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Black Friday 2018 Predictions: What to Expect and What to Buy in Canada

Black Friday 2018 Predictions: What to Expect and What to Buy in Canada

By Simon Hung

We're less than two weeks away from Black Friday 2018 and it's time for our annual predictions list -- these predictions aren't guarantees, but scenarios we think are likely based on past experience and information we've gleaned from American Black Friday flyers.

Our category to watch this year is video games -- last year, console deals were considerably better on Black Friday compared to Boxing Day and it's an auspicious time for retailers to capitalize on the momentum from highly-anticipated releases like Fallout 76, Marvel's Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption 2.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so here's our RFD Bold Predictions™ for Black Friday 2018.

Appliances and Furniture

  • IKEA -- historically, IKEA provides coupons and freebies to first-in-line visitors on Black Friday, along with sales on various product categories across the store
  • Instant Pot -- death, taxes and Black Friday Instant Pot deals. This prediction is the closest thing to an absolute guarantee and we'll just have to wait and see which model goes on sale
  • Mattresses -- you've likely seen ads for online mattress companies like Casper or Endy with generic coupon codes, but Black Friday is usually when they'll have their steepest discounts of the year
  • Small appliances -- look for premium small appliances like Dyson vacuums, KitchenAid mixers, Breville espresso machines and iRobot Roomba vacuums to be on sale at several retailers

Beauty and Wellness

  • -- last year, offered a $25.00 credit for shopping in their luxury beauty department and they might offer something similar this year
  • Sephora -- you can get a preview of Sephora's Black Friday sale on November 15 by downloading their app, but expect to see a few limited edition beauty sets priced at under $20.00
  • Shoppers Drug Mart -- Shoppers will likely hold a Spend Your Points Event over the Black Friday weekend where you'll get extra value when redeeming PC Optimum points

Cell Phones

  • Accessories -- Black Friday is usually an excellent time to get phone accessories like cases, cables and wireless chargers, as retailers want to get rid of accessories for older-generation devices and sell peripherals to people with new phones
  • Android -- Google and Samsung will likely have Black Friday sales for Pixel and Galaxy smartphones, respectively. OnePlus discounted their phones by $0.01 last year (weird flex but okay) and they might have a similar "sale" this year
  • Best Buy -- if you opt to get a new phone at Best Buy, they'll likely include a bonus gift card with select phones on a new contract
  • Carriers -- most major carriers will offer bonus data on Black Friday. Best case scenario, we could see the return of the mythical 10GB for $60.00 plan offered by several carriers last December
  • iOS -- you'll likely see discounts on the new iPhone XR, XS and XS Max if you get the phone with a contract, but there's close to zero chance you'll get a discount when buying them outright from Apple

Computers and Peripherals

  • Apple -- traditionally, Apple gives free gift cards with select products on Black Friday. We expect this to be the case again, but there's a slim chance this will include the new iPad Pro, Mac mini or MacBook Air
  • Bluetooth audio -- headphone jacks on smartphones are harder to find than water in the Sahara, so expect deals on Bluetooth headphones and speakers from popular brands like Beats, Jaybird and UE
  • Home theatre -- look for deals on home theatre accessories like sound bars and wall mounts for those in the market for televisions. You'll likely also find bundle offers at major retailers like Best Buy and Visions
  • iPad -- the 9.7" iPad and previous-generation 10.5" iPad Pro are the most-likely candidates to go on sale. The iPad mini 4 should also see deep discounts, but it's difficult to recommend the three-year old tablet over more recent models
  • Mac -- expect small discounts on the iMac, MacBook and MacBook Pro from Best Buy or Staples, but don't expect any sales for the new Mac mini or MacBook Air
  • Microsoft -- the new Surface Pro 6, which was just released in October, is featured in the US Best Buy flyer, which gives us hope that it'll be discounted in Canada as well. If not, the older Surface Book 2 and tiny Surface Go will likely go on sale
  • Storage -- computer storage usually goes on sale during Black Friday at historical low prices, so look for deals on external hard drives and SSDs to upgrade your computer

