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Roll Up The Rim To Win Returns At Tim Hortons For 2019

Roll Up The Rim To Win Returns At Tim Hortons For 2019

By Thomas Kenzaki

Get your thumbs ready because Roll Up The Rim To Win has returned at Tim Hortons for the 2019 season! The yearly winter contest is back and with more prizes than ever before to be won. Check out what exciting new prizes you can win this year and your odds of winning.

Starting today you’ll receive a special Roll Up The Rim cup with any small, medium, large or extra large hot beverage purchase. Your odds of winning are 1 out of every 6 cups (although I’m sure we can all relate to feeling like we’re NEVER going to win).

The top prize this year is a 2019 Jeep Compass North to which there are 40 available to win. Your odds of winning one? 1 in 6,630,705 so don’t hold your breath on that one. You’re much more likely to roll up a free coffee or donut. There are over 43 million of those to be won this year.

Here’s a full chart of the prizes available to be won this year.

Total Available
Odds of Winning
2019 Jeep Compass North 4x4
1 in 6,630,705
$5,000 CIBC Prepaid Card
1 in 2,600,276
GT Aggressor Sport Bicycles
1 in 260,027
$50 TimCard gift card
1 in 5,200
Coffee & Food Prizes
1 in 6

As always the promotional cup distribution across Canada varies by region with Ontario receiving the largest portion of the cups. A full breakdown can be found below:

Number of Cups
British Columbia
Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Yukon & Nunavut
Atlantic Provinces

Roll Up The Rim starts today and runs until April 17, 2019 or while cup supplies last. Prizes can be redeemed up until May 3, 2019. This is a longer contest period than previous years which may or may not have something to do with McDonald’s Canada’s aggressive $1 any size McCafé coffee promotions. Whatever the reason, I’m more than happy to keep rolling well into the month of April.

What’s the best prize you’ve won playing Roll Up The Rim To Win at Tim Hortons? Let us know in the comments below.


    • Good luck everyone
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    • ... -Rules.pdf

      Following are the prizes.
      A) Forty (40) 2019 Jeep Compass North 4x4 with 2.4L MultiAir®
      B) One hundred (100) $5,000 CDN CIBC Prepaid Card prizes.
      C) One thousand (1,000) GT Aggressor Sport Bicycles from SportChek.
      D) Fifty thousand (50,000) $50 CDN TimCard® gift card prizes.
      E) Forty-three million three hundred thirty-seven thousand nine hundred forty (43,337,940) Coffee & Food
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    • Isn't mid-April later than they usually end the contest? I know that most times, they run out of cups before the end date, but still.
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    • Good luck everyone. So excited!
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    • I’d assume that the most winners are in the largest cup size but are all the bigger prizes in the XL cups?
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    • Seems recession affects each year a bit more than previous year on Tim. Compared to previous years,non Tim prizes are getting smaller in number,their monetary value are getting lower;however,'Tim made products' prizes become more and more!
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    • slim pickings once bk company took over. gl to all.
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    • Won a coffee today.

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    • Please add end date
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    • BK2006 wrote:
      Feb 9th, 2019 1:24 pm
      Please add end date
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    • valeriey wrote:
      Feb 9th, 2019 1:37 pm
      Thanks, unfortunately looks like 20 for 2019 did not show up.
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    • i was just reading the rules since I came across this in a contest search that there is a NO PURCHASE ENTRY via their Facebook page?? Did not see clearly, but this may be great. Saw there was 50 word essay option to get a tab I think. Look into it. I'm not even supposed to be here. GL
      just reading it now, it's a mail in. thought it was paperless for this year, maybe browsed other years rules
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    • I won a coffee and found a winning coffee tab
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    • thanks I won a coffee
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    • Thanks! Good luck!
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    • How are the March wins so far?
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    • Ciel wrote:
      Mar 16th, 2019 4:38 pm
      How are the March wins so far?
      Won 3 coffee and 1 donut in like 9 tries. Only played after dollar coffee promo ended.

      Must have been playing Roll up the rim to Wynne last year as I got 20 Please vote for us again in a row in March.
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