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A Guide to Swim Training Gear

A Guide to Swim Training Gear

By Lisa Selvaggio

Swimming is a beneficial workout for anyone who wants to build strength and endurance, while also being gentle on the joints. But if you really want to take your workouts in the water to the next level, the right swim training gear can help you get there.

With the help of FitRated’s Swim Gear Shopping Guide, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most highly recommended products that you can use when you want to train in the pool. By utilizing the tools below, you could boost your power and improve your technique so that you can make the most of every movement.

Kickboards and Fins Help Strengthen Your Lower Body

To swim faster and propel yourself through the water with greater ease, focus on building up the strength of your lower body muscles. And the training gear that can help you achieve this aim includes kickboards and fins.

The right kickboard will allow you to perform kicking drills while keeping your arms stationary. Plus, this little piece of training equipment can also be a great tool when you want to improve your balance as you glide through the water. A couple of great examples are the Speedo Team Kickboard and the FINIS Alignment Kickboard.

Swim fins, too, can help you build up the strength of the muscles in your lower body so that you can move faster as you make your way from one end of the pool to the other. Fins that are made of high-quality materials will be comfortable on your feet, allowing you to focus on your technique and form without distraction. Two recommended swim fins are the Speedo Biofuse Swim Training Fins and the Kiefer Training Swim Fins.

Paddles and Buoys Help You Refine Every Stroke

If you want to be an excellent swimmer, you need to home in on the strength of your upper body muscles, too. Mastering various strokes is key, and that requires the ability to be strong enough to execute every movement with proper form so you can go fast while avoiding injuries.

Paddles are simple yet effective swim tools to use when you want to increase the power of your upper body. FINIS Agility Hand Paddles and Speedo Power Plus Paddles are both recommended for those who take their training seriously. While the FINIS paddles don’t have any straps, forcing you to pay extra close attention to proper form, the Speedo paddles are an ideal option for resistance training, regardless of what level you’re currently at.

Like kickboards, buoys can help you isolate certain muscle groups. While kickboards can be used to force you to use your lower body more than your upper body, the opposite is true of buoys. Take the Speedo Team Pull Buoy Training Aid as an example. You have to hold this buoy in between your legs while you’re swimming, so you basically force yourself to only use your upper body to move through the water while your legs are held in place to ensure you don’t drop the buoy. And another example is the FINIS Axis Buoy. Both of these can help you improve your stroke technique, rotation, and overall alignment, which will translate to becoming a more efficient swimmer.

Improve Your Technique with Hip Trainers and Posture Trainers

The best swimmers have spent a lot of time refining their technique, and the right swim training gear can help you in this area as well. FINIS makes a hip trainer and posture trainer, which can both come in handy when you’re ready to swim like a pro. The Tech Toc Hip Trainer is worn around the waist so it can provide you with immediate feedback on the quality of your strokes. Because it makes sounds as you tip your hips from side to side while swimming, you can use it to discover where you might be making mistakes with your hip position, and then you can make appropriate corrections to develop your stroke rhythm and form.

The Swim Posture Trainer by FINIS is a neat little tool that you can use to see if you’re really maintaining proper alignment of your head and spine while swimming. Simply place it on your head, with or without goggles, and if you start to feel it hit the back of your shoulders while you swim, you’ll know that you need to correct your alignment and posture.

Investing in the Right Gear Will Pay Off

This is just a taste of the best swim training gear out there. Like any other form of fitness, having the right tools while you practice can assist you in improving your form, strength, and endurance, and all of that could add up to you transforming into a top-notch swimmer.


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