Cyber Monday

  • Free shipping -- expect to see free shipping with no minimum at several retailers during Cyber Monday, particularly at clothing stores
  • IKEA -- shipping fees at IKEA regularly start at $79.00, but they've historically offered free shipping with orders of $350.00 or more on Cyber Monday
  • Starbucks -- one of the most popular dark horse deals last year was a bonus $10.00 eGift promo on Cyber Monday. Keep your eyes peeled in case something similar is offered this year

Smart Home

  • Amazon Echo -- the new Echo Dot released in September has been featured in several US Black Friday flyers and we expect to see it on sale in Canada as well, maybe at an all-time low price
  • Google Home -- the Google Home Mini was not refreshed this year and we expect to see it heavily-discounted because of its age and to try to steal some market-share from Amazon
  • Lighting -- look for discounts on Philips Hue starter kits, along with bundle offers with extra standalone smart bulbs, switches or smart speakers
  • Security -- we'll likely see bundle offers on smart security products like smart locks and cameras, but they might get better discounts than usual
  • Thermostats -- smart thermostats from ecobee and Nest were a popular Black Friday item last year and they should go one sale again this year. Nest's Learning Thermostat has gone on sale several times this month and could reach a new historical low


  • 1080p televisions -- more shoppers will be looking for 4K televisions this year, so look for some great deals on 1080p televisions this Black Friday to place in your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom
  • 4K televisions -- 4K televisions should be abundant at all stores, but look for prices on premium televisions like Sony's X900 series or LG's OLED televisions to reach historical lows
  • Smart televisions -- if higher-end televisions are out of your price range, televisions with built-in support for Alexa, Google Assistant or Roku provide a great value and should be priced competitively this Black Friday


  • Games with poop -- for reasons unknown to RFD, games involving poop (including regular poop, flying poop and unicorn poop) and other bio-hazardous fluids are trendy, so look for sales on poop-related games
  • LEGO -- historically, Walmart sells very large LEGO Classic and LEGO DUPLO creative boxes during Black Friday and we expect the same this year
  • LEGO Shop -- the LEGO Shop typically holds a "Brick Friday" sale with discounts on select themes and nifty bonuses for LEGO VIP members

Video Games

  • Controllers -- both DualShock 4 and Xbox One controllers will likely to go on sale. Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons very rarely get discounted, but we're hoping they'll be included as well
  • Nintendo Switch -- unfortunately, Nintendo Switch consoles are listed at regular price in US Black Friday flyers, so we don’t expect any discounts in Canada, but they will likely come bundled with a free game
  • PlayStation 4 -- a slim PS4 bundle with Marvel's Spider-Man is listed in several US Black Friday flyers at $100.00 USD off and we're predicting that the same (or similar) bundle will be available in Canada at under $300.00, maybe even below $250.00
  • PlayStation 4 Pro -- last year, the PS4 Pro was $100.00 off with a free game at several retailers and we're expecting a similar deal this year for Sony’s flagship console
  • Pre-orders -- pre-order deals during E3 2018 ranged from pretty good to absolutely terrible and there's a chance some retailers will slyly offer some pre-order deals now that several big titles have been released
  • Real Canadian Superstore -- one of the best stores for console deals on Black Friday is one you wouldn't expect. RCSS traditionally holds a No Tax Event on Black Friday that includes consoles and other electronics. In some cases, the tax-free total can be a much better deal than the sale price at other stores
  • Retro consoles -- we expect to see stock of both the NES Classic and SNES Classic to be available, while the less sought-after PlayStation Classic will be available in spades
  • Steam -- as per tradition, Steam will have a Black Friday sale that extends through Cyber Monday, where PC gamers can buy dozens of games that will never get played at excellent prices
  • Xbox One S -- we expect to see a blanket discount on Xbox One S bundles, but keep an eye on, because they've sold exclusive Xbox One S bundles with several bonuses during past Black Friday sales
  • Xbox One X -- Xbox One X bundles were discounted by up to $100.00 USD in US Black Friday flyers, which hints that they'll be on sale here as well. We may even see the standalone Xbox One X priced below $500.00 in Canada for the first time

While you wait for November 23, visit the RedFlagDeals Black Friday page for more Canadian Black Friday news, tips and first-looks at Black Friday flyers when they're released!


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