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YouTube Returns to Fire TV and Prime Video is Back on Chromecast and Android TV

YouTube Returns to Fire TV and Prime Video is Back on Chromecast and Android TV

By Thomas Kenzaki

When companies work out their issues, everyone wins. After a lengthy year and a half of the YouTube app being pulled from Fire TV devices, official app support has finally returned. On the flip side, Prime Video support for Chromecast and Android TV has also returned.

Fire TV users will no longer need to use the web browser based version of YouTube on their devices and can finally download the official YouTube app again. The new YouTube app will appear in the ‘Your Apps and Channels’ row on all compatible devices.

This means you’ll be able to play compatible videos in 4K HDR at 60 fps on supported devices and use Alexa voice controls (finally!) which will allow you to find, play, and control videos using your voice.

While the official YouTube app on Echo Show devices is still not here, hopefully that’s something we’ll see added back in the near future.

On the Google side of things, Chromecast and Chromecast built-in will now be able to stream unlimited Prime Video content using the latest Prime Video app, which adds the ability to cast to your TV.

Android TV users who couldn’t previously use Prime Video, should soon be able to as Google is starting to roll it out to more Android smart TVs, set-top boxes and streaming devices. You can download Prime Video by clicking the app icon directly from your home screen or in Google Play.

It’s a great day for users of both ecosystems as now each can yet again enjoy all of the wonderful content available on each others platforms.


    • ehhhh

      used both still prefer the browser based so do my kids.

      I think that would work best for youtube movie/tv programs
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    • Smart YouTube TV is better than the actual YouTube app anyway, so you should install that instead.
      I don't even use the real YouTube app on my Shield since I got Smart YouTube TV. It's just way better. No ads and more control over video/audio quality.
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    • Good news, the current browser-based YT version does not work well with Alexa.
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    • I would have posted this yesterday, but the key words are "will" and "soon". In other words, it's non-news until it actually happens.
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    • Been using the SmartYoutube TV app for a while on FireTVs and it's better than both browser and official app (if only for completely stripping ads)
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    • Hopefully this will allow Amazon Prime Video to actually stream on my Nexus Players.
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