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Aritzia Looks to Expand into Menswear with Purchase of Reigning Champ

Aritzia Looks to Expand into Menswear with Purchase of Reigning Champ

By Ambia Staley

Aritzia is looking to expand into menswear as the company recently signed an agreement to purchase a majority stake in Reigning Champ, a Vancouver-based company that sells streetwear and athletic wear for both men and women.

Aritzia Inc. announced earlier this week that under this new agreement, Aritzia will acquire a 75% stake in Reigning Champ, based on an enterprise value of approximately $63 million. The remaining 25% held by management at Reigning Champ will be converted to Aritzia shares in three installments taking place between 2024 and 2026.

Reigning Champ currently sells their styles directly online and in four retail stores in Vancouver and Toronto. It also sells styles wholesale to retailers including Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Simons and Harry Rosen.

Aritzia is known for its wide selection of women's apparel, but did test the waters with men's apparel when it started offering its Super Puff winter jacket for both men and women in 2019.

"Reigning Champ's position in the men's landscape is different from Aritzia’s position in the women’s landscape," says Aritzia chief executive Brian Hill. "Reigning Champ is a little higher-priced, it's a little more scarce. We're going to make sure that that positioning is held in the marketplace."

Reigning Champ sells a variety of styles, including sweats, tees, and accessories. The brand's sweatshirts range in price from $140 to $190.

According to Hill, there are currently plans to open more Reigning Champ stores in places like New York, as well as plans to expand both the e-commerce and wholesale businesses.


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