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Nintendo Announces the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model)

Nintendo Announces the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model)

By Ambia Staley

In a surprise release, Nintendo has announced the newest entry to the Switch family, the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model).

This new model features a 7" OLED screen (previous Switch models feature a 6.2" LCD screen) that boasts vivid colours and crisp contrast when you're playing games in handheld mode as well as enhanced audio from the system's onboard speakers.

The Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) also comes with a much wider stand than the previous Switch models. The stand is even adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect angle for tabletop play. If you're playing in TV mode, the system has a built-in LAN port so you can make the most of your Nintendo Switch Online membership.

One key feature that gamers may like -- the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) comes with 64GB internal storage, double the Switch and Switch Lite's 32GB of storage.

Like the base Switch model, the OLED Model can be played in TV mode, tabletop mode, and handheld mode. Initial specs state that the system has approximately 4.5 to 9 hours of battery life depending on the game being played -- this is the same battery life listed for the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) will be available on October 8, 2021 for a suggested retail price of $449.99 in Canada. The system will be available in a white and black version, as well as the traditional neon red and blue version at launch.


    • Nice unit, but an extra $50. Hmm...
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    • So no hardware spec revision? I thought the “Switch Pro” was supposed to have updated NVidia hardware?
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    • Disappointing but also glad that it's no a powered up version of the console since I don't have any need to buy this new version, for those who don't own a switch already this one should be a no Brainer though
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    • Disappointed, wanted a 4K revision, even if only a few games were available at launch, mostly would play docked. The white version would match the PS5, which I don’t particularly like either. It’s a pass for me.
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    • - A better screen you'll never use while docked
      - Slightly better speakers you'll only ever notice are better when comparing to the regular switch (meaning people who've never owned a switch would never know are better) that you'll also never use while docked
      - 64 GB storage which is still nothing
      - Uses the same joycons which have always suffered with joycon drift
      - DOCK HAS AN ETHERNET PORT OMG GUYS IT'S LIKE 2003 ALL OVER AGAIN (online is still terrible even with an ethernet port/adapter)
      - $50 more

      Yeah, just... I don't even. I thought this would just become a new model switch with the same price as the og to replace the og, and the og would thus be lowered in price, but no, the og is still $450 with tax, and this one's going to be over $500. Nintendo sure are arrogant this gen.
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    • @sonicrings you going to complain about the colour too? Lol settle down
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    • The_Capn wrote: @sonicrings you going to complain about the colour too? Lol settle down
      Yeah let's ignore literally everyone else calling out Nintendo's crap and focus only on me.
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    • SonicRings wrote: Yeah let's ignore literally everyone else calling out Nintendo's crap and focus only on me.
      Sounds good. Don't buy it
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    • that is actually nice!!! rather than those lil controller that is hard to hold
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