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Back to School Shopping Checklist: Elementary School

Back to School Shopping Checklist: Elementary School

By Jordan Maxwell

The pandemic may have forced schools to close back in March, but after a five-month absence, it's finally time to send the kids back to school. While back-to-school shopping may not be your child's favourite activity (or yours), it can be a lot more efficient and a lot less painful if you plan ahead. COVID-19 has presented a series of unique challenges to consider when shopping but we'll help you get all the items you need to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Whether you’re planning to send your child(ren) back to school for in-person learning, for distance learning or for the hybrid-model approach, September looms. It will soon be time for fall report cards, the inevitable homework sessions and afternoon/evening study time. You’ll also need to consider stocking up on school supplies and equipment if you plan on keeping your child at home; or, if you’re planning on doing a hybrid combination based on your new schedule and comfort level.

To make sure your elementary-school kids get everything they need, as well as everything they want, we've created this handy Back to School Fashion Checklist to help keep you on track.

Clothing for Hybrid or Distance Learning

When shopping, we've heard you should take an 80/20 approach. That means that 80 per cent of the items you purchase are interchangeable and durable such as solid tees, leggings and jeans, and 20 per cent are the trendier things that keep your children happy and allow them to express their personal style.

You can start by going through your children's closets and dressers to see what you already have on hand to avoid buying too much of one thing or too little of another. This also gives you a good opportunity to purge any outgrown or damaged clothing items and make room for new ones. Just because they might not be going to school, doesn’t mean you won’t need all of the outfits and items you’d normally buy. As well, you want to make sure you have enough reusable masks.

Some retailers where you can find these items include:

Old Navy Boys, Old Navy Girls, Walmart Canada, Amazon Canada, Adidas Canada, The Bay, Nike Canada, Reebok Canada, Foot Locker Canada, Gap Canada, Carter's l OshKosh Canada and Joe Fresh (CAN).

School Supplies and Accessories for Hybrid or Distance Learning

As with any school year, you’ll need to make sure your child has enough pencils and other stationery items to write their assignments. If you’re choosing to send your child back to school, there are some basic supplies that the school will provide such as paper and pencil sharpeners. However, if you’re continuing your new-found virtual learning program, you’ll need to stock up on the school supplies for at-home learning time.

Some items you’ll also need to consider include: Best Buy Canada, Staples Canada, Source Canada, eBay Canada, and Canadian Tire.


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