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Amazon Prime Video Will Start Playing Ads this February

Amazon Prime Video Will Start Playing Ads this February

By Ambia Staley

You'll have to pay even more to stay ad-free on Amazon Prime Video starting this February, as the company recently announced new changes to their streaming service.

Starting February 5, 2024, Prime Video will start playing limited ads during TV shows and movies watched in Canada. Those who wish to remain ad-free can do so at an additional $2.99 per month.

In an email sent out to Prime members this week, Amazon states that they aim to have "meaningfully fewer ads than traditional TV and other streaming TV providers" and that this change will allow the company to continue investing in compelling content.

There will be no changes to your Prime membership cost at this time, and no action is required from members unless they wish to pay the additional charge to remain ad-free. Amazon Prime Video is currently included in Amazon Prime memberships, meaning that in addition to Prime Video streaming, you'll get access to fast-free Prime shipping on millions of items when shopping on Amazon, access to exclusive shopping events like Prime Day, benefits with Prime Gaming, a free 1-year DashPass membership and much more.

If you wish to sign up and pay $2.99 per month to go ad-free, you can click here. Alternatively, you can click here to manage your Prime membership account.

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    • It was just a question of time before they would do that. I am paying only 4.99$ per month for the service (as a student) and feel it is well worth every penny.
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    • They may start playing ads, but I won't be there. I'll be cancelling my Prime membership and severing ties with them. Piss off Amazon!
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    • Not good news. Between the price increase, because that's what it is, and the decline in quality of the content, plus the fact that most of my Amazon orders are over $35, and with Temu getting the orders for knick knacks, I am thinking of stopping paying for Prime.
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