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IKEA Comes To Winnipeg!

By Amanda Aikman

Today is a special day in Winnipeg. For those of you not from the home of the Golden Boy and Salisbury House, here's the scoop: IKEA Winnipeg opens today!

As a former Winnipegger, I know how monumental this occasion is (in some circles, anyway). Having spent my formative years in the city, including my first three apartments after leaving home, I am well aware of the envy with which Winnipeggers often viewed the nearest IKEA provinces of Alberta and Ontario. But those days are over, $12 side tables and paper lamps for all!

As a special welcome-to-IKEA gesture, IKEA Winnipeg will feature some Opening Day Offers today (November 28) including: Poang Armchair for $39 (was $79), Expedit Shelving Unit for $29.99 (was $49.99), and the Lack Side Table for $6.99 (was $9.99-$12.99). So rev up your Allen Keys and enjoy, Manitoba!


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