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The Top 12 Hot Deals of 2018 As Rated By RedFlagDeals Members

The Top 12 Hot Deals of 2018 As Rated By RedFlagDeals Members

By Thomas Kenzaki

The Hot Deals forum on RedFlagDeals is the source of some of the best deals in Canada. 2018 was no different and we saw thousands of deals that varied from ice cold to flaming hot! I took a deep dive into the numbers and found the 12 highest rated deals of 2018 as voted by RedFlagDeals members.

Number 12

Costco Masterpass $20 off $100

The love for Costco within the RedFlagDeals community cannot be denied. This deal saved you $20 on $100+ purchases on the website. From Playstation Network cards to kitchen faucets, a lot of money was saved through this deal.

Score: +281
Poster: loulinjai

Number 11

Titanfall 2 for $4 at Dollarama

Most of what you’ll find at Dollarama are typical dollar store quality products but every now and then they get in something great. When popular video game Titanfall 2 for both PS4 and Xbox One showed up on their shelves, RFD readers went nuts over it.

Score: +282
Poster: 0Sense

Number 10

$35/5GB or $40/8GB Mobile Plans at Koodo with $180 Bill Credit

Targeted deals don’t typically make the best deals list but a lot of RFD readers were eligible for this amazing winback offer.

Score: +295
Poster: spotts01

Number 9

12% Cashback at from Ebates

Cashback is a great way to make any Hot Deal better. Prior to Black Friday, Ebates offered an unheard of 12% cashback at Amazon Canada on all product categories.

Score: +328
Poster: axIguy

Number 8

Aware App: Free lifetime access to Aware Premium

Aware is a popular meditation app and with free lifetime access to their Aware Premium subscription, tons of RFD readers have been able to reach new levels of zen.

Score: +329
Poster: IDStorms

Number 7

Rogers Ignite 500u Internet for $25

Not everyone loves them but Rogers provides some of the fastest home internet around. This unadvertised deal saw RFD readers get Ignite 500u internet for between $25-30 per month for a year.

Score: +337
Poster: check2you

Number 5 (tie)

20% off everything at eBay Canada

eBay was very aggressive in their promotions in 2018. Their best deal was offering 20% off everything on March 9th when you spent $25 or more. A lot of video game consoles were sold that day.

Score: +368
Poster: Slant

Number 5 (tie)

Save $10 on your $11+ Purchase at

The hottest deals don’t last long and that was the case with this super hot deal that essentially made any $11 item end up costing only $1. The deal was dead after just 2.5 hours.

Score: +368
Poster: coopercold

Number 4

$110 in Free Credit at PlayOLG

Gambling can be fun but always comes at a risk. With this hot deal RFD members took the risk away by playing with up to $110 in free credit. I skunked out but many managed to cash in on this freebie.

Score: +378
Poster: noorrayan

Number 3

Free $10 gift card with the PayTM app

Getting this freebie was easy to get and had a great selection of stores to choose from like, Best Buy, and Starbucks. It’s no wonder so many people gave this deal a thumbs up and made it the 3rd highest rated deal of 2018.

Score: +422
Poster: BengaliPrince

Number 2

Insurgency game for free on STEAM

Share a deal for a good game that’s free and the RFD community will love you. Insurgency is now likely on most of our STEAM backlogs and we look forward to playing it sometime in the next 10-15 years.

Score: +436
Poster: GroundBus

Number 1

Gift Card Deals and Discounts Roundup

While not what you’d probably expect to be the top rated deal of the year, the heroic work by RFD member trystee has helped save members a lot of money this year. By sharing each week’s new gift card offers, readers have been able to save on regular priced items and even more on sale items.

Not many people have the dedication that trystee has and I personally thank him for maintaining his excellent thread throughout the year!

Score: +440
Poster: trystee

Are you surprised by any of the entries on the list? Let us know what your favourite Hot Deal from 2018 was in the comments below.


    • looks good. i was able to participate in most of these... playOLG was also the most frustrating deal, "saved" the most with the Gift Card deal, and was happy to save a couple bucks whenever there was an deal. thanks to all the posters!
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    • playolg wootwoot... glad i could add a few $ to that post. happy hunting in 2019.
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    • My wallet and shallow pockets were safe in 2018. None of these "top 12 deals" impacted me.
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