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Tim Hortons Just Released Limited Edition Shawn Mendes Cups

Tim Hortons Just Released Limited Edition Shawn Mendes Cups

By Thomas Kenzaki

If you’re wondering who the guy on your Tim Hortons cup today is, well that’s none other than musical superstar and Pickering, Ontario native, Shawn Mendes. Still don’t know who that is? Well keep reading and find out more about why he’s on your cup.

Shawn Mendes is one of the biggest stars in music today, and ahead of his first sold out stadium show in Toronto on September 6th, he has partnered with Tim Hortons on a new campaign called “Home is Where the Heart is”.

The new Tim Hortons x Shawn Mendes cups are available on small, medium or large hot beverage cups until September 6th, or while supplies last.

In addition to the paper cups, you can also purchase reusable ceramic cups (available in both white and red) at select Tim Hortons locations in the greater Toronto area.

To put into perspective just how big Shawn Mendes is, he has almost 30 million followers on Instagram and more than 23 million on Twitter. If your Tim Hortons is busier than normal for the next week, you can thank Shawn and his millions of fans looking to cop some new swag.


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