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Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days Come to Canada This October

Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days Come to Canada This October

By Ambia Staley

Amazon is giving you a second chance to shop Prime Day deals in 2023, as the company has officially announced Prime Big Deal Days – a new shopping event exclusively for Amazon Prime members.

Prime Big Deal Days will run in Canada this October, along with Canada and 19 other countries around the globe including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Currently, there is no exact date available to mark on your calendar, but last year, Amazon Canada held their Prime Early Access Sale for 48-hours right after Canadian Thanksgiving on October 11-12.

Just like Prime Day in July, an Amazon Prime membership is required to shop Prime Big Deal Days. All subscription levels will have access to the event, including free trials and Prime Student memberships. If you're looking to try out Amazon Prime, check out our post on how to sign up for a free Prime trial.

Right now, little information has been given about the Prime Big Deal Days event, but shoppers can expect more information along with previews of deals in the weeks leading up to the event.

Best Deals from Prime Day 2023

Amazon Prime Day in July 2023 was their biggest one yet -- toppling their previous best year in 2022, with Prime members purchasing more than 375 million items and spending more than $2.5 billion worldwide. In Canada, some of the most popular deals were on Amazon devices, along with deals on products from Apple and Bose.

Here are a few popular Prime Day deals on RedFlagDeals during this year's event.

  • Amazon Fire Stick TV 4K Max – a number of Amazon devices were discounted during the event, but the Fire Stick TV 4K Max was at an all-time low price of $38.99
  • Up to 20% off gift cards – not everyone could take advantage of this offer, but a number of users were able to save up to 20% off digital gift cards retailers like Gap, H&M, and more
  • Ring Products – several Ring products were discounted up to 47% off in the weeks leading up to Prime Day and through the event, notably Ring doorbells and indoor cams.
  • Apple products – shoppers were able to score hot deals on Apple products, notably 61% off the 2021 model of Apple TV 4K as well as the Apple Watch
  • Bose QC45 Limited Edition Headphones – Bose Quiet ComFort Headphones are always popular on RFD and on Prime Day, the wireless headphones were sold for $269.00 -- one of the lowest prices ever spotted for them


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    • The annual "looking forward to purchasing that $40 October 12 item

      ...for $46 on October 13 PrimeDay instead"
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    • How did I miss this from August? I just saw the ad this morning splashed all over the Amazon home page.

      Amazon is like Canadian Tire now with the price jumps and discounting.
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    • Apparently Amazon plans to release a new generation of Fire Stick devices in time for this sale, as tech journals are reporting that stocks of the current generation are being cleared out and FCC filings for new hardware have been spotted. I hope they at least include a memory update from 8 GBytes to at least 16, or maybe jump to 32.
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    • My Prime expired last April and I haven't missed it. If anything it's helped me cut down on frivolous sub $10 purchases.
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  • Gee
    • They are starting to do more Prime exclusives. Meaning you have to be a Primer member to get the discounts.

      Prime day is not just sale prices for everyone.
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    • Came across this from Amazon. Looks like they will have another "prime day" and some items are already on sale. Seems like they are trying to get the holiday shopping early.
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    • Could not disagree more …
      As my own recent Amazon Prime Day Purchase proves
      Bought quite a few things off my Amazon shopping list during Prime Day and I even picked up a few from Amazon in the US too. The best deals sell out quickly though so you need to be fast on those. Most of the best LEGO deals were gone before most people woke up.

      The October "Prime Day" usually isn't as good as the July event (IMO) but there's still usually at least a couple of good deals on things I'm looking for. The side deals are usually good too (credits for buying gift cards, Prime Video channel deals, etc.)
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    • Cool. Costco will probably have one of their discount events as well to counter this.
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    • 6.18

      Basically, everyone is trying to do semi-annual sales to even out the revenue.

      October is great because it catches wallets before BF.
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    • For everyone who has been waiting for products to be marked up 20% then discounted 10% then having a $5 coupon applied, your day of bliss is on the way.
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    • Everyday is a Prime Day if you get excited for lukewarm prices.
      Well I mean there's a ton of Amazon deals posted daily in Hot Deals so there are deals to be had at any time. Might not be what you're looking for but it's not like Amazon is a retailer that never or rarely has deals, it's quite the opposite.

      So a better way of putting it is everyday is Prime Day if you know how to look for deals--i.e. if you're a real RFDer lol.
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    • Slow year? We just had Prime Days like a month ago.
      Gotta sell more SSDs
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    • Everyday is a Prime Day if you get excited for lukewarm prices.
      First & Foremost … YES … one has to know their prices
      And what’s a good deal or not


      There can def be good deals got on Prime Days

      But only if the price is good
      And … it’s something you want / need … have been watching for

      Too many people shop Willy Nilly
      And pay little to no attention to Sales Cycles …
      And how items are sold by pretty much every retailer

      There is Always a MSRP
      As well as HIGH - MEDIUM - LOW Cycles
      Understanding that … and one can garner some great buys
      Pretty much … No matter where you shop

      But far too many folks these days buy on impulse
      Or when the mood strikes then
      Vs tracking … and buying when it makes the most sense

      Too many impatient Consumers now
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    • Slow year? We just had Prime Days like a month ago.
      Everyday is a Prime Day if you get excited for lukewarm prices.
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    • Slow year? We just had Prime Days like a month ago.
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