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Black-Owned Businesses in Toronto and Online

Black-Owned Businesses in Toronto and Online

By Kate Musgrove

We've compiled a list of Black-owned businesses in Toronto and the GTA. Supporting Black-owned businesses is one small way to sustain the Black community as protests continue here in Toronto and around the world. This is not an exhaustive list -- there are hundreds of other Black-owned businesses in Toronto and the GTA -- but it is a start, and we'll be adding to it in the coming weeks and days.

Apparel and Accessories

  • sells apparel and accessories for men, women and children.
  • 4YE sells hats, beanies, durags and apparel online.
  • Adrift offers skateboarding gear and apparel.
  • Brimz Official sells hats, apparel, custom caps and more online.
  • By Pseudonym is a second-hand clothing store offering apparel from a variety of high-end and everyday fashion retailers.
  • Comeback Season sells apparel and accessories.
  • Dr Liza Shoes sells leather high heels and flats online.
  • Enarmoured sells handmade brass and silver earrings online.
  • Exclucity sells apparel and footwear online.
  • sells FVV apparel, hats and outerwear online.
  • Fresh Rejects is a Toronto-based apparel company selling funny tees, hoodies, face masks and mugs.
  • Freshmen Clothing sells apparel and accessories online.
  • Get Fresh Company sells apparel in stores in Toronto and Mississauga as well as online.
  • Mark Paul Atelier sells small leather goods and bespoke apparel.
  • Perfect Tees Online is a Hamilton-based retailer selling original graphic tees online.
  • Reynah Armure sells jewellery, accessories, beauty products and more online.
  • Shop Lost In sells city-centric tees and other apparel.
  • Simplicity sells apparel and accessories online.
  • Studio D Shoe Boutique sells shoes in-store (by appointment) and online.
  • Snapback Tiara sells apparel and jewellery for women.
  • Toni Marlow sells underwear for everyone.


  • 416 Wheels & Tires offers wheels, tires, and automotive services.
  • Black Tires is a network of tire shops and tire vendors in the GTA.
  • Teslasine is Canada's first green luxury transportation service.

Beauty and Hair Care


Household Goods and Groceries

Additionally, this Google Doc contains a comprehensive list of Black-owned restaurants.

We used and as resources in compiling this list.

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