities keep their rinks open well into March, weather permitting. Be sure to check your local rink to see if it's open.

3. Toys R Us Spring Break Events

All throughout Spring Break, Toys R Us is hosting a number of free events for kids! Events take place twice a day Monday to Friday of your local Spring Break, and kids showing up at store opening each day will get a chance to meet Geoffrey the giraffe, as well as get a free balloon during event times! Parents will get a bonus too, as they can receive a free $5.00 off card (for purchases of $5.00 or more).

Notable activities include:

  • Dough Sculpting Party
  • Storytime
  • Battle of the Beyblades

Events and dates will vary by province. Check out our post for more information.

4. On Demand Videos for Kids at the ROM

If you've got a curious kid at home, the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) has a number of educational ROMKids Shows on their website that you can watch on-demand!

Notable videos include:

  • The One About The Science of Whales
  • The One About Light, Colour & Rainbows
  • The Science of Minecraft

Videos are free, and easily accessible through the ROM website without a membership.

Keep checking back, as we'll update this list as more events and activities become available. Remember that masking and other COVID-19 restrictions may still apply in your area.

What are your plans for the kids this March Break? Do you know of any other free activities in your area? Please share them in the comments!


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