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The Best Deals for Canada’s Wonderland Tickets in 2019

The Best Deals for Canada’s Wonderland Tickets in 2019

By Thomas Kenzaki

[UPDATED: July 2, 2019] Canada's Wonderland tickets have arrived at Costco. Please see the Costco heading below for details.

It doesn’t exactly look like theme park weather here in Toronto yet but Canada’s Wonderland is busy at work getting ready to open up for the 2019 season. The park opens on May 3rd and you don’t want to miss out on all the fun. Here are the best deals for Canada’s Wonderland tickets in 2019.

Season Passes

If you plan on visiting Canada’s Wonderland at least 2 times this year, getting a season pass is definitely the way to go. This year there are more options than ever before and you won’t find lower prices than right now.

2019 Season Pass - $89.99
Unlimited admission during the regular season. Does not included Halloween Haunt or WinterFest.

2019 Gold Pass - $114.99
Unlimited admission during the regular season. Includes Halloween Haunt and WinterFest.

2019 Platinum Pass - $220.00
All Gold Pass benefits plus free parking at Canada’s Wonderland and admission at all Cedar Fair Parks in the US.

Canada’s Wonderland season passes are one of the best annual pass values in Toronto and you have 3 great options to choose from. Those planning to attend Halloween Haunt or the brand new WinterFest will greatly benefit from the Gold Pass. The Platinum Pass is a great idea for anyone thinking of visiting one of the 12 Cedar Fair locations in the US, including the popular Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH which is just a short 5-6 hour drive from the GTA.

Single Day Tickets

If you know for sure that you’ll only be visiting for one day, single day tickets are your best bet.

Purchase Online from Canada’s Wonderland

Online 2019 Good Any Day Ticket - $52.99
Valid for admission on any regular operating day up until October 27, 2019. $16 savings from the front gate price.

4-Day Advance Ticket - $42.99
Pick your date at least 4-days in advance and save even more money on your ticket.

Time Limited Promotions
Every now and then Canada’s Wonderland will hold time limited flash sales (like this one) which offer extra savings on top of their regular online pricing. These deals are typically announced through their social media feeds and/or email newsletter.

Air Miles

If you’re an Air Miles collector, you might just have enough saved up for some free tickets. A single ticket will cost you 495 Air Miles Dream Miles this year. Some lucky collectors managed to get tickets for a single Air Mile but don’t count on that happening again this year.

CAA Member Discount

Another business which usually offers discounted tickets for Canada’s Wonderland is CAA. Past years have seen discounts for up to 38% off of front gate pricing.


[UPDATE: July 2, 2019] Costco is now selling Canada's Wonderland tickets online and in select Costco stores and they are on promotion until July 5th.

Single Day tickets are now $39.99 each and Ride and Refresh tickets are $48.99 each.

Typically around June/July, Costco starts offering single day tickets for a discount. In 2018 they sold them for $31.99 and we expect to see a similar discount again this year.

Corporate Discounts

Some workplaces offer a corporate discount for Canada’s Wonderland. During the 2018 operating season these could be purchased for as low as $27.99. Check with your companies HR department to see if they offer any discounts.

Final Thoughts

Canada’s Wonderland is going big for their 38th anniversary. They just completed construction on the track for their brand new dive roller coaster, Yukon Striker. This year also marks the first time in history that the park will be open in the winter as they open up their gates in November and December for WinterFest.

Stay tuned to our news section for our preview of everything that’s new at Canada’s Wonderland for their 2019 season.


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