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US Black Friday Flyers for Walmart, Target and Best Buy

US Black Friday Flyers for Walmart, Target and Best Buy

By Kate Musgrove

We haven't seen much in the way of Black Friday flyers from Canada yet but Black Friday flyers from Walmart US, Best Buy US and Target have been released and we've got them here! Here's a quick look at some notable items from each flyer.


  • Free $100 Gift Card with any Apple Watch
  • Free $150 Gift Card with any iPad Air 2
  • Free $100 Gift Card with any iPad Mini 4
  • Westinghouse 32" 720P 60Hz LED HDTV - $99.99
  • Westinghouse 55" 1080p 60Hz Flat Panel LED TV HD - $249.99

Walmart US:

  • Fitbit Flex - $59
  • Roku 32" Smart HDTV - $125
  • 40" 1080 p HDTV (brand will vary) - $149
  • 50" 1080p LED HDTV (brand will vary) - $269
  • PS4 Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Console - $299.99
  • NBA2K16, Madden '16 or FIFA '16 for Xbox One or PS4 - $27

Best Buy US:

  • Acer 11.6 Chromebook with Intel Celeron Processor, 2GB Memory and 16GB eMMC Flash Memory - $99.99
  • Samsung 40" 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV - $279.99
  • Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Starter Pack - $39.99
  • Toshiba 49" 1080p HDTV - $149.99
  • PS4 Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Console - $299.99
  • Xbox Gears of War Ultimate Edition Console Bundle - $299.99

Now, even with the rock-bottom prices, to me it doesn't make sense to head across the border for Black Friday. The dollar is weak, the line-ups will be long and quantities for any of the deals we've listed above will be very, very low. Still, when you see a $299.99 PS4 it's hard not to be tempted. Just keep in mind that exchange rate alone turns that $299.99 US console into a $399.51 CAD console -- and you haven't even gotten into the other costs associated with cross-border shopping!


    • Plus our woeful Canadian Dollar! :(
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    • Anyone else find that ps4 deal crummy. That would mean the same deal at 350$ for Canada. I've been waiting for a good deal and this is garbage. Guess I'm going xbox one.
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    • @Kate Musgrove .... This is why Canadians are being ripped off with higher prices, because they know that
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    • Careful here... the exchange rate is 35%-37% at most banks. That $299 US PS4 will cost you $405 Cdn... plus S&H if you're having it shipped, or + Cdn tax if you're declaring it at the border. Not a good deal.
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