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Burger King Reduces Chicken Nugget Quantities in Canada

Burger King Reduces Chicken Nugget Quantities in Canada

By Simon Hung

Burger King's chicken nuggets are the latest victim of supply chain issues in the restaurant industry, as the fast food chain is reducing the chicken nugget count in meals to combat inflation.

Rumblings of the menu change first surfaced as early as January 2022, after the Wall Street Journal reported Burger King's plan to shrink portion sizes in the United States. A month later, MarketWatch reported similar news, including details about slashing the number of chicken nuggets in meals on the United States menu. Both reports were centred on Burger King restaurants in the United States and it was unclear at the time if any changes would also impact Burger King Canada.

Unfortunately, the nugget changes have taken effect in Canadian restaurants, as chicken nuggets are now only available in quantities of eight for $2.99 – two fewer than the previous quantity of 10 at the same price.

Burger King's chicken nuggets have long been a contentious topic among fast food fans on RedFlagDeals – the chain first introduced their current nugget recipe to the Canadian menu back in January 2015, with 10 pieces priced at a meager $1.79. Over the next three years, the price for 10 nuggets steadily rose – first to $1.99 in December 2015, then to the current $2.99 price-point in March 2018.

Despite mixed reviews on taste ("chewy" and "inedible" were commonly-used words), Burger King's chicken nuggets were popular due to their overall value compared to rival McDonald's, where six McNuggets were upwards of three times more expensive than 10 Burger King nuggets.


Source: MarketWatch, with reports from the Wall Street Journal


    • Personally don't see (much or at all) difference in taste or quality, not even much in size either. Still can't explain the discrepancy in price and no attempt by either BK or McDonald's to match is pretty strange.
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    • And when there won't be an "official" supply chain issues, will BK add back the missing nuggets
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    • Where are the comments where people are blaming Russia for this tho
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