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McDonald's Canada Launches New McCafé Li'l Donuts

McDonald's Canada Launches New McCafé Li'l Donuts

By Thomas Kenzaki

The bakery offerings at McDonald’s restaurants have come a long way over the years. The latest creation you can treat yourself to are McCafé Li’l Donuts which just launched nationally across Canada today.

McDonald’s first introduced McCafé Donuts at select greater Toronto area locations last year as part of a new trial. It appears the results of the trial were good because you can now enjoy all five varieties of these delicious donuts at all McDonald’s locations.

Here are all 5 donut flavours you can choose from:

  • Apple Fritter
  • Sprinkle
  • Strawberry Jelly
  • Maple Caramel
  • Boston Cream

It’ll cost you just $0.99 for one donut, two for $1.79, six for $4.99 or 12 for $9.49 (plus applicable taxes). Last year during the trial one donut was priced at $1.19 (with additional discounts at two or six donuts) so they’re even more competitively priced now that they’re in wide release.

When I tried these out last year, they tasted great, but were noticeably smaller than your average Tim Hortons donut. This may be why McDonald’s added “Li’l” to their name.

Those looking for another option to muffins, cookies, and pastries will appreciate the addition of donuts to the menu at McDonald’s. They’re available to purchase all day long (though last year we found some locations did sell out of them by mid-day) and pair well with many beverages, including those from the popular Summer Drinks Days promotion which also began today.

Let us know what you think about McDonald’s restaurants now offering donuts and if you’re going to give them a try in the comments below.


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